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Investment ICO List

ICO Description Start Date End Date
1KCoin 1KCoin 1KCoin is a private club of investors, with the goal of bringing friends together in a com... 01.03.18 30.04.18
Adab Solutions Adab Solutions ADAB Solutions is developing the FICE â First Islamic Crypto Exchange, based on the ... 28.11.18 08.03.19
Advanced Miners Advanced Miners The mining market is in hands of several large companies. Advanced Miners is here to chang... 30.04.18 14.05.18
AlchemyByte AlchemyByte For an investor AlchemyByte is the only cryptocurrency you need. It has ALL the major cryp... 01.01.70 01.01.70
ALTEUM ALTEUM The first investment firm in Latin America to develop a decentralized financial ecosystem.... 16.02.18 15.03.18
Alttradex Alttradex Built by traders for traders and with upcoming regulation in mind, Alttradex aims to becom... 25.10.17 05.12.17
Anti Derivative Anti Derivative Only users identified with digital signature may purchase tokens. This provides unparallel... 15.06.18 15.07.18
Aphelion Aphelion Built to solve the inherent problems of the crypto exchanges and trading platforms, Apheli... 15.11.17 07.12.17
Apollo Currency Apollo Currency Utilizing a community of world-class developers, managers, marketers and researchers, the ... 30.03.18 28.05.18
Arbidex Arbidex Arbidex is the first trading platform that will truly unite all the world's crypto as... 11.12.17 25.12.17
Arcana Arcana Storing your crypto with Arcana gives you direct access to the most profitable crypto inve... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Arizn Arizn Arizn is creating a crowdfunding platform that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. A comp... 26.06.18 26.07.18
Artis Aes Evolution Artis Aes Evolution The project that is the basis of this crowdfunding campaign is ambitious, important and ro... 24.03.19 01.06.19
Astronaut Astronaut Astronaut is an innovative new ICO which seeks to close the inefficiencies of prospective ... 25.09.17 20.10.17
AXNET AXNET Asset Exchange Network (AXNET) is a licensed virtual currency to fiat exchange with a lice... 01.08.18 30.09.18
BACE Exchange BACE Exchange BACE provides simple and direct access to the best digital currency pairs available on the... 23.04.18 07.05.18
BactoAlarm BactoAlarm The BactoAlarm project plans to attract investments in the amount of 100 million Swiss Fra... 14.12.17 23.12.17
BARIN BARIN We monetize websites through advertising: get dividends and pay advertising with the BIT t... 01.01.70 01.01.70
BFToken BFToken The global online investment platform that brings financial innovation & technology in... 05.12.17 01.02.18
BINARY BINARY Binary.com is the pioneer of online binary options trading. We grew from one simple idea: ... 15.11.17 25.12.17
BIRC BIRC BIRC is an innovative and interactive reward ecosystem that combines local shops, O2O and ... 16.09.18 30.09.18
Bitfinite Bitfinite Bitfinite is an open source all in one decentralized, peer to peer crypto community develo... 18.12.17 17.01.18
BitherCash BitherCash To attain Satoshi's original vision, Bitcoin requires an important mass of users - ye... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Bixtrim Bixtrim The Bixtrim team has an innovative vision of a future with simplified usage of crypto in e... 01.01.70 01.01.70
BlockBits BlockBits Blockbits provides innovative mechanisms such as safe funding vaults and secure milestone ... 04.02.18 28.02.18
Blockchain Traded Fund Blockchain Traded Fund Our priority here at BTF Blockchain Traded Fund is to provide the market knowledge and tra... 01.12.17 01.07.18
Blockhive Blockhive Blockhive will raise debt using a new structure it has developed jointly with Agrello, cal... 14.05.18 30.06.18
Boomstarter.Network Boomstarter.Network The first global fundraising platform based on crypto, blockchain and smart contracts. Eli... 27.06.18 31.10.18
BREM BREM Created by the BREM team, the portal is a new generation site, witha unified international... 01.01.70 01.01.70
BRIKCOIN BRIKCOIN BRIKCOIN is using an innovative financial model to solve the affordable housing crisis in ... 01.03.19 31.05.19
