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Finance ICO List

ICO Description Start Date End Date
1MCLOUDATC 1MCLOUDATC Safe growth, can not be hacked, 100% guaranteed growth. Offer to buy at low cost.Once laun... 11.09.17 02.10.17
Abele Token Abele Token Our plan consists of four phases:Phase 1–Abele Trust: A fully-digital custodian that exclu... 22.09.18 22.01.19
ABIO Coin ABIO Coin Financial instrument of real business crediting on the basis of the blockchain method.... 25.09.17 25.10.17
ABX ABX Arbidex is the first trading platform that truly unites all the world's crypto assets... 23.01.18 28.02.18
Accounting Blockchain Accounting Blockchain The future of accounting and auditing. Integrating blockchain into the industry streamlini... 15.07.18 30.09.18
Acorn Collective Acorn Collective The Acorn Collective is using blockchain to help founders access funding. We provide crowd... 29.01.18 21.02.18
Agora Agora Based upon Ethereum for the logic and IPFS for the content, Agora is the first market thou... 04.08.17 25.10.17
Aigang Aigang Completely redesigns the traditional insurance process & makes it available for the Io... 25.07.17 29.08.17
AirSwap Token AirSwap Token The engine of the new token economy.... 10.10.17 11.10.17
AML Bitcoin AML Bitcoin AML BitCoin is the first AML KYC compliant coin for legitimate financial use on a global s... 06.10.17 15.12.17
AOCoin AOCoin The AO Blockchain System is designed to support business, banking, and investment operatio... 02.02.18 30.03.18
Apis Token Apis Token The Apis Token is the first hedge fund that is enabling investors to participate in the su... 01.06.18 31.12.18
ARAW Token ARAW Token By Introducing the ARAW Token, the heart of the decentralised payment ecosystem powered by... 01.07.18 30.08.18
ARQ Token ARQ Token We aim at the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world and develop"bitarq".I... 01.04.18 31.05.18
Asset Token Asset Token TRANSFERABLE CREDIT CARD REWARDS POINT TOKEN... 04.03.18 15.04.18
Astrum Astrum We are a team of young developers, it' all ahead of us (we have a big challenge ahead... 12.02.18 11.04.18
Athelas Health Insurance Athelas Health Insurance We are the solution to arguably the most serious problem facing the USA today. Athelas is ... 08.09.17 14.09.17
Audrey Blockchain Harvester Audrey Blockchain Harvester Audrey will harvest the blockchain to automate accounting with potential efficiency saving... 08.10.18 21.12.18
Automated Coin Platform Automated Coin Platform ICOICO.io develops a growing set of readymade solutions to simplify the ICO process, from ... 25.10.17 08.11.17
AXenS Token AXenS Token AXenS is the most forward thinking B2B platform for Distributed Supply Chain Finance and D... 21.05.18 31.07.18
AXION AXION AxionV takes advantage of the accuracy of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in executing trades... 16.09.17 30.09.17
Azbit Azbit Crypto banking institution. Cryptocurrency exchange with built-in margin and algorithmic t... 31.08.18 14.10.18
B21 B21 B21 is a fintech company headquartered in Gibraltar and is the developer of a personal wea... 01.06.18 31.07.18
B2G B2G B2G is the next generation of the Bitcoin. It's a self-sustaining coin that has its o... 27.01.18 26.03.18
Balance Balance A team from Ethereum, Stripe & Apple is raising $1 million using crowdfunding to build... 23.08.17 30.09.17
BANCA BANCA Banca is a decentralized, intelligent investment bank community focusing on crypto assets.... 10.02.18 11.02.18
Bank4YOU Group Bank4YOU Group Mobile Money Remittance System - first convergence of cryptocurrencies with mobile network... 06.11.17 31.01.18
Bankera Bankera Bankera is building a digital bank to last for the blockchain era. As a traditional bank, ... 27.11.17 28.02.18
Beaxy Exchange Beaxy Exchange Beaxy is an all-in-one cryptocurrency exchange, with more tools at your disposal than ever... 01.06.18 12.12.18
