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ICO listing sites


Do you want to join the growing number of people who are investing in crypto-fuelled startups? Or, are you are thinking about launching your own offering? If yes, then ICO listing sites are a resource that you need to pay attention to. ICO listing websites exist with the aim of offering an overview of the ICO landscape as well as details of individual offers. ICOs first became popular in 2014. Billions of dollars of funding have been raised for many prestigious ICO campaigns. The hype surrounding the cryptocurrency market has attracted investors. Now, they are all watching out for the next big thing. The fear of missing out (FOMO) has caused many people to become involved in the crypto market. The Bitcoin price was only in single digits a few years ago. Now, the price has now risen to tens of thousands of dollars. Likewise, Ethereum has risen from a modest price to be worth over $1,000 today. With the sheer numbers of ICOs being released and the number of different tokens that are entering the market, keeping track of them all can be impossible. This is where ICO listing services come in.

What Are ICO Listing Services?

ICO listing services are websites that curate ICO campaigns. They provide valuable information about ICO projects. An investor would find it hard to monitor every ICO campaign. Visiting ICO listing websites is the best way to get valuable information about what is currently trending in the ICO world.

Most listing sites were created with the aim of providing company data and supporting content about ICOs. However, not all ICO listing websites are the same. The following list provides information on some of the most popular ICO listing websites.

ICO Toplist

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ICO Toplist is a website focused on listing as many ICO projects in as much detail as possible. The site aims to provide the user with the information they need to make their own informed decisions.


ICObazaar is a platform created for ICO research. It also provides insights into the crypto market. With the help of blockchain industry experts, the website lists and rates upcoming, ongoing, and past ICOs. ICObazaar also focuses on the dynamics of the crypto market via their meta Index. This is the site’s own index for recently launched crypto-assets.

ICObazaar aims to operate with honesty and integrity. They aim to be as transparent as possible when answering investors’ questions. ICObazaar believes that this is the only true way to gain trust.

ICObazaar informs users about market opportunities before they are released. The site also has a crowdfunding channel designed for blockchain projects. The channel includes multicurrency payment methods, marketing expertise, and advice on blockchain projects. The crowdfunding platform stores and manages users’ digital tokens in an ICObazaar wallet.

ICOBazaar Goals
ICOBazaar acts as a marketplace for cryptocurrency crowd sales. The main goal of this ICO listing website is to be an essential ICO resource for users. It provides up to date information about crowd sales. It allows people to invest in crowd sales through a single interface.

ICOBazaar partners with many different projects. This allows users to get involved in crowd sales even before the beginning of the sale. Crowd sales are available pre-launch as well as post-launch.

ICO Tracker

ICO Tracker was first set up by the owners as a personal analysis tool for crypto investments. After a while, some Bitcointalk participants encouraged the owner to upgrade the website to make it a public service. And so, ICO Tracker was born.

The platform provides detailed information about the specific ICOs. It also provides information about various active, upcoming, and completed ICO categories. Although the website is still in the testing phase, ICO tracker has become very popular among investors. This is mainly down to the site’s methodical approach to rating ICOs.

ICO Tracker features a weighted scoring of ICO projects. The rating is based on the 5 parameters of white paper, road map, team, escrow, and ICO terms and conditions. The site also features detailed information on all the ICOs listed on the platform. The information includes helpful links to project websites, social media accounts, team members, the white paper, and more. ICO Tracker has a very good user interface that includes a calendar view that shows ICO start dates.

ICO Tracker Goal
The stated aim of ICO Tracker is to help users make better-informed ICO investment decisions.

ICO Rating

ICO Rating is an ICO listing website. It provides independent benchmarking of ICO campaigns. To do this, it uses a standardized scale developed by crypto investment gurus. The parameters that each ICO is evaluated on are based on the technical and commercial aspects of the project. The ICO Rating platform has offices in San Francisco, New York, Singapore, Russia, and Amsterdam.

The ICORating rating system offers investors the foundation to make a well-informed and logical investment decisions. Projects which have gone through the review process have proven the openness and commitment of their founders. This makes ICOs more attractive to investors and it increases the chances of success for an ICO.

