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Social Network ICO List

ICO Description Start Date End Date
ADAMANT Messenger ADAMANT Messenger A top-notch anonymous messenger encrypted with Blockchain... 21.03.18 14.05.18
Adhive Adhive AdHive will be the first AI-controlled Influencer Marketing platform with Blockchain techn... 27.02.18 27.03.18
ALIS Project ALIS Project ALIS is Japan’s first distributed social media platform. It is a new and novel social medi... 01.09.17 29.09.17
APPICS APPICS APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media application that runs on top of the... 28.03.18 28.04.18
BitClave BitClave Decetralized search system that pays users for requests and works without third entity.... 29.11.17 29.11.17
Bmchain token Bmchain token BMCHAIN is a decentralized platform of social interaction, built on the industrial type bl... 10.09.17 10.10.17
Christ Coin Christ Coin Christ Coin is the first Decentralized Christian Cryptocurrency. You can "mine" ... 02.10.17 01.12.17
Coinoor Coinoor An online market place for luxury goods, “Internet Of Luxury” (IOL), the Coinoor luxury po... 24.09.17 03.10.17
Collective Coin Collective Coin Collectivecoin.ioCollective.groupAIRDROP 1.0 200 000 000 Collective Coins ( CC ) FREE!!! 1... 23.02.18 16.03.18
ConnectWealth ConnectWealth Luxury brand of coins coming!We provide a community platform where ConnectWealth coins fun... 07.09.17 13.09.17
CoooCoin CoooCoin Online learning and digital services marketplace. Peer-to-peer, global.... 09.10.17 17.12.17
Cosplay Token Cosplay Token COT will be used as a payment currency within the Cure WorldCosplay ecosystem, helping cos... 31.07.18 01.09.18
Credo Verification Token Credo Verification Token To become the world’s first careers ledger & anonymous hiring network. Empowering work... 30.01.18 20.02.18
DateCoin DateCoin Highly liquid utility token with price rise mechanics implemented, secured by the growing ... 30.03.18 30.05.18
Ethersocial Network Ethersocial Network Coins for Communities and Game Accounts! ESN is created based on Ethereum.We have optimize... 23.04.18 14.05.18
FaceCoin FaceCoin A decentralized social network.... 15.08.17 15.09.17
FAN360 FAN360 The Fan360 project is a blockchain-based platform for sports fans, that covers the complet... 01.10.18 31.10.18
FanChain FanChain ... 05.07.39 04.06.39
Flowfeed Flowfeed Flowfeed aims to be the number one social platform/marketplace globally to buy and sell va... 22.11.17 13.12.17
Freedom Token Freedom Token Freedom Streaming offers a full live streaming platform that allows you to stream from any... 15.11.17 31.12.17
Gilgamesh Platform Gilgamesh Platform Gilgamesh is a knowledge-sharing social platform powered by Ethereum smart contracts and b... 15.01.18 26.03.18
Guardium Guardium Guardium is a NEO NEP-5 utility token that is used to pay and reward emergency response pe... 01.05.18 31.05.18
Hicky Token Hicky Token Hicky is a decentralized dating platform built on the public Ethereum blockchain.The visio... 14.02.18 14.03.18
HUSSY HUSSY HUSSY.io is a distributed escorting and due diligence infrastructure. The value propositio... 01.01.19 31.01.19
IceBreakerAR IceBreakerAR IceBreakerAR will bridge the virtual world with reality by providing a revolutionary tool ... 01.08.18 06.09.18
INDICOIN INDICOIN Blockchain Redefining Social ServicePresale live!Join India's first Tokensale.... 30.09.17 01.11.17
InterestCoin InterestCoin Interest Coin is the first cryptocurrency where you can earn money with, just by owning it... 01.12.17 28.02.18
Iris Network Token Iris Network Token The official and only Iris Network token sale contract address starts with “0xCA35b” and e... 19.08.17 26.08.17
Just Dating Just Dating JustDatingSite (JDS) is launching a crowdsale starting August 15th on the Waves platform. ... 15.08.17 30.09.17
Kik Kik Kik is creating a cryptocurrency, Kin, as a first step to launching a decentralized ecosys... 12.09.17 26.09.17
Kleos Kleos Kleos is a blockchain-based rewards platform that will allow to increase engagement in Q&a... 05.02.18 26.02.18
LamboCoin LamboCoin LamboCoin will provide an ERC20 token that empowers entrepreneurs to connect on their term... 28.08.17 14.09.17
Likencoin Likencoin Like&Co est la première plateforme sociale hybride synthétisant le meilleur du web des... 21.05.18 10.07.18
Llabook Llabook Es una Red Social con su monedad digital basada en el tokens de WAVES elcual te va a permi... 09.07.18 31.08.18
LUX coin LUX coin Luxico is creating an online community for the rich and famous to facilitate the use of cr... 14.08.17 25.08.17
MakeItViral MakeItViral MakeItViral is a video sharing platform that differs in various ways from other social med... 08.08.17 15.11.17
Memessenger Memessenger F$CK WORDS USE MEMESThe Memessenger - world's first messenger with memes instead of w... 25.07.17 25.04.18