Benchmark Benchmark Benchmark International creates and gives multiple opportunities to people from all walks ... 28.05.18 31.08.18
Biddercoin Biddercoin Bidder Coin is a revolution in auction industry as it brings person to person buying and s... 21.09.17 25.10.17
BINARY BINARY A unique ICO that’s offering securities-backed tokens with real economic benefits. The tok... 15.11.17 25.12.17
Bitbeeline Bitbeeline Bitbeeline is a crypto-currency. Transactions are propagated nearly instantly in the netwo... 04.12.17 03.01.18
BitEther BitEther Bitether is a lending and gaming platform, fully decentralized application with maximum se... 12.01.18 27.01.18
Bitex Coin Bitex Coin BITEX will provide hyper-localized crypto-banking services through their global platform t... 08.05.18 07.07.18
BitHFT Investment Group BitHFT Investment Group BitHFT is an investment platform that focuses on simple strategy sharing to ensure equal o... 01.10.18 31.12.18
BitHub Token BitHub Token BitHub is a digital asset exchange company headquartered in New York, USA. It operates exc... 10.02.18 10.04.18
Bitlem Network Token Bitlem Network Token Bitlem launched the first cryptocurrency exchange with physical branches in August 2017.Bi... 11.04.18 10.06.18
Bitloanex Bitloanex Bitloanex is a revolutionary decentralized peer to peer loan platform that recognizes and ... 11.01.18 30.01.18
BitNational BitNational ... 01.07.18 15.08.18
BITUBER BITUBER Bituber will be the first in the world of encryption. It's a replica trading platform... 25.01.18 28.02.18
BITX BITX ... 31.07.18 30.09.19
Blackmoon Crypto Blackmoon Crypto We aim to create and maintain the world’s best framework for tokenized funds to deliver in... 12.09.17 10.10.17
Blockchain Board of Derivatives Blockchain Board of Derivatives BBOD is designed to be the world's first, on-chain derivatives trading platform, whic... 22.09.17 24.09.17
Blockchain Traded Fund Blockchain Traded Fund Blockchain Traded Fund, is like a closed ended mutual fund and ETF. We issue the BTF token... 01.12.17 31.01.18
Bloom Bloom Bloom is a decentralized credit score. Founded by Stanford engineers, Bloom is an end-to-e... 30.11.17 30.12.17
BON BON Bonpay is blockchain powered wallet and debit card service for variety of cryptocurrencies... 31.10.17 28.11.17
BR11 Token BR11 Token BR11 is a Security Token legally backed by equity in 11 high-growth revenue generating sta... 01.09.18 30.09.18
Brickblock Brickblock JOIN THE REVOLUTION OF ASSET TOKENIZATION. Brickblock is not just an idea or a whitepaper.... 02.08.17 06.08.17
Cashaa Cashaa Cashaa is a gateway to consumer-centric and affordable financial products aimed at consume... 20.10.17 05.12.17
CB2 Coin CB2 Coin We are a team from 2 "old school" online payment companies and we want to add th... 09.03.18 02.05.18
CCCR CCCR The goal of the project is to monitor and aggregate the best credit and cryptocredit offer... 04.12.17 15.02.18
CCORE Token CCORE Token CCORECryptoCurrency Payment PlatformCcore is a Crypto Payment Platform that allows people ... 25.08.17 15.09.17
CellBlocks CellBlocks CellBlocks is a digital solution to an outdated & sometimes corrupt monetary system wi... 01.04.18 31.05.18
CHX CHX At Chainium we have a simple mission: to disrupt the global equity market... 27.11.17 18.12.17
Chynge Chynge At Chynge, we make the world a better place. With the digitization, democratization and so... 28.06.18 25.09.18
CitiCash CitiCash CitiCash is one of the world’s first cryptocurrencies that will enable the general public ... 01.09.18 31.10.18
CoinLoan Token CoinLoan Token CoinLoan is an innovative lending platform where crypto-assets (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoi... 25.09.17 14.02.18
Coinseed Coinseed Invest Your Spare Change In Cryptocurrency Portfolios... 20.03.18 20.05.18
