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Education ICO List

ICO Description Start Date End Date
Academy Token Academy Token Academy School of Blockchain is the world’s first accredited school for blockchain. Academ... 15.02.18 01.03.18
Code of Talent Code of Talent Code of Talent is the world’s first blockchain powered micro-learning platform: 10 minutes... 15.10.18 31.10.18
Coin2college Coin2college Helping future leaders pay for college.Coin2College is a masternode coin that will help pe... 02.04.18 16.04.18
DD COIN DD COIN Digital Degree is the first decentralized education platform.Digital Degree is education c... 15.08.18 10.10.18
EdToken EdToken AIAR is democratizing education for 2.5 billion people in need with a 360 degree microlear... 10.07.18 05.12.18
Expercoin Expercoin Harvard-incubated Expercoin is a decentralized network of learning communities & marke... 01.06.18 31.07.18
Extra Credit Extra Credit We are the first company to start empowering people to learn about cryptocurrencies. It is... 26.04.18 26.05.18
HolidayCoin HolidayCoin HolidayCoin is an ICO raising funds for leading charities around the world focused on pove... 24.12.17 01.01.18
KNW Token KNW Token Knowledge.io proposes a new frontier in knowledge tracking, verification and validation, a... 08.02.18 08.04.18
Larecoin Larecoin Larecoin is a Peer to Peer token used for sponsoring your education. Inclusive to it'... 04.03.18 27.04.18
LiveEdu LiveEdu LiveEdu is a live and video tutorial learning platform where content creators teach learne... 01.12.17 31.12.17
ODEM ODEM ODEM is a blockchain-based global marketplace for buyers and sellers of short-term, on-sit... 17.02.18 18.03.18
PeruCoin PeruCoin What is PeruCoin?Perucoin is a project initiated by the company Bits2u, which aims to expa... 16.06.18 15.07.18
TootyrToken TootyrToken The TootyrToken creates a new dimension in online education. It increases incentives, impr... 01.12.18 31.12.18
True Reply Token True Reply Token True Reply is a platform for launching automated audio-based surveys. People call in and t... 01.03.18 01.04.18
TuteCoin TuteCoin TuteCoin Organization is building a decentralized peer to peer platform called as TuteIt t... 29.03.18 10.05.18
Tutellus Tutellus Building upon its large student base (over 1 million students) and teaching material (over... 28.05.18 30.06.18
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