The platform has a team of more than 50 experts from different countries all over the world. It provides project evaluations of all ICOs listed in its database. The evaluation method uses parameters such as white paper, partners, developers, and advisors.

ICO Rating provides a risk-score. This provides a potential investor with an indicator of the project’s economic viability. Risk-scores on the platform range from very low to very high. The site also features hype scores, basis reviews and investment ratings. Hype score is the level of investor buzz around the project. The basic review is an independent evaluation of the project. The Investment rating is based on the qualitative and quantitative features of the ICO.

ICO Rating’s Goal and Mission
The stated goal ICO Rating is “to standardize the ICO rating process to improve the transparency and reliability of ICO rating scores.” The platform’s mission is to serve as a source of correct, unbiased crypto market analysis. To assist the community in making informed investment decisions and stay up to date on current market trends.

ICO Finch

ICO Finch is an independent ICO Listing service. The site is designed to help potential investors understand the initial coin offering (ICO) market. It also allows ICO owners to list their projects and attract the attention of investors.

The platform monitors and analyzes ICOs with the use of tools developed by its team. Projects are also reviewed by experts. The site gives each project an independent and objective rating. ICO Finch is constantly developing. Its aim is to provide an ever-improving service to the growing crypto community. Registered users of ICO Finch gain access to extra features. These include bookmarking, project monitoring, upvoting and other useful and interactive tools.

The website allows users to use their ICO / STO calendar to find out about new and active ICOs and STOs. The calendar is divided into three categories. They are ongoing, upcoming, and ended.

Further information on specific projects is provided in individual project profile pages. These pages provide an overview of any ICO / STO that users are interested in. Users can bookmark interesting projects so that they can track any changes to them. Users also have access to industry reviews and guides on ICO Finch’s blog.

ICO Index

The ICO Index website service is very simple to use. The user interface is designed in a way that makes it easy to access the important information. The platform has a clean design that displays all the information needed on one page. It has tabs for ongoing ICOs, upcoming ICOs, and finished ICOs. It also has tabs for scam ICOs and suspicious ICOs. The stated goal of ICO Index is “to make the ICO scene transparent, easy to understand, and accessible to every interested investor.”

ICO Index features a blog that is regularly updated with useful cryptocurrency and blockchain technology posts. Robust filtering help investors spot suspicious ICOs and scam ICOs. The site also provides information on services for startups and crypto asset investors

ICO Index’s Mission
ICO Index’s mission is to provide useful information on all the major ongoing, upcoming, and finished ICOs. It also aims to warn users of suspicious ICOs and scam ICOs to avoid. The aim of the site is to make ICOs transparent, easy to understand, and available for everyone.

Smith + Crown

Smith + Crown is a platform owned by a research group. The group focuses on the technologies in the rising field of cryptofinance. Smith + Crown’s goal is to close the gap between Blockchain technologies and the people who want to learn more about the topic. The platform combines research, analysis, digital currency profiles, and market data. It aims to be a single place where the cryptocurrency world and emerging technology can be explored and discussed.

Smith + Crown is not only a listing and information service. It also researches crypto-economics to help users understand the properties of tokens and how token economies should work.

The Smith + Crown mission is to create an intelligence platform that everyone can use. A platform that provides information, analysis, and analytics in a way that all users can understand. Smith + Crown wants their site to act as the on-ramp to ICO investments. To achieve this, the platform aims to continue to provide increasingly sophisticated features.


ICO Map allows users to put their upcoming or ongoing ICOs on the Map. This allows investors to find and track ICOs. ICO Map is an ICO listing website that provides a list of all the top upcoming and ongoing ICOs. The platform lists new ICOs. It also aims to provide as much information as possible about the blockchain and cryptocurrency world. ICO-MAP lists the best pre and upcoming ICO’s, so that users won’t miss out on the chance to be part of the next big thing.

ICO Maps Goal
The platform aims to make upcoming and ongoing crypto ICOs easy to track. Users can find their next investment. Or, they can look up information like which countries have more ICOs than others.


