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Events & Entertainment ICO List

ICO Description Start Date End Date
7ype 7ype From BAFTA recognised movie actor Samuel Victor, 7ype is a unique, forward thinking and in... 06.07.17 16.07.17
Airporn Airporn The world’s first anonymous and decentralized adult entertainment video streaming platform... 14.08.17 14.11.17
Arcona Token Arcona Token Need to place Arcona... 15.04.18 15.05.18
AventCoin AventCoin Aventus is a revolutionary global standard for a more fair, secure, and transparent ticket... 06.09.17 13.09.17
Bitcoin Bitcoin The Blockchain Africa Conference 2018 will bring together a diverse range of experts who w... 08.03.18 09.03.18
BlocForm Global token BlocForm Global token In the current music (showbiz) industry there is a range of problems.BlocForm solves these... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Blocktix Blocktix Blocktix is an Ethereum based, counterfeit-resistant solution for individuals and event ho... 07.07.17 28.07.17
BroFistCoin BroFistCoin BroFistCoin is the first decentralized meme network. Earn money by providing memes, sharin... 11.03.18 30.04.18
CoExistCoin CoExistCoin CoExistCoin's mission since its start in April of 2015 is to be the first charity blo... 30.09.17 04.11.17
Coinschedule Coinschedule More info about the project... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Crypto Tickets Crypto Tickets Crypto Tickets Is a new standard in the industry of entertainment: distribution of tickets... 05.10.17 05.11.17
Cryptoflix Cryptoflix A Blockchain film and TV streaming platform to disrupt the global multi-billion-dollar fil... 15.05.18 15.06.18
DropSpot DropSpot DropSpot is revolutionizing the Nightlife Industry with there brand new app that is availa... 10.04.18 03.06.18
ETHEREAL ETHEREAL Ethereal is the smallest ICO of the world with total supply of 30 million out of which 20 ... 01.03.18 30.04.18
Eticket4 Eticket4 A ticket exchange developed by Israeli entrepreneurs in 2015. Being an intermediary betwee... 05.03.18 06.04.18
EventChain EventChain The Eventchain platform solves today’s event industry problems of ticket scalping, counter... 13.09.17 14.10.17
Fanship Token Fanship Token Fanship is a fan based collaborative media and entertainment company. Help your favorite s... 08.08.18 08.09.18
Fantasy Market Token Fantasy Market Token Fantasy Market is a marketplace for live, user directed performances. Using our token, you... 02.09.17 06.11.17
FLIK FLIK FLiK is an end-to-end entertainment ecosystem that allows for creative projects to be fund... 20.08.17 20.09.17
Globatoken Globatoken GlobaTalent is a global marketplace that tokenizes talent - allowing people all over the w... 18.06.18 30.06.18
Guaranteed Entrance Token Guaranteed Entrance Token GUTS is a ticketing system which uses blockchain technology to register ownership of SMART... 15.11.17 13.12.17
Hubii Network Hubii Network Hubii’s is creating the leading Ethereum and smart contract based decentralised content ma... 24.08.17 07.09.17
ICST ICST Individual Content and Skills Token (ICST) is a blockchain-based protocol and token (Indiv... 21.06.18 27.06.18
Injii Access Coin Injii Access Coin The injii platform reduces the cost of fundraising by connecting content creators with cha... 20.11.17 15.12.17
IRESPO IRESPO By tokenizing the poll/survey market using the blockchain technology iRespogives both orga... 01.08.18 22.08.18
Lamoneda Lamoneda Lamoneda is a decentralized blockchain token network that powers and engineers a unique sm... 15.06.18 30.08.18
LIGHTS LIGHTS LIGHTS is a token that powers a decentralized movie studio platform. By using the blockcha... 01.01.70 01.01.70
LIVE LIVE Live Stars is creating the new generation webcam platform that implements blockchaintechno... 15.01.18 14.02.18
LSD LSD LSD - Love, Sex and Dreams:World’s First Decentralized Marketplace for Sex & Tokenizat... 17.03.18 07.04.18
MOVE Token MOVE Token Movement App - a decentralized platform that gives the ability to tokenize physical activi... 15.12.17 25.12.17
MovieCoin MovieCoin ... 18.09.18 30.11.18
PAquarium PAquarium We are building the world’s largest aquarium, yet it will not simply be another giant buil... 22.06.17 20.07.17
PCorn Coin PCorn Coin Powerful platform for new 18+ entertainment services. Platform already exist, real 18+ ser... 20.09.17 20.11.17
PORNX PORNX The PORNX Project - The first cryptocurrency for fast online payments in the porn industry... 18.05.18 30.06.18
PrimeCoin PrimeCoin Primestar is a decentralized blockchain platform ,that brings fans,stars and filmmakers to... 12.02.18 12.04.18
PurpleCoin PurpleCoin PurpleThrone is a Worldwide Music Streaming and entertainment platform which is launching ... 26.02.18 27.04.18
Satan Coin Satan Coin Satan Coin has ascended from the depths of hell to wreak havoc on mortal coins such as Bit... 13.10.17 31.10.17
Shitcoin Shitcoin Why You Should Use our Shitcoin :You deserve the best shitcoinYou can easily tip anyoneOur... 10.02.18 10.04.18
Slate Slate ... 11.05.18 09.06.18
Spank Coin Spank Coin Spank Coin will give holders producer credits and an income stream from video sales and me... 15.08.17 15.09.17
Spectiv Spectiv A dedicated virtual reality streaming platform utilizing blockchain integrated attention m... 08.12.17 08.01.18
SportsFix Token SportsFix Token SportsFix combines the power of a “Netflix” platform with blockchain to transform the most... 15.08.18 01.10.18
Stars Group Stars Group Stars Group seeks to disrupt the football (soccer) industry with STARS token - a sports cl... 05.12.17 10.01.18
StreamSpace StreamSpace The StreamSpace platform is the most progressive video marketplace in the world.... 15.01.18 26.02.18
TEAM TEAM The first celebrity management platform on the blockchain, providing advanced tools and in... 20.12.17 28.02.18
TokenStars TokenStars 1st blockchain company to massively tokenize celebrities. Disrupts talent management: dece... 10.09.17 28.10.17
TokenStub TokenStub TokenStub is a decentralized infrastructure for event ticket sales, which aims to utilize ... 23.08.17 03.10.17
Vezt Vezt Vezt lets music fans share ownership with artists in their favorite songs. It is a revolut... 03.11.17 03.12.17
Vice Industry Token Vice Industry Token The Vice Industry Token represents a profound change in the adult entertainment industry. ... 01.02.18 28.02.18
VIEW Token VIEW Token Viewly is a decentralized video platform powered by blockchain and peer?to?peer video shar... 22.02.18 22.03.18
VIULY VIULY The world’s first decentralized video sharing platform. A revolutionary solution that chan... 10.10.17 13.10.17
WANKCOIN WANKCOIN WankCoin is the oldest and most trusted crypto token in adult already. That’s because Wank... 25.05.18 07.08.18
XPlay XPlay XPlay is a global extreme entertainment technology and tokenized ecosystem... 07.08.17 30.08.17
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