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Energy & Utilities ICO List

ICO Description Start Date End Date
3dP-Token 3dP-Token Uniting the Cryptocurrency & 3D Printing Technology together in one Project... 15.06.18 15.09.18
4NEW 4NEW 4NEW is the world's first blockchain infrastructure project. 4NEW collects & proc... 28.01.18 28.03.18
AQUA AQUA The A R Foundation LLC has announced the launch of the AQUA Rights platform. The first wat... 16.08.17 15.09.17
BEATRIX BEATRIX BEATRĪX is a green, affordable and sustainable energy project aiming to resolve the energy... 18.10.18 18.11.18
Bitlumens Bitlumens BitLumens decentralizes the power market in developing countries leveraging on Internet of... 29.05.18 18.06.18
CCET CCET Extend renewable energy and blockchainify carbon emissions to solve problem.... 10.09.18 10.10.18
CO2 Token CO2 Token CLIMATECOIN CO2 Token is a new and unique cryptocurrency based in Ethereum thatpermits any... 23.09.17 01.11.17
Deneum Deneum Ultra low-cost renewable electricity that saves billions of dollarsA box with a capsule ge... 01.10.18 31.01.19
Earth Token Earth Token A decentralised blockchain based natural asset exchange with an accompanying Earth Token (... 17.11.17 15.12.17
Energy Premier Energy Premier Next generation electricity trading platform introducing Energy Premier Token (EPC) to rev... 21.09.18 31.10.18
Envion Envion ENVION makes mining green & mobile! With low-price energy from solar & wind farms ... 15.12.17 14.01.18
Farad Farad Farad Cryptoken is the first of it's kind among the cryptocurrencies that exist in th... 25.08.17 30.09.17
GreenX GreenX GreenX Network is a blockchain ecosystem that enables individual and institutional investo... 16.06.18 31.07.18
Grid Plus Grid Plus Grid+ provides an accounting layer for the energy ecosystem by utilizing Ethereum smart co... 30.10.17 13.11.17
HomeMine Token HomeMine Token HomeMine - an opportunity to earn on passive mining on household electrical appliances. We... 21.05.18 21.06.18
KROPS COIN KROPS COIN Krops, found online at MyKrops.com, is an agricultural marketplace that wants to become th... 15.01.18 15.02.18
KWHCoin KWHCoin Advanced Renewable Energy with Blockchain Technology... 08.02.18 08.03.18
MegaWatt MegaWatt Major EU energy company launches energy trading ecosystem and the first power retail franc... 15.01.18 12.02.18
MITO MITO DAO IPCI is an already-working decentralized blockchain ecosystem that allows businesses a... 11.09.17 31.10.17
NODE NODE Node is a revolutionary high-tech start-up, which disrupts a market niche of wireless tran... 15.02.18 16.04.18
PLATIO Coin PLATIO Coin PLATIO is an unconventional, primarily outdoor energy producing, modular paving system opt... 01.09.18 30.09.18
Power Ledger Power Ledger Power Ledger is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer energy trading platform enabling consumers... 08.09.17 06.10.17
Pylon Network Pylon Network Pylon is a network structured with only one purpose: renewable energy exchange community, ... 29.09.17 02.11.17
RGS RGS BlockChain platform for a technological breakthrough in the gas industryRusGas is a projec... 17.04.18 11.06.18
Ri?X Ri?X Blockchained Energy And Telecommunications, RI?X as the name of the Token. BEATRI?X is a c... 28.10.18 28.11.18
ROX ROX Robotina - Internet Of Things, Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain empowering energy ... 21.03.18 30.04.18
SunCoin SunCoin A global decentralized energy network which allows consumers to generate clean energy in t... 04.08.17 30.09.17
SunContract SunContract SunContract offers you an opportunity to participate in a great story of success. SunContr... 28.06.17 01.08.17
Synthestech / STT Synthestech / STT Synthestech is a scientific research center engaged in technology development for synthesi... 18.03.18 15.05.18
Titan Coin Titan Coin Investors have invested in Titan Coin more than $500 thousand for the first day of pre-ICO... 04.11.17 04.12.17
Torus Token Torus Token Torus is a distributed energy platform based on Ethereum network that liberalizes energy a... 16.03.18 31.03.18
WePower WePower WePower is a blockchain-based green energy trading platform. It enables green energy produ... 22.09.17 22.10.17
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