Colu Local Network Token Colu Local Network Token Bringing Cryptocurrencies to Everyday Payments... 14.02.18 18.02.18
CommerceBlock CommerceBlock We are building the first technology platform to bring a combination of trust minimal trad... 28.11.17 19.12.17
CREDITS CREDITS ... 17.02.18 18.02.18
Cryptfunder Cryptfunder Cryptfunder is a funding source for startup ICOs and blockchain companies enabling them to... 25.05.18 08.07.18
CryptoHuntersToken CryptoHuntersToken CryptoHunters is the first distributed crypto capital company formed entirely of cryptocur... 14.05.18 24.06.18
Cryptopay Cryptopay On the basis of an established Bitcoin debit card business, Cryptopay is developing new pr... 25.09.17 30.10.17
CYBERTRUST CYBERTRUST We help Banks buy Bitcoin... 27.11.17 05.01.18
Cyphr Coin Cyphr Coin The honest ICO where you’ll find NO unrealistic tech promises or baffling whitepapers, NO ... 01.09.18 30.11.18
Datarius Cryptobank Datarius Cryptobank The first social decentralized cryptobank.... 05.03.18 05.04.18
Davies Davies The first project by the Daviescoin IT OÜ company will be to develop the functionality for... 07.07.18 15.08.18
Debitum Network Debitum Network Borderless SME business financing. Leveraging Blockchain technology to secure and distribu... 07.12.17 21.12.17
DeHedge Token DeHedge Token DeHedge is the decentralized risk-hedging platform for cryptocurrency investors. DeHedge h... 15.03.18 20.04.18
Descrow Descrow Descrow is a global secure crowdfunding platform. DES platform provides investors with the... 22.11.17 20.12.17
Digital Asset Exchange Token Digital Asset Exchange Token Token gives access to compliant, high quality ICOs during pre-sales hosted on BlockEx ICO ... 10.02.18 02.03.18
Digital Credit Digital Credit Digital Credit is designed using a brand new blockchain architecture by implementing POA (... 02.06.18 02.07.18
Digital Developers Fund Digital Developers Fund DDF offers investors an opportunity to participate in high growth digital assets such as d... 10.07.17 09.08.17
District0x District0x A network of decentralized markets and communities. Create, operate, and govern. Powered b... 18.07.17 01.08.17
DOJI DOJI DOJI Exchange willbe the centerpiece of the entire Network. All fiat and DOJIToken activit... 20.08.18 29.12.18
DropDeck DropDeck DropDeck scores and ranks fundraising companies using an AI engine based on all available ... 21.11.17 21.12.17
Dynatiq Dynatiq ... 25.04.18 09.06.18
EBCoin EBCoin EBCoin will disrupt the global tax refund market for international travelers by making the... 16.01.18 13.02.18
EnterCoin EnterCoin Green Financials. A full suite of financial applications that builds a solid business mode... 11.10.17 10.11.17
ENTRY ENTRY We are licensed money institution in EU with over 100+ team members on a working product. ... 03.05.18 10.05.18
Escroco Escroco An Escrow and insurance service that aim to connect investors with borrowers in a way that... 20.10.17 30.11.17
Ethix Ethix EthicHub is a transnational decentralised Crowd-Lending platform that directly connects in... 08.02.18 10.03.18
EURUSDCOIN EURUSDCOIN ... 01.06.18 30.09.18
EveryCoin EveryCoin ... 25.08.18 25.12.18
Exosis Exosis Exosis is a Masternode coin with Timetravel 10 Algo.It has a decentralized exchange, a dec... 21.10.18 20.11.18
FABA FABA FABA is a magic bean token that bridges startup community with the traditional venture cap... 18.04.18 30.06.19
Fast Invest Token Fast Invest Token FAST INVEST is building digital investment bank. More than 14000 users are already using F... 01.05.18 30.06.18
FIC Network FIC Network Earn and Pay Interest on Your Crypto Assets: Fixed Income Infrastructure on Blockchain... 18.01.18 18.03.18
FidentiaX FidentiaX World's 1st Marketplace for Tradable Insurance Policies... 06.11.17 05.12.17
Fiinu Coin Fiinu Coin A fully licensed UK bank, bridging the gap between traditional banking and the blockchain-... 09.10.17 10.12.17