Bulleon Bulleon Bulleon is not just another digital asset service, it will be a product combination with a... 01.01.18 31.12.18
Bulltoken Bulltoken BullToken is the first professional-driven investment community combining the transparency... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Bytus Bytus Bytus wants to revolutionize the payment system as it works today and blockchain enables u... 01.01.70 01.01.70
CANNEX CANNEX The CANNEX Project aims to be the largest medical marijuana farm and processing business i... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Capverto Capverto CAPVERTO Exchange is a digital currency, based on a versatile utility token that greatly e... 01.04.18 01.09.18
CargoCoin CargoCoin CargoCoin is designed to be a smart contract, crypto currency platform, decentralising glo... 01.04.18 15.04.18
Cazaar Cazaar Cazaar is a cryptocurrency exchange project aiming to globally provide the best terms in t... 30.11.18 15.01.19
CDRX CDRX By converting existing equities and bonds into securitised crypto-tokens (Crypto Depositor... 05.11.18 19.11.18
Chainium Chainium At Chainium we have a simple mission: to disrupt the global equity market. We stand for an... 27.11.17 18.12.17
Chelle Coin Chelle Coin Chelle Corp. maximizes value and earning potential for our investors by acquiring premium ... 10.08.18 02.11.18
Coffe Coffe Coffe is a platform that includes the infrastructure in which there is all the necessary t... 01.01.70 01.01.70
CoinSeason CoinSeason CoinSeason Capital Inc. is located in Vancouver, Canada, a subsidiary of Volctech Blockcha... 18.07.18 06.09.18
Coinshare Coinshare It allows buyers to receive a CashBack in Cryptocurrency for each purchase made and, by wa... 18.06.19 31.07.19
Coinvest Coinvest Coinvest is the world’s first decentralized stock market for cryptocurrencies. Coinvest em... 09.03.18 06.04.18
Cornucopia.io Cornucopia.io What makes Cornucopia unique is that its investment strategy is dictated, and powered, ent... 01.01.70 01.01.70
CoTrader CoTrader CoTrader is the Uber of Investment Funds and is LIVE on the ETH Mainnet. It's the wor... 01.12.17 01.11.18
CrossHedge CrossHedge Cross Hedge is a team of highly experienced financial industry professionals with a unifie... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Crowd for Angels Crowd for Angels Crowd for Angels intends to raise up to £50 million by way of a 5 year Liquid Crypto Bond ... 01.02.18 14.02.18
CRWD Network CRWD Network To further empower our CONDA crowd, we are constantly working on our CONDA CRWD Network - ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Crypto20 Crypto20 A crypto index fund that will use the ICO funding to buy the underlying crypto assets. No ... 07.10.17 14.10.17
CryptoDime CryptoDime CryptoDime provides an opportunity for investors looking for the simplest way to get into ... 11.03.18 30.04.18
CryptoGlobal Markets CryptoGlobal Markets Local Bitcoins re-imagined. We're Live and we've gained 2,500 users in the first... 20.03.18 30.03.18
CryptoHIT CryptoHIT CryptoHIT intends to create a transparent and entirely decentralized platform for various ... 13.04.18 13.07.18
Crypton Crypton For projects with tokenization features, we will provide additional financial acceleration... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Cryptov8 Cryptov8 Cryptov8 will be a UK domiciled and authorised bank using blockchain technology to bridge ... 14.07.18 24.08.18
CryptovationX CryptovationX CryptovationX was established by Cryptovation and two major collaborators AVA Advisory and... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Cryptoxygen Cryptoxygen This is a first in the history of the crypto world industry, that a crypto exchange platfo... 15.01.19 30.04.19
CRYPTTO CRYPTTO We are creating a world-class high-frequency crypto trading platform that provides:1) Full... 01.01.70 01.01.70
CurioInvest CurioInvest CurioInvest is a platform that enables you to invest in rare, collectable cars by purchasi... 21.08.19 22.08.19
Dacxi Dacxi The landscape of crypto-investment is changing, and itâs happening fast. The two key types... 11.06.18 31.07.18