Mingo Token Mingo Token Mingo is a revolutionary multi-channel messenger that is launching a gamified cryptocurren... 03.08.17 17.08.17
MoneynetCoin MoneynetCoin MONEYNET, one of the most prominent crypto online communities in South Korea, is an incent... 19.08.18 12.10.18
Monoreto Monoreto Monoreto is a platform that helps users earn from using it without intermediaries. Each li... 10.05.18 10.06.18
Munchee token Munchee token Munchee Platform- founded by a team of Ex-Googlers, PhDs and U.S. Patent holders, aims to ... 31.10.17 08.12.17
Narrative Token Narrative Token Narrative is creating the first true Content Economy, where creators and others who contri... 16.01.18 15.02.18
ONe Network ONe Network ONe is a new social network that uses the latest technologies to provide a wide range of s... 09.10.18 22.01.19
OnG.social OnG.social OnG.social is a block chain based social dashboard that brings all social media networks i... 11.08.17 11.09.17
ONZ Coin ONZ Coin ONZ Coin - The New Generation Social Media with Crypto Rewards! We believe in the power of... 05.02.18 04.03.18
Orbeum Orbeum Orbeum tokens are based on ERC-20. Sold via smart contract directly backing up a social te... 01.03.18 29.04.18
PATRON PATRON Utilizing Blockchain Technology PATRON will tokenize influencer social media (SNS) and con... 27.03.18 08.05.18
PATRON TOKEN PATRON TOKEN Patron is the platform for supporting the influencers’ market. It’s provides influencers’ ... 01.02.18 28.02.18
Peerity Peerity Peerity.io is a platform where communities can come to life. Users and communities will ge... 01.11.17 30.11.17
PIN PIN A community-first platform specialized in blockchain technology development for the new wo... 12.01.18 31.01.18
PRIMARY PRIMARY PRIMARY is a system created to engage cooperation, participation and knowledge transfer in... 01.08.18 28.02.19
Qbao Qbao The Qbao is a Qtum based social network. The vision of Qbao is to become a social network ... 19.11.17 19.12.17
Sapien Sapien Sapien is a Web 3.0 Social News Platform that will reward millions of content creators, fi... 28.03.18 03.04.18
Selfie GO Selfie GO Selfie GO is a blockchain-using social network that utilizes AR technologies and its own c... 09.10.18 08.11.18
Sether Sether Sether is the first smart social media data oracle. Existing data oracles move data betwee... 04.12.17 16.01.18
SMOKE SMOKE What is Smoke.Network and SMOKE?Smoke.Network is a decentralized and immutable decentraliz... 20.04.18 25.05.18
Social Social Social is a cryptocurrency that will be used within Nexus, a secure and private decentrali... 28.07.17 15.09.17
SOCX SOCX SocialX is a decentralized social media platform allowing users to distribute content seam... 15.01.18 25.01.18
Sola Sola Sola is a decentralized social network. Project was launched in 2014. More than 650000 use... 27.11.17 22.12.17
Spot Light Coin Spot Light Coin SpotLight is the safest way to buy products in a self-sustaining crypto economy, we levera... 15.03.18 15.04.18
SquadCoin SquadCoin SquadCoins as payment for premium features in our party network app Squader. The app alrea... 28.04.18 09.06.18
Ties Network Ties Network Ties.Network is a decentralized social platform where business professionals can connect a... 21.09.17 12.10.17
UDoo UDoo Howdoo is a decentralized social platform for users, content creators, and advertisers. De... 02.05.18 02.06.18
UHIVE Token UHIVE Token UHIVE is an innovative social network platform with physical dimension and cutting edge hy... 11.04.18 15.09.18
Utrum Utrum Utrum is a platform that rewards members for Crypto Reviews, Analysis and Market Predictio... 24.04.18 20.06.18
UUNIO UUNIO A Reward-Driven Contents Distribution Platform. Anyone can make money by uploading a post ... 01.03.18 30.04.18
Vestarin Vestarin Vestarin platform is a marketplace for goods and services, platform for cryptonetworking.... 30.01.18 28.02.18
Vibeo coin Vibeo coin Vibeo aims to be the most complete and advanced social & instant messaging app powered... 18.09.18 31.10.18
VOCO VOCO Provoco is the 1st challenge-oriented social network empowered by blockchain.... 22.02.18 22.04.18
VTOS VTOS VTOS is a decentralized social network built in an infrastructure which embraces the full ... 09.07.18 14.09.18
Whatsup Whatsup Whatsup is the new facebook, without advertisement and without bigdata gathering. This is ... 13.06.18 31.07.18
YOU Token YOU Token SELFLLERY is a multifunctional social platform that allows you to receive rewards in crypt... 05.03.18 26.03.18
YouNow YouNow PROPS is a decentralized digital media network that rewards its users, content creators an... 11.12.17 19.12.17
ZeroState ZeroState EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE POWERED BY BLOCKCHAINEffective solution for customer loyalty manage... 21.03.18 20.05.18
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