Finom Finom The largest tokenized equity offering compliant with us regulations... 01.11.17 14.11.17
FintruX FintruX The Global P2P Lending Ecosystem Powered By Ethereum And No-Code Development. FintruX Netw... 07.02.18 28.02.18
Fizcal Tokens Fizcal Tokens Fizcal is the next generation of accounting software which uses blockchain technology to i... 06.06.18 05.07.18
Flying Money Flying Money Flying Money provides currencies and other financial assets as standard ERC-20 tokens. Our... 31.01.18 30.03.18
Fox Trading token Fox Trading token ... 12.03.18 30.04.18
FRAS COIN FRAS COIN Self-Sustainable Blockchain & StartUp Incubator, Official partner of UBER GRAB GOCAR, ... 15.02.18 15.04.18
FTB FINCOIN FTB FINCOIN FTB provides: CWF: enable people to invest in funds purchasing digital coins that can be m... 01.10.17 01.11.17
FTEC FTEC FTEC is an ecosystem of intelligent services and neural networks for conducting effective ... 11.04.18 08.05.18
Fund Yourself Now Fund Yourself Now FundYourselfNow is a revolutionary crowdfunding platform that aims to be a complete soluti... 13.06.17 31.07.17
FundCoin FundCoin FundCoin is the first ever private equity token protecting a crypto investor’s capital fro... 30.09.17 30.10.17
FundRequest FundRequest FundRequest is an integrated platform where developers can get compensated for their work ... 20.11.17 01.12.17
Gabro Gabro In Gabrotech, we have a vision to disrupt the loyalty rewards market and hand back the con... 31.07.18 30.08.18
GAProCoin GAProCoin We’ve set our focus on helping businesses that require proof of certification using our pr... 15.08.18 15.09.18
Genesis Vision Token Genesis Vision Token Genesis Vision is founded by a highly experienced, well versed and specialized team in fin... 15.09.17 04.10.17
Gigzi Gigzi ... 23.11.18 31.12.18
Gimmer Gimmer Gimmer offers easy-to-use advanced algorithmic trading bots that require no programming sk... 01.02.18 28.02.18
Global Crypto Bank Global Crypto Bank Bank of the future combining convenience of plastic cards and independence of blockchain f... 30.10.17 16.12.17
GLS GLS Gelios — peer to peer cryptocurrency lending marketplaceThe key feature of Gelios is platf... 21.01.18 21.02.18
GN Compass Token GN Compass Token ... 09.04.18 30.04.18
GoldBox GoldBox The Goldbox platform provides users with secure and efficient digital asset storage servic... 01.07.18 01.09.18
Golden Currency Golden Currency ... 16.04.18 16.10.18
GoldFinX GoldFinX GoldFinX is a Fintech venture comprised of a team of experts with decades of experience in... 08.10.18 31.01.19
GUESS GUESS Peerguess is a free cryptocurrency price ticker application where you may also guess futur... 28.10.17 24.11.17
Hackspace Capital token Hackspace Capital token Hackspace Capital is a platform established in 2017 for the purpose of investing in and de... 19.09.17 20.09.17
Handelion Handelion Handelion is a revolutionary blockchain ecosystem for co-funded trade. Smart cooperation a... 15.12.17 31.03.18
Hash Card Hash Card Hash Card converts your cryptocurrencies to traditional currency in real-time via an insta... 01.05.18 12.06.18
Hedge Hedge Hedge Project will establish the market solution for crypto instruments that will enable l... 17.10.18 17.11.18
Hedger Hedger Hedger Tech is a building a Cryptocurrency Investment Management Ecosystem and offering co... 01.06.18 30.06.18
HelloGold Token HelloGold Token HelloGold is bringing blockchain & gold to millions across Asia.For more info, go http... 28.08.17 02.10.17
HighRewardCoin HighRewardCoin HighRewardCoin’s objective is to offer a wide circle of people an opportunity to gain high... 20.01.18 20.02.18
HitStake Coin HitStake Coin HitStake is an Automated Trading platform (ATP) where an investor can safely earn a signif... 08.03.18 16.03.18
Hive Hive Hive provides new financial liquidity to small businesses by leveraging blockchain technol... 19.06.17 14.08.17
