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Rewards Coin logo Rewards Coin ICO

Rewards Coin (REW) is designed for people to buy/sell Airline Assets, mainly bus/1st class Lounge access & Flight upgrades. We have built a Secure Mobile Application (Beta Testing) and will be live on day one of ICO completion. We are one of the few Crypto’s that is going live with a working product and we think mass adoption will come, the same as the 1st Uber ride or Airbnb stay happened, once the masses know of REW it will soon catch on and bring a whole new lot of people into Crypto.

Tracker Category Start Date End Date Website
$REW Travel & Tourism July 20th 2018 08:30 UTC August 11th 2018 08:30 UTC www.rewardscoin.co
Total supply Type Platform Location
Token Ethereum India Whitepaper | Bitcointalk

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