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Health ICO List

ICO Description Start Date End Date
Agrivita Agrivita Agrivita farm is a new view of agriculture in Russia. Taking as a basis many years of expe... 02.02.18 10.02.18
Agro Stock Exchange Agro Stock Exchange Using the main services of the ASE Platform, world trading by agricultural products has ne... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Alphacon Alphacon Alphacon has the meaning of ' Health care Unicorn ' that opens the Alpha age. It... 15.06.18 25.07.18
Ambrosus Ambrosus Combining high-tech sensors, blockchain protocol and smart contracts, we are building a un... 22.09.17 22.10.17
Apollonia Apollonia The decentralized solution for storing medical data and interactions between all participa... 01.01.70 01.01.70
ARNA Panacea ARNA Panacea ARNA Panacea is a solution which provides to all interested participants in the cancer dia... 15.12.17 10.02.18
Avaqva Avaqva Avaqva - functional waters with unique health benefits for maintaining a healthy lifestyle... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Baikalika Baikalika Baikal is a world-famous brand which used for sell counterfeits. BAIKALIKA has found a sol... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Bayan Token Bayan Token Bayan Token is a shariah-compliant ERC20 token built on the Ethereum Platform. A token rep... 08.05.18 26.06.18
BeeMedics BeeMedics Blockchain based Infrastructure and Platform where every single person and healthcare serv... 01.07.18 31.07.18
Biogen Biogen The company Biogen International Business Company located in Ireland will start up with th... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Biohal Biohal Biohal is a decentralized preventive medicine platform that extensively uses liquid biopsy... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Bioritmai Bioritmai A modern system of biorhythm monitoring with the most sophisticated tools for analysis and... 30.01.18 13.02.18
Biostem Biostem Highly sophisticated biochemical cell technology combined with blockchain technology.Biost... 01.01.70 01.01.70
BlockMedx BlockMedx BlockMedx is a blockchain healthcare infrastructure project focusing on prescription drug ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Bowhead Health Bowhead Health The Bowhead device is connected to the internet and can monitor the health of individuals ... 17.07.17 31.08.17
BurstIQ BurstIQ BurstIQ provides end-to-end enablement of blockchain-based health applications and service... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Caloriecoin Caloriecoin Caloriecoin (CAL) is a crypto coin born out of sympathy for the humanity suffering from th... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Canabio Canabio Canabio is a registered trademark, manufactured on the basis of the highest quality, natur... 15.12.17 31.12.17
Cannabisfarm.io Cannabisfarm.io Fibonacci is a self-contained system which does not require professional agronomic skills ... 10.02.18 23.02.18
Cannabium (PreICO) Cannabium (PreICO) Our vision is for the Cannabium token to become the standard currency for cannabis extract... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Carna Life Carna Life MedApp UK Ltd is an official provider and distributor of MedApp SA technology called Analy... 14.01.19 14.02.19
ClinicAll ClinicAll Empower everyone with easy access to healthcare-related services, improve communications b... 01.01.70 01.01.70
ClinTex ClinTex Clintex's CTi (Clinical Trials Intelligence) is a decentralised enterprise solution t... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Cosmecoin Cosmecoin IConsult Software Limited has developed an ERC20 token which will run on the Ethereum bloc... 17.04.18 09.05.18
CryoGen CryoGen The utility token CRYO is generated by CryoGen and provides its holders with the access to... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Cryptofitnessclub Cryptofitnessclub Cryptofitnessclub is a disruptive new approach to the online fitness industry. By combinin... 01.05.18 07.05.18
Curaizon Curaizon CuraServe⢠is a complete healthcare ecosystem that improves drug adherence and brings gam... 01.06.18 08.06.18
Cures Cures CURES token has been forged out of a desire to help address this problem, by decentralizin... 01.12.18 31.01.19
DClinic DClinic DClinic is the Worldâs 1st TokenSale to combine Real-World Property Assets (Clinics and Ho... 01.01.70 01.01.70
DentalFix DentalFix The blockchain is becoming the new standard for trust and verification of data. We’re buil... 13.08.17 13.09.17
Dentix Dentix Dentix is a Global Dental Electronic Health Record platform that allows blockchain backed,... 02.02.18 31.03.18
Dermavir Dermavir We are a privately held clinical-stage biotechnology company focusing on the development a... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Digipharm Digipharm Digipharm bypasses infrastructural limitations to enable the implementation of flexible va... 18.06.19 25.06.19
DNAtix DNAtix DNAtix is an innovative company in the genetic testing space, integrating two cutting edge... 15.08.18 14.11.18
Doctor Smart Doctor Smart Doctor Smart is an ecosystem that empowers people to manage their healthcare wherever they... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Earthmedz Earthmedz Earthmedz is a patient-led and doctor-guided cooperative focused on life-threatening disea... 01.01.70 01.01.70