IBISCOIN IBISCOIN First Lending platform payout via Prepaid Card! Interest up to 50% per month.... 19.12.17 01.01.18
ICOBox ICOBox First token which allows blockchain community to vote for the best projects to be brought ... 15.08.17 15.09.17
ICOVO ICOVO ICOVO is the world’s first and only ICO platform Implementing DAICO that can actualize hea... 30.11.18 30.11.18
Ignite Ignite Ignite RATINGS - the world's first, truly decentralised and self-regulating ratings p... 15.01.18 28.02.18
ILCoin Token ILCoin Token We will be the first Cryptocurrency SHA-256 Proof-of-Work to develop Smart ContractsILCOIN... 15.10.17 15.12.17
IMT IMT ... 15.03.18 22.04.18
Incremint.io Incremint.io ... 01.06.18 31.08.18
Inspeer Inspeer A Peer-to-peer lending service that works with Cryptocurrency and Fiat... 06.11.17 04.12.17
INV Coin INV Coin After five years in development Invacio reaches ICO having evolved into 11 distinct but co... 01.02.18 31.03.18
Investo Investo Simple, transparent and decentralized investments without fees. Check our website at www.i... 07.03.18 30.04.18
Investoland Investoland ... 18.09.18 01.11.18
Invictus Hyperion Fund Invictus Hyperion Fund The Hyperion Fund functions as a syndicated venture capital fund that provides independent... 03.05.18 30.05.18
Invox Invox The World’s Most Innovative Invoice Lending Platform - Connecting Sellers, Buyers and Inve... 15.03.18 24.03.18
IVYN IVYN https://ico.ivyn.comE-merging Solutions for the Blockchain and Smart Economy.Ivyn is chall... 01.06.18 31.07.18
Javvy Javvy Javvy integrates its crypto exchange aggregator into the powerful and comprehensive Javvy ... 15.08.18 15.09.18
Jewel Jewel JEWEL (JWL) is a non – government-controlled digital currency that allows you to send mone... 15.10.18 31.12.18
JSECOIN JSECOIN JSEcoin is a consumer focused web platform built on top of a browser mined blockchain.We l... 11.07.18 11.10.18
JULLAR JULLAR ... 20.08.18 13.01.20
Kevin. token Kevin. token Kevin. is an innovative online banking service, that allows to easily link and manage diff... 16.10.17 22.12.17
KICKICO KICKICO KICKICO is a platform for safe and easy fundraising for ICO, preICO, crowdfunding and crow... 28.07.17 07.08.17
Konios Konios The Konios Platform will offer the safest platform to exchange cash & crypto. Our solu... 01.07.18 30.09.18
Kripton Kripton L-Pesa is a financial technology platform providing new financial tools to consumers and s... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Kurecoin Kurecoin Kurecoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency built with proof of stake algorithm (PoS) offer... 01.06.18 30.06.18
LaLa Coin LaLa Coin LaLa World is building a financial services ecosystem for the underbanked using ethereum a... 05.01.18 05.02.18
LAToken LAToken Tokenize and trade real assets via crypto... 22.08.17 10.10.17
LEND LEND ETHLend seeks to create a free market for decentralised lending, evolving the way we see a... 25.11.17 09.12.17
Lendoit Lendoit Lendoit is a decentralized P2P Lending platform, which connects borrowers and lenders from... 13.12.17 13.01.18
LIQNET LIQNET LIQNET is a cryptoexchange, which allows to work with orders from many cryptoexchanges at ... 28.05.18 31.08.18
Litecoin Cash Litecoin Cash LTCH the protection of privacy.... 01.03.18 30.04.18
Lovar Lovar Lovar is a community involved, blockchain-based protocol that aims to provide an innovativ... 14.06.18 23.08.18
MAVRO MAVRO Welcome to the first decentralized and absolutely transparent platform for Multi-Level Mar... 15.03.18 15.04.18
MCV token MCV token MCV-CAP will combine traditional banking functionalities with the innovative advantages of... 21.06.18 20.08.18
Meridian Meridian Meridian is a digital asset that is designed to be used in combination with Bitcoin. Merid... 12.10.17 12.11.17
MicroMoney MicroMoney 1st Blockchain Credit Bureau and Microfinance lending. Or how to add 2 Billion Unbanked Ca... 18.10.17 15.11.17