Daox Daox Finally, a community-driven protocol to make ICOs worth investing again.... 20.06.18 30.07.18
Data Trading Data Trading DataTrading is a platform based on artificial intelligence for analytics and forecasting o... 20.11.17 30.11.17
DCentral Capital DCentral Capital D-Central Capital will build a social co-operative Venture Partnership that helps emerging... 16.04.18 22.06.18
DeHedge DeHedge DeHedge is the decentralized risk-hedging platform for cryptocurrency investors. DeHedge h... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Delta-X Delta-X DLX is security coin that will be registered with SEC which will have ZERO Volatility, wil... 01.01.19 31.07.19
Descrow Descrow DES – Decentralised Escrow Service (Descrow) is the first in the world and unique by its n... 22.11.17 20.12.17
DEXA Coin (PreICO) DEXA Coin (PreICO) A revolutionary APP that will simplify the way we send and receive money around the globe,... 01.01.70 01.01.70
DIC Resort Private Token Offering DIC Resort Private Token Offering DIC Trading Limited’s founder Dr. Lubos Riha and his team are planning to raise a total of... 01.01.70 01.01.70
DICE Money DICE Money DICE has properties of both the presently existing cryptocurrencies and traditional money,... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Driiven Driiven A Beta Access Token is required to sign-up for the funds. The ICO also has a buy-back guar... 01.03.18 31.05.18
Emjac Emjac Every year, 2 Billion waste tyres are being generated worldwide. Less than 30% is being re... 01.01.70 01.01.70
EMX EMX EMX is an exchange that revolutionizes the global derivatives markets. EMX offers derivati... 17.09.18 30.01.19
Enigma Catalyst Enigma Catalyst It is a platform that empowers anyone to build their own crypto hedge fund and participate... 11.09.17 11.09.17
EthicHub EthicHub What is Ethic Hub?EthicHub is a transnational peer-to-peer crowdlending platform. Thanks t... 01.01.70 01.01.70
EUCX EUCX The European Cryptocurrency Exchange ("EUCX") is a cryptocurrency exchange and f... 01.05.19 30.06.19
Exmo Coin Exmo Coin EXMO, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms, is launching a token sale to s... 10.09.18 10.10.18
Fidcom Fidcom Fidcom is the first decentralized investment company in the sphere of cryptocurrency and b... 19.09.17 19.10.17
FinShi Capital FinShi Capital FinShi Capital is the first venture fund formed on blockchain technology. Anyone who has a... 06.09.17 06.10.17
FintruX FintruX FintruX aims to make unsecured loans highly secure. Harnessing over two decades of experie... 07.02.18 28.02.18
First Crypto ETF First Crypto ETF First Crypto ETF (FCTF) is a fund with a unique platform, using blockchain technology and ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
FITX FITX Our main goal is to grow assets of investors. We have chosen a new approach to investment ... 23.08.18 06.09.18
Fondocoin Fondocoin Fondo Network is a centralized Coins Exchange that enables investors to trade Cryptocurren... 08.06.18 23.07.18
Forecast Forecast Forecast is a free application to track cryptocurrencies from various exchanges, create po... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Formosa Financial Formosa Financial Formosa Financial aims to solve 3 main current market needs: Crypto security, Treasury man... 15.04.18 31.05.18
Foxytrade Foxytrade Foxytrade is the international fiat platform for P2P loans based on blockchain. Foxytrade ... 01.03.19 08.04.19
Fractal Token CrowdSale Fractal Token CrowdSale Our mission is to create a Token whose value goes constantly upward, in a safe and healthy... 20.02.18 01.05.18
FTCoin FTCoin Digital ecosystem FTCoin is managed by smart contracts, created on blockchain platform Eth... 10.09.17 18.03.18
Garnet Garnet In the beginning of 2017 our team of professional investors from a classic venture market ... 25.10.17 25.06.18
Genesis Vision Genesis Vision Genesis Vision is the platform for the private trust management market, built on Blockchai... 15.09.17 05.10.17
Genevieve VC Genevieve VC Access to funding for small enterprises in less economically developed and newly industria... 05.07.17 05.08.17