EcoPole.farm EcoPole.farm The project is aimed at investors interested in preserving their capital and strengthening... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Embleema Embleema Embleema’s blockchain network offers a novel way to put patients at the center of clinical... 01.01.70 01.01.70
EMI Foundation EMI Foundation The EMI (Ecosystem of Medical Informatics) platform is aims at achieving the following thr... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Farm2Kitchen Farm2Kitchen Farm2Kitchen® is building a decentralized Food Traceability platform on the Blockchain for... 02.11.18 31.12.18
Fitrova Fitrova The Fitrova (FRV) cryptocurrency is designed to primarily serve the Health & Fitness i... 01.01.70 01.01.70
FitVitalik FitVitalik Because some people are much too busy thinking about our future. Theyâve forgotten to thin... 25.11.17 09.12.17
FlyCARE FlyCARE FlyCARE is a global ecosystem that offers personal-care service providers a unique solutio... 07.05.18 13.05.18
Grapevine Grapevine Grapevine World is a decentralized, borderless ecosystem for the seamless, standardized ex... 04.07.18 15.08.18
GreenWorld Farm GreenWorld Farm To stimulate growth and further the cause of GWF, we have designed a sales period pattern ... 14.05.18 14.07.18
GYM Ledger GYM Ledger The World’s 1st Health Band with integrated Hardware Wallet. Specially built to support th... 01.10.18 15.10.18
HealPoint HealPoint Healpoint is a blockchain-based healthcare platform delivering a second opinion consensus ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Health FX Health FX Harnessing the power of A.I. Machine Learning and Blockchain to empower everyone with thei... 01.01.70 01.01.70
HealthCUBE HealthCUBE HealthCUBE is the first global decentralized & customized healthcare platform gatherin... 29.07.19 04.08.19
HealthHeart HealthHeart Unlike other EHR providers, our infrastructure is extensible. We can service any size grou... 22.10.17 01.12.17
HealthNet HealthNet Health Coin Net is a social network that unites people keeping a healthy lifestyle, who in... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Healthureum Healthureum We bring robustness, trust, and efficiency to future proof healthcare procedures. We facil... 16.12.17 30.12.17
Healthy Corporation Healthy Corporation HealthyCoin is the first cryptocurrency to give coin holders access to the legal African m... 14.08.18 31.10.18
HeartChain HeartChain Play the video to hear the HeartChain founders describe how crowdfunding, blockchains and ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Hearthy Hearthy Hearthy wants to create a decentralized, open and sustainable ecosystem to improve health ... 15.10.17 15.11.17
HPlus HPlus The HPlus’s goal is to raise 30M USD in the Token Sale. Since the company can use token sa... 14.01.18 31.05.18
IRegMed IRegMed IRegMed is a establishment of an open & organically growing ecosystem that combines me... 01.07.18 15.08.18
IRIS IRIS Iris is a digital healthcare ecosystem, built using blockchain technology. The Iris Electr... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Izzy Izzy Izzy Care aims to become the the ecosystem for all your health and wellness needs, deliver... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Kuende Kuende Kuende is the social network that rewards real life interaction and enhances your wellbein... 07.04.18 15.06.18
Kynson Kynson Kynson ecosystem integrates blockchain technology for providing robust functionalities to ... 01.12.18 01.02.19
Lancor Scientific Lancor Scientific Lancor Blockchain Platform (LBP) is a blockchain based ecosystem designed with the vision ... 15.01.19 12.03.19
LenusChain LenusChain LensuChain offers a blockchain based cross-hardware platform support to aggregate, evaluat... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Linda Healthcare Linda Healthcare LindaHealthCoin (LNDA) is a Cryptocurrency used to purchase a CryptoHealthInsurance offeri... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Longevity United Longevity United Eterly is the world’s first application and platform designed and built by longevity exper... 28.03.18 01.06.18
Luven Diagnostic Luven Diagnostic The LUVEN screening test method created by scientist of our company detects cancer at its ... 08.12.17 29.12.17
Lyfe Lyfe Lyfe is a decentralised wellness rewards and gamification platform for healthy lifestyle t... 29.10.18 09.11.18
Mahra Mahra Mahra offers innovative blockchain based solutions to tackle health careâs critical challe... 27.03.18 11.04.18
MDsquare MDsquare We aim to significantly increase the quality and accessibility of healthcare services arou... 01.01.70 01.01.70
MedAI Network MedAI Network The MedAI network is a full service platform provider for telemedicine on the blockchain. ... 03.03.18 24.03.18
Medica Medica Building Healthcare Applications on Top of the Medica Application Protocol.Developers can ... 28.09.18 10.11.18
Medicalchain Medicalchain Medicalchain is a decentralized platform that enables secure, fast and transparent exchang... 15.09.17 15.10.17
MEDICOIN MEDICOIN Medicoin ICO is and innovation of Global Health Blockchain Limited registered under regula... 16.11.17 31.12.17