Mill of Blood Mill of Blood Decentralized financial solution that solves the regulatory challenges of data privacy by ... 01.07.17 16.09.17
Mira Mira Mira is a software suite for buying, storing and sending cryptocurrencies.... 27.11.17 29.11.17
MonaizeToken MonaizeToken E-banking that provides a mobile-first current account and Business Mastercard for freelan... 10.11.17 09.12.17
Moria Token Moria Token Moria, the world’s frst dividend paying decentralized investment platform targeting the fe... 15.01.18 24.02.18
Nauticus Nauticus Nauticus provides user-friendly, efficient and secure crypto banking, payments and eCommer... 18.03.18 16.05.18
NEO NEO ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Noustoken Noustoken Nousplatform is a financial ecosystem for investors and decentralized investment funds pow... 20.05.18 31.08.18
Optimal Shelf Availability Token Optimal Shelf Availability Token About OSA DCAI AND BLOCKCHAIN IN RETAILThe world's first decentralized, AI-driven mar... 21.05.18 03.07.18
ORCA ORCA ORCA places cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges next to traditional bank accounts for a c... 06.08.18 06.09.18
Our Coin Classic Our Coin Classic OurCoin Classic supports solutions for sustainable living and climate change via a DnAO st... 31.08.17 01.12.17
OX Fina OX Fina A Traditional Financial Institution Run On Decentralized Apps. With The Support Of Global ... 01.07.17 01.08.17
Paygine Paygine Paygine is an open financial platform designed to operate within its own proprietary banki... 18.06.18 17.08.18
PayPie Platform Token PayPie Platform Token PayPie is the world’s first blockchain accounting platform. The Platform provides real-tim... 08.10.17 08.10.17
PayPro PayPro PayPro is a financial marketplace as a DAO, where any Decentralized Application (dApp) wil... 15.01.18 26.02.18
Pearl Pay Coin Pearl Pay Coin Pearl Pay has four core products combined into a single integrated system called Virtual M... 10.07.18 30.10.18
PeerBanks IRA PeerBanks IRA PeerBanks IRA created on Waves, which offers IRA companies an invaluable tool to operate r... 18.07.17 22.08.17
PHI Token PHI Token The Alibaba of Wealth ManagementWe want to become the Alibaba of Wealth Management, PHI me... 08.03.18 21.03.18
Pitch Pitch Entrepuners and Startups can Pitch Investors Live on the Platform... 28.02.18 31.03.18
Plancoin Plancoin ... 01.03.18 02.04.18
Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem ... 20.08.18 28.02.19
Populous Populous Populous is an invoice marketplace built using the latest in blockchain technology. Populo... 01.01.70 01.01.70
PreICO Dogezer Token PreICO Dogezer Token Dogezer is a platform that allows team members to be product investors by investing their ... 01.09.17 01.10.17
Proof Proof The Proof Suite platform serves thousands of users, managing and trading their asset-backe... 01.11.17 01.12.17
Quasar Coin Quasar Coin Quasar Coin is similar to XMR (Developed on Cryptonote). Only difference is our coin is de... 25.12.17 31.01.18
Raido Financial Raido Financial Raido Financial is a global fintech ecosystem that combines a set of universal crypto tool... 15.11.18 15.12.18
RAISON RAISON AI Platform for investment and personal finance... 07.12.17 21.12.17
REPO COIN REPO COIN Repo Blockchain to partner with leaders in the auto finance industry to enhance the auto r... 01.04.18 30.04.18
Residual Token Residual Token An ecosystem for bona fide LENDERS which allows people or companies to borrow money using ... 15.09.18 15.11.18
RIALTO:AI RIALTO:AI RIALTO.AI is a team of data scientists, trading economists and signal processing experts, ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Risk Sharing Token Risk Sharing Token The first crowdsurance platform on Blockchain, where people can protect each other against... 15.09.17 15.11.17