When initiatives like ICO ratings and ICO voting first arrived, CoinMarketPlus became a popular and authentic ICO listing site. With its skilled team of experts, technical proficiency, and strong command of the crypto market, CoinMarketPlus has become a vibrant ICO platform. On the platform, users have access to a broad list of live ICOs, upcoming ICOs and ICO related events. As well as news and information on blockchain technology. In addition to this, users have access to valuable insights into ICOs.

CoinMarketPlus is a comprehensive and informative marketplace for blockchain based projects and tokens. It also features a useful ICO calendar. The site is designed with cutting-edge technology. The platform is a source of expert information on crowd sale. It includes innovative blockchain industry networking tools. The CoinMarketPlus team follows and researches tokens. They look at which offers are worthwhile and which are worth investing in. The platform features an ICO calendar, ICO results, and details of events. The information helps keep investors aware of upcoming market opportunities. CoinMarketPlus is backed by a team of twelve skilled, passionate and enthusiastic crowdfunding and blockchain technology experts. Features on CoinMarketPlus include:

• ICO calendar
• ICO results
• ICO agencies
• Live coin comparison of 400 coins
• ICO listing.


CoinLauncher is a platform created by the leading blockchain marketing agency Searched.io. The aim of the platform is to promote the strongest ICO projects with unique, data-driven, insights. The platform’s scoring system is a complex algorithm that uses real-world data across the web. The data used includes social media, PR, the cryptocurrency community, and SEO. The service is driven by long-term growth and on the belief that ICOs need to increase their online influence if they want to be successful as a Blockchain startup.

The platform uses a unique scoring system in its analysis of ICO's. It also combines ratings of other leading ICO listing sites to provide a full overview of each investment opportunity. The platform’s ICO rating is tracked over time. It shows the online growth of all ICOs, both pre and post ICO. This provides investors ICO insights that demonstrate the commitment to growth, both pre ICO and post ICO.


ICOmarks is an independent platform created for the purposes of analysis and research of ICO. The platform has its own rating system that it uses to compile a list of the projects that show potential. The platform also has a calendar of upcoming and ending ICOs. It also features a useful tool for tracking the stats of tokens that are already being traded.

ICOMark Mission
ICOMark’s mission is to provide investors with independent and transparent information about each ICO to reduce their investment risks.


Coinschedule is the original ICO Tracker. It lists upcoming and ongoing ICOs. It has event calendars and lots more. As well as listing ICOs, the platform has a comprehensive and regularly updated list of crypto conferences, Bitcoin news, Ethereum news and Waves news. It also contains news on Ripple and other altcoins.

Launched in 2016, Coinschedule was among the first of the ICO listing websites in the world. The platform developed an algorithm that measures the operational risk of ICOs. The platform also offers a marketing platform that allows ICO projects to market their offers to potential investors.

Coinschedule Mission
The stated mission of this platform is to make it easy and safe for people around the world to invest in ICOs. Coinschedule aims to provide the best and most transparent information on ICOs to help investors to find projects that have the potential for success.

Top ICO List

Top ICO List curates ICOs, token sales, and crypto crowdsales. It provides investors with a collection of verified ICO campaigns. The website updates its content with data on live ICOs, upcoming ICOs, pre-ICO campaigns and top performing ongoing ICOs. This platform is a popular destination for crypto journalists and bloggers, as well as investors.

Top ICO List is designed to provide a platform for the easy tracking of authentic ICO campaigns. It is also a very useful platform to visit to discover new listings.

The website features filtered lists to make the sieving of information easier and faster. It has different pages for each of the ICO categories: active ICOs, upcoming ICOs, and pre-ICOs. The site contains up to date and complete information on every listed ICO. There is also a request section where users can submit ICOs to be added to the list once they have been verified.

Top ICO List Mission
The platform’s mission is to provide solutions to real industry problems and generate competitive advantages using blockchain technologies.

ICO WatchList

ICO WatchList is a platform that consists of lists of reliable token sales and ICOs. The site updates its project lists regularly to keep visitors well-informed. The platform is used by blockchain entrepreneurs as a means of raising capital for different phases of their ventures by attracting cryptocurrency investors.

The platform helps users assess risk by using structured criteria that systematically reviews the teams behind offerings. The platform’s team of analysts carries out research into the backgrounds of team members, particularly those with previous business and ICO experience. The team also monitors suspicious behavior and practices that might be harmful to the community.