Global ICO Fund Global ICO Fund Global ICO Fund is tokenised and actively managed crypto asset fund. Our aim is to provide... 01.02.18 02.03.18
GlobeCas GlobeCas GlobeCas provides solutions to simplify the process of land-based casinos making the move ... 03.07.18 15.08.18
Grailum Grailum Universal Blockchain Cross-Chain Platform and Crypto CurrencyGrailum is the new generation... 01.12.18 30.06.19
GuideCTF GuideCTF We are creating a management company GuideCTF, which will manage the index fund CIV20. The... 05.10.17 26.10.17
Gyptex Gyptex Gyptex is an online platform which allows like-minded players to join and compete against ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Hackspace Hackspace Hackspace Capital is a fund based platform that finances innovative hardware startup teams... 19.09.17 28.04.18
Hashbon Hashbon Framework will allow to store information on several blockchains simultaneously for better... 01.01.70 01.01.70
HashBux HashBux HashBux is a decentralized platform that is rested on Ethereum Blockchain specifically for... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Hashgains Hashgains HashGains offers ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in order to establish green data centres in R... 26.01.18 11.02.18
Health Monitor Health Monitor Business model of Health Monitor is based on creating a vending machines network in EU. Th... 29.11.17 31.01.18
Hedge Coin Capital Hedge Coin Capital Hedge Coin Capital Limited (HCC) is an Australian based cryptocurrency portfolio manager w... 01.01.70 01.01.70
HELIX Orange HELIX Orange WE IMPROVE YOUR ICO EXPERIENCE!HELIX Orange is your starting point in a new investing era.... 01.01.70 01.01.70
IAqua IAqua We are an Australian based company seeking to raise funds from the issue of dividend-payin... 01.01.70 01.01.70
IC3 Cubes IC3 Cubes A vault verified, gold backed token = 0.00004 (g) of physical gold, price on settlement - ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Indigodma Indigodma Indigo DMA Corp. was founded by the best specialists in automative trading. Starting in 20... 23.12.17 01.04.18
Intelligent Trading Foundation Intelligent Trading Foundation Applying artificial intelligence and technical analysis, our fleet of data bots follow rea... 18.08.17 17.09.17
Investa Investa Investa ICO is a token sale of our ERC20 INV token, which is used as a means of payment ac... 01.05.18 30.06.18
Investre Investre With dynamic collateral management and disintermediated clearing. We offer a safe, unique ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Investx Investx The Investx Platform is a regulated equity crowdfunding platform. Built on blockchain tech... 01.11.18 17.12.18
Invictus Hyperion Fund Invictus Hyperion Fund The Hyperion Fund functions as a syndicated venture capital fund that provides independent... 30.04.18 03.05.18
ITO Assendelft ITO Assendelft Walnut Ventures developed a way to use an asset backed token as an alternative to finance ... 05.03.18 25.03.18
Karma Karma Karma is an ecosystem. All participants work directly with each other. People can create l... 29.11.17 15.12.17
Kinetic Revolution Kinetic Revolution Kinetic Revolution LTD is a financial ecosystem by using blockchain technology to provide ... 15.06.18 15.07.18
L-pesa L-pesa L-Pesa is a financial technology platform providing new financial tools to consumers and s... 18.03.18 10.04.18
LabStart LabStart Today, innovation is at the heart of our societies. Some major society challenges such as ... 25.03.18 24.04.18
LAToken LAToken LAToken is a blockchain protocol and platform for creating and trading asset tokens. It al... 22.08.17 10.10.17
Lavenir ICO Lavenir ICO Lavenir is bringing a new revolution in the cryptocurrency trading by enabling the individ... 04.04.18 04.05.18
Lendium.tech Lendium.tech Lendium.tech is a decentralized self regulated financial system that allows owners to earn... 01.03.18 31.03.18