Rosenbridge Digital Rosenbridge Digital Rosenbridge Digital Decentralized Funding Platform will be the first uk Fca regulated Fund... 19.08.17 06.10.17
Royal Kingdom Coin Royal Kingdom Coin Royal Kingdom Enterprise, a Fintech based in Dubai, has decided to focus its engineering r... 10.07.17 10.08.17
Safein Safein Safein is a blockchain-based single sign-on identity management platformensuring security,... 31.05.18 30.06.18
Saifu Saifu Saifu makes using cryptocurrencies together with regular currencies easy, secure and regul... 15.01.18 11.03.18
SALT SALT The SALT Lending Platform allows holders of blockchain assets to leverage their holdings a... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Scrinium Scrinium Scrinium is a decentralized investment platform that helps to pick the most appropriate tr... 11.12.17 11.03.18
SFU SFU Saifu makes using cryptocurrencies together with regular currencies easy, secure and regul... 01.03.18 30.04.18
SHIFT.cash SHIFT.cash SHIFT.cash is a platform specializing in providing loans secured by car titles and offers ... 15.12.17 31.03.18
Signals Network Signals Network Data science-powered marketplace to help you discover, create and monetize cryptocurrency ... 22.11.17 31.12.17
SilverBit SilverBit SilverBit an ultra-scarce decentralized store of wealth with software facilities that allo... 02.03.18 30.04.18
Sint Token Sint Token Sint functions as a cryptocurrency Exchange Point. The first platform providing instant ex... 01.05.18 21.05.18
SISA SISA SISA wants to provide a disintermediate, decentralized and democratic access to a sophisti... 20.11.17 20.12.17
Soferox Soferox Soferox has been conceived and designed to bring the first free way to send, receive and s... 01.10.17 15.10.17
SPINDLE SPINDLE SPINDLE is the first match-making platform for investors and cryptocurrency funds where us... 29.04.18 15.05.18
SportyFi SportyFi Decentralized sports investment & funding ecosystem, disrupting the $1.3 trillion spor... 21.11.17 08.12.17
Stabilise Stabilise Multiple fiat backed cryptcurrencues, payment processing, consultancy, cryptocurrency as a... 03.04.18 02.06.18
Stabilise STB/SPC Stabilise STB/SPC Multiple fiat backedStable Currencies | Custom crypto exchange and zero fee trading | Low ... 03.04.18 02.06.18
Stamps Stamps Stamps provides a safe, inexpensive, and transparent path for real-world businesses to iss... 01.12.17 15.12.17
Starbase Starbase Using the power of blockchain, Starbase will connect people all over the world. Introducin... 18.09.17 10.11.17
Stox Stox Stox is an open source, Bancor based prediction market platform. Using the wisdom of the c... 02.08.17 03.08.17
Streamity Streamity The key element of STREAMITY is StreamDesk.DAPP STREAMDESK is a p2p platform for smart-con... 12.03.18 25.03.18
StuffGoGo StuffGoGo StuffGoGo: Decentralized mobile eCommerce platform with no big brother, no fees and no res... 12.08.17 09.09.17
Sunxcoin Sunxcoin Sunx is crypto/Fiat exchange ecosystem, with a mission to empower investors financially, g... 20.07.18 31.08.18
Suretly Suretly Suretly is a provider of an international crowd vouching platform. The company offers user... 11.07.17 11.08.17
Swapy Token Swapy Token Swapy is building a decentralized protocol with a suite of three integrated applications a... 19.03.18 18.05.18
SwissBorg SwissBorg The new era of crypto wealth management... 07.12.17 24.12.17
Synexcoin Synexcoin ... 14.03.18 01.05.18
T8 Exchange T8 Exchange T8EX: World First Crypto-to-Crypto Exchange, a Wholesale Clearance Tool; T8EX empowers use... 28.02.18 28.03.18
Tawarruq token Tawarruq token IP2PGlobal brings together best practices of traditional banks and the world of cryptocurr... 19.02.18 15.04.18
Telcoin Telcoin Telcoin is a new cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain that will be distributed ... 11.12.17 23.12.17
