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YooPing Digital Stamp logo YooPing Digital Stamp ICO

YooPing will protect you from Spam and Phishing, which costs the global economy $50bln annually. Our messaging app is a hybrid crypto wallet, messaging client and some clever protocols which give you spam and phishing protection by default. Just as stamps are used in the physical world to send letters, our digital stamps (YPNG tokens) are required by people sending unsolicited messages to you. Our ICO price is just $0.25, giving early purchasers 50% discount (non-ICO countries are eligible).

Tracker Category Start Date End Date Website
$YPNG Communications June 1st 2018 14:00 UTC August 31st 2018 23:59 UTC www.yooping.com
Total supply Type Platform Location
Token Ethereum Malta Whitepaper | Bitcointalk

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