LendLedger LendLedger LendLedger is the first blockchain-based open protocol connecting data providers, lenders ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Life Change Life Change Christ Coin is the first pre-mined Christian-based Cryptocurrency. It is used to financial... 02.10.17 01.12.17
Loanbyte Loanbyte Loanbyte is a P2P lending and exchange platform with Safety fund, especial verification sy... 01.01.70 01.01.70
LucidExchange LucidExchange LucidExchange powers the derivatives markets with blockchain technology and allows you to ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Mandala Mandala Mandala is a platform that will bring cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets to the masses... 21.04.18 31.05.18
Mango Startups Mango Startups Mango Startups is the first decentralized fund for Latin America. We are investing in a di... 01.03.18 20.03.18
MASS.cloud MASS.cloud MASS stands for Masternode And Staking Service, also, because of the mechanics of the proj... 12.07.17 25.07.17
Membrana Membrana Why invest in Membrana Product. Working product (Public Beta) with over 3000 customers. De... 10.12.18 12.04.19
MIMIC MIMIC MIMIC is a professional, simple and reliable platform that enables users to take part in t... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Mine Mine We are using the supply of capital and funds from the ICO to construct enormous mining far... 27.05.18 31.05.18
Money Rebel Money Rebel Platform is designed like a set of independent but connected products. Interconnecting acc... 10.10.17 08.11.17
Monkey Capital Monkey Capital A leading Blockchain development company, a venture capital group and a Family Office comb... 08.08.17 09.09.17
Moria Moria Introducing the worldâs first security token that is sponsored by a US-based gold mine.10%... 15.01.18 24.02.18
MRCHAIN MRCHAIN The VRARMR industry is another Internet hardware trend following the mobile phone industry... 03.04.18 10.06.18
Nagricoin Nagricoin The key advantage of NagriCoin over other cryptocurrencies is it’s sectoral specificity. B... 02.04.18 24.05.18
NAi NAi NAi is a Prediction Market platform based on Artificial intelligence and Blockchain techno... 02.07.18 23.09.18
Nebluro Nebluro Nebluro is an online and global decentralized exchange with artificial intelligence where ... 18.01.19 25.06.19
Nedviga Nedviga Crossline-platform for investing in high-yield real estate around the world. This is crypt... 15.11.17 15.12.17
Nilecoin Nilecoin NileCoin is built in accordance with the standards for cryptocurrencies with complex minin... 25.12.17 26.12.17
NonZero NonZero The NON-ZERO Ethereum-based platform is a revolution of the broker-client relationship in ... 31.08.18 31.03.19
ODMCoin ODMCoin The project to implement the world's first investment financial blockchain product in... 28.08.17 11.09.17
One Solution One Solution One Solution is an ecosystem combining within itself a decentralized fund for cryptocurren... 08.11.18 28.11.18
Osmium Investment Coin Osmium Investment Coin Invest in an existing business. Buying an OiCOiN (ERC20-token) you will participate in the... 26.08.18 09.09.18
OZEX OZEX The solution for fast and furious ICOs market, your ICO advisor.OZEX aims to restore the c... 20.06.18 09.09.18
PeerBanks PeerBanks PeerBanks Is working on a platform for IRA Companies to use it to offer their clients pens... 18.07.17 22.09.17
PIMONCOIN PIMONCOIN PIMONCOIN is a token, based on the Ethereum Blockchain for Payments and Investments.It als... 01.05.19 15.05.19
Pinnacle Brilliance Pinnacle Brilliance Brilliance is a Stellar based token that will be used within Pinnacle, a full featured inv... 15.01.18 30.01.18
PIXIU PIXIU Pixiu Coin Is An Online Crypto Lucky Charm. Also, Pixiu token grants a part of Pixiu marke... 08.09.17 10.11.17
Pool of Stake Pool of Stake Qtum, Stratis, Universa and soon Ethereum holders can unite in the Pool of Stake and start... 18.06.18 20.07.18
Presale Ventures Presale Ventures PreSale Ventures is a Virtual Decentralized Venture Fund and the next generation funding p... 05.05.18 03.09.18
PropertyClub PropertyClub PropertyClub is a next generation real estate platform that is revolution-izing the way pe... 15.06.18 10.07.18