The 4th Pillar The 4th Pillar 4th Pillar is a digital platform based on Blockchain. It offers three innovative solutions... 15.10.18 31.10.18
ThinkCoin ThinkCoin ThinkCoin is the digital trading token that underpins the TradeConnect network. ThinkCoin ... 03.04.18 23.04.18
Tokenlend Tokenlend Decentralized lending platform for property-secured loans... 26.03.18 10.05.18
Trackr Trackr Trackr is a a smart mobile portfolio management/analysis app with intelligent market alert... 16.08.17 15.09.17
Traxia Membership Token Traxia Membership Token ... 01.05.18 02.06.18
Umbrella Coin Umbrella Coin Umbrella Coin was founded as a way to cover the hidden costs of traditional insurance (ded... 20.08.17 20.10.17
UNION UNION Ecosystem for collaborative savings on blockchain technology while making use of trusts, c... 01.05.18 31.07.18
UULA Token UULA Token Uulala is a mission-driven organization that facilitates and accelerates the financial inc... 28.03.18 21.05.18
Valorem Valorem We’re building a reserve lending platform for multi-party transactions across multiple ind... 24.12.17 28.06.18
VaultBank VaultBank Vaultbank is a global investment firm, committed to sound financial investment and technol... 12.12.17 18.02.18
Vega AI Solutions Vega AI Solutions Please let us more the required details together with the payment details... 24.11.17 07.01.18
Vestopia Vestopia The Dubai based Vestopia is a revolutionary and fully integrated investment ecosystem desi... 25.01.18 26.03.18
VITO VITO Use VISO to make cryptocurrency payments from anywhere... 25.09.17 15.12.17
Wala Wala Wala is a financial platform with a mission to help people reach financial prosperity by e... 01.12.17 11.12.17
Wanchain Wanchain Wanchain seeks to create a new distributed financial infrastructure, connecting different ... 06.09.17 27.09.17
WAWLLET WAWLLET World’s first multi-asset wallet and personal financial passportWAWLLET connects people, b... 29.01.18 30.03.18
Wealthium Wealthium Make investment intelligence accessible and empower people to grow their wealth.... 16.10.17 03.12.17
Welltrado Welltrado Welltrado is an already operating scalable blockchain-based platform that seeks to enable ... 09.04.18 08.06.18
WIL WIL Mywish.io — platform is an ecosystem of smart contracts accumulating a complex of blockcha... 25.10.17 25.11.17
WOLLO WOLLO ... 04.07.18 18.07.18
WYR Token WYR Token We created the fastest blockchain based contactless mobile payments solution with fully as... 14.10.17 28.10.17
X8 Currency X8 Currency A revolutionary new stable store of value for the distributed and traditional economy and ... 30.11.18 09.07.18
XchangeCoin XchangeCoin XchangeCoin (XCC) will build a network of retail stores / kiosks that will allow users in ... 30.08.18 30.10.18
XENTAVO XENTAVO XENTAVO is a White Label blockchain platform for Sovereign (legal tender, FIAT) cryptocurr... 01.03.18 31.05.18
XResearch XResearch XResearch is a decentralized, institutional-quality investment research firm and media pla... 01.12.18 31.01.19
XRONOS XRONOS XRONOS is the first aggregator of cryptocurrency and blockchain-technologies.... 21.09.17 21.10.17
Xsure Xsure ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Zen Protocol Zen Protocol Zen is a decentralized financial platform, built from scratch with the goal of providing p... 30.11.17 30.12.17
ZEON COIN ZEON COIN New DAO Blockchain platform: minimising complexity and user's risk... 27.04.18 09.07.18
ZeroChain Network ZeroChain Network What is ZeroChain Network?ZeroChain Network (ZCHAIN) is an Airdrop Platform,The ZCHAIN pla... 01.07.18 01.08.18
Zichain token Zichain token Zichain - Blockchain asset management ecosystemZichain takes a leading role in creating a ... 21.06.18 31.08.18
ZPER Token ZPER Token ZPER is a ‘decentralized P2P(peer-to-peer) financial ecosystem’ using smart contract techn... 26.04.18 16.05.18
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