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Mining ICO List

ICO Description Start Date End Date
Agility Mining Agility Mining We offer liquid cooling mining solutions rather than air cooling. By cooling the mining eq... 01.09.18 20.12.18
Alphathereum Coin Alphathereum Coin Alphathereum is an Ethereum crypto-currency mining company which operates in United Arab E... 01.10.17 31.10.17
Artemine Artemine Artemine is the version 2.0 of Minereum (MNE), the First Self Mining Smart Contract and it... 14.09.17 14.10.17
AX1 AX1 AX1 Capital appreciation mining token Enter the future of large scale cryptocurrency minin... 16.04.18 11.06.18
BitClassic BitClassic BitClassic (B2C) is a digital currency that can be sent between people over the internet.... 16.02.18 15.03.18
BitSpace BitSpace The BitSpace team intends to implement the extended functionality of Bitspace Ecosystem by... 24.02.18 03.03.18
Bitway Bitway ... 27.04.18 27.07.18
Callibeaz Mining Co. Callibeaz Mining Co. Callibeaz Mining Co (CMC) is a fast growing, crowd funded, eco-neutral company that shares... 01.07.18 01.10.18
CryptoSoft CryptoSoft We're going to revolutionize crypto-mining. We're going to make mining become ma... 01.09.17 26.09.17
CryptoSoft Coin CryptoSoft Coin CryptoSoft is a complete cryptoCurrency mining ecosystem and it's main goal is to mak... 01.11.17 26.11.17
Electrominer Electrominer Electrominer is a self-powered Mining Platform where users rent hashing capacity to mine v... 15.08.18 13.10.18
EXB EXB EXTRABIT establishes itself as a crypto mining company which has been making quite a mark ... 15.04.18 27.05.18
Giga Watt Giga Watt Giga Watt provides turnkey mining services and custom packages tailored to clients’ needs:... 02.06.17 31.07.17
GMIT GMIT Game Machine is the global open ecosystem for a game industry constructed on the basis of ... 14.12.17 31.01.18
GOLDEA GOLDEA The first phased ICO on progress basis from real sector. GOLDEA unlocks the gold mining po... 01.12.17 31.03.18
GoldenFleece GoldenFleece The idea of Golden Fleece project is to build the largest crowdfunded cryptocurrency minin... 01.08.17 30.09.17
Growico Growico Growico tokens is a wave based token, that will be building the largest mining company in ... 26.08.17 31.10.17
H2PWR H2PWR We generate clean energy. We own our power plants. We mine crypto. We own our rigs.... 01.05.18 31.05.18
H3O H3O HydroMiner is a pioneer in the field of green cryptocurrency mining, utilizing hydropower ... 15.05.18 30.06.18
HashGains HashGains An evolution in the Cloud Mining Industry. Racing fast towards the customer base of 1 mill... 26.01.18 28.02.18
HydroMiner HydroMiner HydroMiner is a crypto currency mining company using green energy drawn from hydro power s... 25.09.17 02.10.17
Ice Rock Mining Ice Rock Mining Commercial Bitcoin Mining. Passive Income. Lifetime contract.Our goal is to raise capital ... 20.01.18 25.05.18
Kerberos coin Kerberos coin The Kerberos is a Altcoin Only mining company based in South Africa. South Africa is a flo... 01.04.18 01.05.18
MIBcoin MIBcoin Mobile Integrated Blockchain’MIB coin is a smartphone-based blockchain network. Endless po... 20.07.18 10.08.18
Miner One Miner One Miner One is a cutting-edge, crowdfunded cryptocurrency mining operation built and managed... 15.02.18 15.05.18
Miners At Work Miners At Work Miners at Work is a Singapore based Pre-ICO that provides an A-Z mining & FASTCOIN cry... 06.12.17 05.02.18
Mithril Ore Mithril Ore Mithril Ore Token is the first in the market to be backed 100% by the Ethereum raised thro... 05.02.18 07.03.18
Mobile Smart Coin Mobile Smart Coin MOS coin, smartphone only mining. Let's mining right now! Mining is possible with you... 19.03.18 25.03.18
MoneyTech MoneyTech MoneyTech is the first crypto-mining company where tokenholders are co-owners of a mining ... 28.06.17 02.08.17
Phi Gold Coin Phi Gold Coin PHI GOLD COINPhi Gold Coin - Be part of one of the People's own Crypto Mining farm.... 01.03.18 01.04.18
Phoneum Phoneum ... 30.07.18 30.09.18
Quake Quake Quake Mining is a pioneer in crypto mining. We elaborate a mathematical solution that will... 01.05.18 15.07.18
Securix Securix Securix is an operationally ready cryptocurrency mining solution. The company is committed... 27.09.18 30.11.18
SMSCHAIN SMSCHAIN The intent of the SMSCHAIN project is to create a reliable interconnection infrastructure ... 02.10.17 27.10.17
Speed Mining Service Speed Mining Service Speed Mining Service most advanced diversified and large scale virtual currency mining ope... 27.10.17 10.11.17
StakePool StakePool The StakePool ICO will goal is to bring in funds to stake POS coins and run masternodes wi... 07.09.17 21.09.17
Sudan Gold Coin Sudan Gold Coin Sudan Gold Coin is a unique combination of real gold mining business with blockchain techn... 28.02.18 31.03.18
Swiss Coin Gate Iceland Swiss Coin Gate Iceland Through the combination of advanced custom trading algorithm and the latest mining hardwar... 11.05.18 17.07.18
Thorentium Thorentium Thorentium (XTRT) is a new element of cloud mining cryptocurrency, and comes with good dea... 22.02.18 22.04.18
United Crypto Mining Group United Crypto Mining Group The United Crypto Mining Group project is designed to bring the mining of the to the profe... 01.04.18 27.05.18
WAT WAT Expand business that can expect very steady profits acquired by electricity trading by hyd... 01.12.17 14.02.18
ZEUS Token ZEUS Token Project combines garbage recycling factory which generates electricity from waste products... 25.10.17 25.11.17
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