PROPX NanoChain PROPX NanoChain PROPX NanoChain - A private blockchain for the property investment industry Imagine people... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Pulsar Pulsar Pulsar Venture Capital ICO - a venture foundation for investing in 29+ best startups from ... 13.11.17 13.05.18
Renaissance Engineering Renaissance Engineering Renaissance Engineering is first waves based token which connecting cryptocurrency with re... 01.10.18 15.11.18
REVOIL REVOIL We are the community of oil workmen and we are sick of our industry being closed, ineffici... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Rothscoin Rothscoin Rothscoin is the ecosystem of decentralized applications. We specially want to introduce a... 18.12.17 28.01.18
ROYAL CAPITAL ROYAL CAPITAL ROYAL CAPITAL FUND – is a tokenized investment fund based on blockchain. We struggle to cr... 19.02.18 19.03.18
SafeStart SafeStart Our strategic team provides you with quick data analysis of your current investments in th... 16.11.18 30.12.18
Sancoj Sancoj SANCOJ is the World’s First Opportunity Supermarket, built on the Ethereum blockchain, use... 16.04.18 23.04.18
Save Token Save Token Save Token aims to support the decentralized revolution by bringing a special service. The... 10.06.18 22.07.18
Savedroid Savedroid Users profit from easy access to smart Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, ... 12.01.18 26.01.18
SBInvestitions SBInvestitions We are registering a pioneer company. Using our experience and knowledge, we find a site w... 15.06.18 30.06.18
Scruge Scruge Scruge is a DAO for tokenised crowdfunding. Using a decentralised stable cryptocurrency an... 01.01.70 01.01.70
SDAT EXCHANGE ICO (PreICO) SDAT EXCHANGE ICO (PreICO) SDAT Exchange is the worldâs first Ultra-High-Speed Decentralized Exchange focused on part... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Seratio Seratio Established in the UK with academic networks across Europe, Asia and the Americas, we have... 15.09.17 27.09.17
SETiToken SETiToken We rushed our last submission but we feel we have all the problems sorted now.The main goa... 01.08.19 17.08.19
Shipowner.io Shipowner.io Shipowner.io aims to solve core industry issues while allowing all participants, the possi... 07.03.18 23.05.18
Signals Signals Our mission is to democratize machine intelligence in the cryptotrading industry. Any cryp... 22.11.17 31.12.17
Silverway Silverway Silverway is the first integrated provider of trading data and liquidity for SAFTs and loc... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Sintec Sintec Sintec - is a unique Blockchain option granting the opportunity to invest in the productio... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Skraps Skraps Invest spare fiat and cryptocurrency change into diversified crypto-related portfolios. Sk... 25.02.18 15.03.18
Smart Investment Fund Smart Investment Fund Smart Investment Fund is a new high yield dividend fund that will trade blockchain assets ... 01.08.17 15.09.17
SmartGold SmartGold A unique token backed by mining and supplying of real gold. The cost is fixed in the metal... 10.12.17 30.12.17
SocialPolis SocialPolis Socialpolis Coin will be an enabler for the sustainable development economy and will satis... 01.01.70 01.01.70
SOFIN SOFIN SOFIN (Social Financial Network) â the international fiat P2P-lending online service based... 06.11.17 19.11.17
SonoCoin SonoCoin SonoCoin is Swiss blockchain project offering data-over-sound solutions to enterprises bas... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Spectre Spectre A major disruption of financial trading is here. SPECTRE is the world's first broker-... 17.11.17 10.12.17
Specular Specular If 1500 users sign up and buy tokens with each of them staking at 0.3% but 100 investors w... 01.01.70 01.01.70
StabiX StabiX First fraud secured and assets insured Crypto Currency Exchange Platform. We can offer to ... 15.04.18 30.04.18
Starta Starta Starta Accelerator is an acceleration program launched by Starta Capital VC Fund in 2015. ... 04.07.17 03.08.17
Startions Startions Startions is a cryptocurrency-based lending and investment platform that will enable peopl... 16.03.18 11.04.18