ICO WatchList Goal
ICO Watchlist’s goal is to maintain authenticity in the crypto space and provide an independent and transparent source of information.


Icocalendar.ru is an ICO listing site founded by HappyCoin.Club. It is a Russian-language website that contains information about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, financial technologies, and ICO projects.

The site provides users with operational information. It aims to collect all the relevant topical news in one place. There are currently more than four dozen different news sites, blogs, chat rooms and discussion threads on the platform.

On IcoCalender.ru, users will find interesting, relevant and useful content. They will also find translations of news and analytical articles from across the globe. There is also original content on upcoming crowdsales (ICO) projects. The platform invites translators as well as authors of original articles to participate.

Users can have online access to news feed through the platform’s telegram channel. Chat is available on the platform. The site also has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, VK group, and there is a YouTube channel.


ICOTOP employs a team of blockchain experts. This ICO Listing site specializes in rating ICO projects. It uses detailed analysis to evaluate ICO projects based on its own rating system.

ICO Top gathers all the necessary information about ICO projects. Then, it provides investors with the insight they need to make informed decisions and invest in the best projects. ICO risks are standardized according to a universal standard. Some selected projects are fully analyzed by an expert team for the benefit of investors.

ICOTop Goal
ICO Top’s aim is to rid the blockchain market of scams and provide investors as much useful information as they can. The site’s goal is to become a resource where users can find information about a project in a standardized form along with a comprehensive analysis of individual projects.


ICO tokn is a popular and trusted ICO and token sales discovery website. It also has a job listing board. The service scans blockchain based projects and evaluates crowdsales as potential investments. It also offers ICO promotion services.

The platform team manually selects the most interesting ICOs. It analyzes them to ascertain the project quality and potential from a long-term investment perspective. Users can submit their project for review and listing on Icotokn. Icotokn is one of the most popular ICO databases. It has a large and growing user base with investors in USA, UK, Russia, China, and Japan.


The Coindelite website contains the latest Bitcoin news, cryptocurrency news, and ICO press releases. Users also have access to an up to date ICO list, live cryptocurrency price charts, information about cryptocurrencies, and real-time market data.

Coindelite is one of the most comprehensive sources of cryptocurrency information. Information available on the site includes:

• Live cryptocurrency price charts
• Bitcoin price trends
• Individual trade’s potential
• A full list of ICOs, including their scope and functions
• Rates of different cryptocurrencies as published by crypto-exchange platforms
• Real-time market data
• Worldwide press releases
• Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news
• Blockchain and ICO Events
• Lists of top cryptocurrencies
• Lists of Top ICOs

Data on the Coindelite platform is updated regularly. The platform provides information on the latest trends, trades, and issues in the Crypto-world.


ICOCalendar.Today is a platform owned by W-MKT.com. It is part of the ICOBay Group. W-MKT is a world leader in the digital marketing field. In 2008, the platform was born out of the rising need for digital marketing solutions for startups and SMEs.

The ICOCalenday.Today team comprises of more than 25 consultants in North America and Europe. The platform has helped more than 2,000 crowdfunding project owners raise up to tens of millions of dollars for their projects. The site has also helped journalists and entrepreneurs create awareness through articles in magazines and on news sites, such as WSJ, Forbes.com, Entrepreneur.com, NYTimes, FastCompany.


On ICObench website, users will find one the largest selection of ICOs available online. The site is very useful for people who want to find key information regarding any ICO. ICObench lists virtually all the major ICOS. ICObench has a social rating system. Anyone can apply to the website to be an ICO expert. For the most popular ICOs, users will find detailed reviews written by the platform’s ICO expert community.

ICObench provides rating instructions for all its approved ICO experts. The experts are asked to rate the ICOs by evaluating three main factors; the team, the vision, and the product. Each of these factors is rated on a scale of 1–5.

Coin Telegraph

Founded in 2013, CoinTelegraph is one of the largest crypto news websites on the internet. With over 7 million views every month and a very good reputation in the crypto world, Coin Telegraph is among the most important places to get an ICO listed on.

Cointelegraph is the top independent digital media resource. It covers news on blockchain technology, crypto assets, and rising fintech trends. Every day, the Cointelegraph team delivers accurate and current financial news from both the decentralized and centralized worlds.