MediConnect MediConnect MediConnect is the only blockchain solution intended to revolutionize the use of medicatio... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Mediex Mediex Mediex aims to become the leading digital solution for Medical Instrument development Indu... 16.01.18 26.08.18
MediLOT MediLOT MediLOT is a health data protocol that aims to solve the concerns of Electronic Health Rec... 01.01.70 01.01.70
MEDIS MEDIS MEDIS is a new solution for storing, accessing and sharing medical records. Based on decen... 01.12.17 01.06.18
MEDoctor MEDoctor MEDoctor wants to provide its services to any patient worldwide. Everyone deserves proper ... 10.10.18 31.10.18
MHealthCoin MHealthCoin This project aims to build an ecosystem that users get benefits from maintaining a healthy... 13.09.18 31.03.19
MIDASCAPS MIDASCAPS MIDASCAPS ecosystem and business model is predominantly centered around the production of ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Moveo Moveo We started from a simple observation:A lot of people know that sport is good for them few ... 17.06.19 31.08.19
NHCT NHCT NHCT uses blockchain to counter systemic and technological issues that plague healthcare o... 01.10.18 31.10.18
Nounou Nounou The HiNounou App comes linked to the Caregivers’ Web App for families to easily track and ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
NurseToken NurseToken There’s a worldwide shortage of nurses that’s hit crisis levels. NurseToken tackles this p... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Nutrilifeio OÃ Nutrilifeio OÃ Nutrilifeio OÃ be "Decentralized Platform" where the doctor of the future will t... 23.04.19 05.05.19
OID - Opioid Token OID - Opioid Token Every day, more than 115 Americans die after overdosing on opioids. The misuse of and addi... 08.03.18 11.08.18
Open Longevity Open Longevity A new project in the field of biotechnology, telemedicine, clinical research and medical s... 01.01.70 01.01.70
PeerAtlas PeerAtlas PeerAtlas will develop the world’s most advanced medical AI by combining its medical recom... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Pharmeum Pharmeum Pharmeum is the world's first blockchain-based prescription platform with AI health a... 01.01.70 01.01.70
ScriptDrop ScriptDrop The ScriptDrop Adherence Token and Blockchain will drive down the cost of healthcare for p... 01.11.17 14.11.17
Simply Vital Health Simply Vital Health Health Nexus, our blockchain ecosystem, is the fuel for value based care. Shattering healt... 24.09.17 24.10.17
Skychain Skychain Skychain is an open infrastructure, based on blockchain, which provides the possibility to... 18.12.17 07.01.18
Solve.Care Solve.Care Solve.Care Foundation was established with the mission to decentralize and redefineadminis... 25.09.17 30.11.17
Sorgin Sorgin Sorgin - is a unique project that creates environmentally friendly agricultural products a... 30.05.18 30.09.18
Spacoin Spacoin This platform supports the beauty community by creating and bringing together beauty care ... 06.11.17 12.11.17
TeamMate TeamMate The TeamMate Network aims to integrate the health, fitness and wellness industries into a ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Teledactyl Teledactyl Blockchain and Crypto Health Tech Company “Teledactyl” seeks to Disrupt Healthcare Market.... 03.07.18 10.08.18
The Veris Foundation The Veris Foundation The Veris Foundation is a non profit entity incorporated within the United States building... 19.03.18 08.05.18
Transition Coin Transition Coin TransitionCoin is a utility token and smart contract on top of the Ethereum blockchain cre... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Trufield Trufield Trufield project aims to create an innovative electronic medical records system for people... 03.07.18 31.07.18
TuDoLink TuDoLink TuDoLink is a secure, transparent and decentralised platform where users can share, rent, ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Vinnd.io Vinnd.io Vinnd is building the world’s first decentralized digital healthcare platform to run expre... 11.12.17 17.01.18
Vital Vital Vital Neuro, Inc. has launched an Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”) that provides accredited i... 14.09.18 31.03.19
VoxelX VoxelX Multidisciplinary learning is one of the most challenging tasks in medical education, on b... 01.01.70 01.01.70
VR MED VR MED VR MED is the first medical device in the world to employ VR technology for a wide range o... 19.03.18 15.04.18
WHA Project WHA Project Prepare to rethink the future of medical treatment â imagine the world where medical insur... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Worldwide Meds Worldwide Meds The native token for the Worldwide meds platform is the WDMD token, an ERC-20 compatible u... 17.12.18 31.12.18
Xeophin Xeophin Xeophin has devised a funding pathway to develop the XeRA-1 Therapeutic for Rheumatoid Art... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Zealeum Zealeum The Zealeum community is powered by user-generated & controlled health and wellness da... 12.04.18 01.09.18
Zenome Zenome The Zenome project is a decentralized blockchain-driven database of genomic information. T... 17.10.17 24.10.17
ZOM ZOM Yazom envisions a world where Healthcare Services are easily accessible to everyone regard... 01.01.70 01.01.70
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