Stips Stips STIPS|FinTech is a decentralized crypto-finance ecosystem for smart investing and asset ma... 15.11.18 15.12.18
Stox Stox Stox is an open source, Bancor based prediction market platform. Using the wisdom of the c... 02.08.17 04.08.17
Streamex Streamex First Crypto Trading platform that brings trading competitions and leaderboards of top tra... 10.04.19 30.04.19
Suretly Suretly Suretly is a provider of an international crowd vouching platform. The company offers user... 11.07.17 11.08.17
Symmetry Fund Symmetry Fund The Symmetry fund has been designed to make it easy for individuals to invest in cryptocur... 10.12.17 10.02.18
Take Profit Take Profit Take Profit is an expert platform in which experienced traders offer their recommendations... 28.11.17 28.12.17
Taklimakan Network Taklimakan Network Taklimakan Network is an investment and educational platform for crypto enthusiasts, analy... 12.12.17 12.01.18
TecraCoin TecraCoin The mission of Tecra project is to compose a investment platform dedicated for intellectua... 01.01.70 01.01.70
TEND TEND TEND gives its clients access to unique investment opportunities which are currently beyon... 03.02.18 28.02.18
TheFaustFlick TheFaustFlick TheFaustFlick Token grants investors: ⢠access to #TheFaustFlick screenplay, letters of i... 01.03.19 30.04.19
Thundercoin Thundercoin Thundercoin is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payme... 22.01.18 18.02.18
Tiberius Tiberius Tiberius coin is an asset-backed token that allows to directly participate in our portfoli... 01.01.70 01.01.70
TontineTrust TontineTrust As the baby boomer generation enters retirement with $32 Trillion of savings, they have to... 01.01.70 01.01.70
TradePlace TradePlace TradePlace is a global cryptocurrency exchange platform. It will form a new innovative pla... 28.01.19 19.03.19
TrakInvest TrakInvest Reward based decentralized platform utilizing artificial neural networks and crowdsourced ... 16.12.17 04.02.18
Trecento Blockchain Capital Trecento Blockchain Capital ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Tripterium T50 Tripterium T50 Tripterium T50 is a tokenized, closed-end index fund (CEF), which passively tracks the top... 15.06.18 31.08.18
Twex Twex TWEX is a revolutionary private investments platform.TWEX Tokens are non-inflationary and ... 15.10.18 01.03.19
UCBI Banking (PreICO) UCBI Banking (PreICO) UCBI Maroc is your blockchain data bank it is a revolutionary banking concept that combine... 01.01.70 01.01.70
UCOIN (PreICO) UCOIN (PreICO) Ucoin is an innovative and new generation of universal cryptocurrency created on the prest... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Uris Uris URIS, the blockchain technology-based platform for startups and VC funds that will revolut... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Utopialand Utopialand Real estate developments are traditionally dominated by corporations or groups of people w... 16.05.19 16.08.19
Vestopia Vestopia The Dubai based Vestopia is a revolutionary and fully integrated investment ecosystem desi... 25.01.18 26.03.18
VICCOIN VICCOIN VICCOIN is a digital cash that you can use to pay or make any money transaction whenever a... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Vista Fintech Vista Fintech VISTA is a Global Assets Digital Discrete Investment and Trading Solution based on blockch... 01.08.17 31.08.17
Woodscoin Woodscoin The essence of the project is the creation of sawmill production that awakens located on t... 01.01.70 01.01.70
WOWX WOWX WOWX is centralized crypto to crypto exchange operating on ERC20 platform that accepts Eth... 01.03.19 31.03.19
XTock XTock XTock uses blockchain technology to issue and digitise tokens that digitise corporate asse... 15.03.19 15.03.19
Zeex Zeex Zeex is tackling crypto's biggest challenge-buying products and services. Through our... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Zen Protocol Zen Protocol Zen is a decentralized financial platform, built from scratch with the goal of providing p... 30.11.17 30.12.17
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