The platform’s editorial content is based on its passion to deliver unbiased news. It features comprehensive analytics, cryptocurrency price charts, insightful opinion articles, and reports on the social changes that digital currencies are bringing. Cointelegraph aims to educate readers and inform them of the intricacies and advantages today’s digital revolution brings.

Coin Telegraph Goal
As technology breakthroughs occur in fields such as AI, nanotech, VR, and quantum computing, and as an increasing number of businesses, consumers, and entrepreneurs adopt blockchain technology in everyday life, Coin Telegraph aims to inform, educate, and share useful information to its readers.

Coin Gecko

CoinGecko is one of the best sites in the crypto world for traders. The website ranks digital currencies using developer activity, community, and liquidity. With over 10 Million views per month, CoinGecko is an important website to be listed on.

CoinGecko Goal
CoinGecko aims to collect all the data needed to rank the potential of an altcoin qualitatively and quantitatively. The platform benchmarks coins based on its own algorithm to determine the worth of a coin compared to other coins.

ICO Champs

ICO Champs is a platform that provides a comprehensive rating and analysis of ICOs. It aims to assist investors in sifting through the vast numbers of upcoming ICOs to determine the most profitable and promising ones for investment.

The platform evaluates ICOs based on the criteria that will affect the token price after the sale. There is also a feature that allows investors to participate on the platform. Users can ask the ICO Champs team questions, rate the profit potential of an ICO, and they can give their own opinions of ICOs.


TokenMarket is a platform for the exchange and provision of information about functional tokens that power or finance blockchain. The platform was created with the belief that, in the future, a lot of startups and growth companies will power their operations with blockchain tokens.

The TokenMarket team consists of more than 30 specialists in engineering, financial investment, and marketing. These experts provide a hub for ICO, STO sales, and blockchain projects. The platform is designed to make the digital asset creation world simpler and to offer industry-leading advice to users.

TokenMarket Goal
The goal of TokenMarket is to offer a safe, easy to use, and enlightening trading platform for people who want to buy into the new world of cryptocurrencies.


CryptoTotem is a website that compares various ratings of the best agencies and ICO listing websites. CryptoTotem helps investors save time when looking for profitable investments. The site has 3 helpful ICO lists that are regularly updated. They are: Ongoing ICOs, Pre-ICOs, and Upcoming ICOs. The platform’s aim is to help eliminate bad investment decisions. Users can assess projects using the ratings of hype, risk score and investment rating. The site also lists top bounty programs, token details and more.

CryptoTotem mission
CrptoTotem aims to provide reliable and current information about each ICO in order to attract new investors.


ICOHunter is an independent agency that employs a team of blockchain experts. The agency specializes in rating ICO projects. ICOHunter rates ICO projects based on their own rating system. The rating system is based on a complete analysis of an ICO.

ICOHunter Goal
The goal of ICOHunter is to gather all the necessary information about ICOs to provide investors with insight so they can make the right investment decision and invest in the best projects.


CryptoCompare was launched in early 2014 as a crypto comparison website. The site is run by a London agency. The agency also has offices in Germany, Portugal, Romania, and Hungary. The focus of the agency is providing accurate real-time cryptocurrency prices and market analysis. They chart the movements of more than 65 cryptocurrencies across the globe.

The website includes a detailed ICO section that provides regularly updated information on upcoming, ongoing, and completed ICOs. People who want their ICO listed can submit their ICO to the site by filling in a simple form.


ListICO is a useful go-to website for people who need information about ongoing and upcoming ICOs. The website receives thousands of visitors, including investors that are looking for the best ICO investment opportunities. The listing on ListICO includes the best pre-ICO, ongoing, upcoming, and ended ICOs across the globe. The lists are regularly updated with all the essential information for each ICO.


If you are planning to launch an ICO or perhaps you already have an ongoing ICO, you will need to get it listed on most of the sites mentioned above so that you can connect with investors.

While the above list comprised of 30 reputable ICO listing sites, it is not a complete list. In the same way that more ICOs show up the digital landscape every day, new ICO listing sites are also emerging every day.

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