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Cryptocurrency ICO List

ICO Description Start Date End Date
108 Token 108 Token 108 Token provides a diversified, low-cost and simplified exposure to the burgeoning asset... 01.06.18 31.08.18
12SHIPS 12SHIPS In-house developed ASIC semiconductor chip.Technical support of Samsung Electronics, raw m... 01.01.70 01.01.70
1World 1World 1World Online offers a pre-built interactive media unit (IMU) for publishers who wish to m... 05.10.17 06.11.17
300 Token 300 Token 300 Token is one of the first ERC20 Tokens created with the Minereum Token Creation Servic... 30.06.17 06.07.17
3cCoin 3cCoin 3cCoin is the blockchain option for investing in production of the revolutionary construct... 10.05.18 10.06.18
4lions.pro 4lions.pro For many years, hype around the cryptocurrencies has not been getting down. Some think tha... 01.01.70 01.01.70
7Seconds 7Seconds 7Seconds is a fully operational credit marketplace that allows a borrower to instantly cho... 01.01.70 01.01.70
88 Coin 88 Coin 88 Coin is an innovative cryptocurrency poised to change the financial landscape on a glob... 01.01.70 01.01.70
A2B Taxi A2B Taxi Our vision is to make everyday commuting simpler and more reliable. The platforms of priva... 01.03.18 03.03.18
Aaramco Aaramco World's first crypto commodity coin to offer it's increment minimum by $0.01 dai... 24.04.18 07.06.18
AbjCoin AbjCoin Blockchain That Works For Africans.Abjcoin will connect banks, payment providers, digital ... 01.09.17 30.10.17
Accord ICO Accord ICO Accord is a new digital currency on Ethereum blockchain, regulated by the ERC20 smart cont... 20.01.18 19.02.18
AchieveCoin AchieveCoin Fairness in trading requires a truly decentralized currency. AchieveCoin, trading symbol A... 14.01.18 14.02.18
Acuitty Acuitty Acuitty is setting up a marketplace for the $500 Billion Consulting and Technology Service... 16.09.17 16.11.17
AcuteCoin AcuteCoin While AcuteCoin main focus will be on a sustainable platform based on revenues outside of ... 01.06.18 30.06.18
Ad Funnel Ad Funnel AdFunnel Project provide decentralized cryptocurrency research tool, which is currently on... 01.08.18 31.08.18
Addocoin Addocoin The experience and skills of our traders and financial experts is the key to the success o... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Adenium Adenium Adenium is a cryptocurrency based in Geneva, Switzerland. Itâs built on the Ethereum Block... 30.03.18 18.04.18
Adrenaline Adrenaline Adrenaline AI is an innovational fin-tech company with a core focus on building cryptocurr... 29.08.19 29.08.19
Aeternum ICO Aeternum ICO This platform will be open to anyone owning Aeternum Token not just a select group of inve... 02.04.18 30.04.18
Afrolis Afrolis Creation and transfer of coins are based on an open source cryptographic protocol and is n... 01.02.19 15.02.19
AfterEther AfterEther AfterEther is a project to create another network of Ethereum. It is going to be exactly t... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Agent Not Needed Agent Not Needed We believe our property platform will revolutionise the entire property industry as it wil... 01.03.18 31.03.18
AgreCoin (ACN) AgreCoin (ACN) AgreCoin (Agricultural Agreement Coin) is an Ethereum ERC20 token, symbol: ACN, which was ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Agricoin Agricoin This Agricoin (AGC) innovative concept and framework for reorganizing the payment and fina... 01.11.17 20.11.17
AIPAY AIPAY AIPAY is an artificial intelligence payment platform driven by blockchain that offers a de... 20.11.18 21.12.18
Aiq Aiq Augmented Intelligence Quotient (AIQ â pronounced âI.Q.â) is a free and open decentralised... 01.01.70 01.01.70
AIRCOIN AIRCOIN THE Aircoin is a platform and an ecosystem for building and deploying decentralized blockc... 06.04.18 16.04.18
Airgeadcoin Airgeadcoin Our mission is to grow the overall market of precious metals, nurture their value which wi... 31.07.18 14.09.18
Airsave Travel Airsave Travel Most people dream of being able to experience the world from a different viewpoint, but wh... 15.10.18 23.12.18
Airswap Airswap We present a peer-to-peer methodology for trading ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.... 25.08.17 08.09.17
Airwallet Airwallet Within the AIR WALLET Platform users will gain access to a multipurpose digital wallet, a ... 21.03.19 14.06.19
AISI Coin AISI Coin Welcome to the new type of business project financing in Georgia.As a platform, based on t... 21.03.18 21.04.18
AIVIA AIVIA Unique Proposition: We are bringing professional financial instruments for Institutional I... 20.04.19 10.05.19
AIZEUS AIZEUS Zeus is a public blockchain built for mass-market B2C & P2P applications with millions... 01.01.70 01.01.70
AlienCloud AlienCloud AliensCoin - utility coin for AlienCloud platform. AlienCloud is not a startup. We build c... 16.04.19 17.04.19
AlkebulanCash (One Africa Cryptocurrency) AlkebulanCash (One Africa Cryptocurrency) Alkebulan is the original name of Africa. AlkebulanCash is the One Africa cryptocurrency a... 02.03.18 27.04.18
Allforcrypto Allforcrypto AllForCrypto will provide a blockchain-friendly platform for the sale of goods and service... 24.11.18 31.12.18
AllForMiner AllForMiner AllForMiner-Trading offers a trading platform where any seller can put their goods for sal... 15.05.18 01.08.18
Allive Allive ALLIVE is an intelligent healthcare ecosystem based on blockchain technology. It is compri... 01.01.70 01.01.70
AllStocks AllStocks The All-Stocks Network is a distributed global stock exchange platform which aims to inter... 15.04.18 30.06.18
ALMBank ALMBank ALMBank is breaking the mold between profit & non-profit to create a business that pay... 28.12.17 13.01.18
AlphaX AlphaX The Alpha-X project is set to disrupt and lead a new revolution in online e-commerce. The ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Alprockz Alprockz ROCKZ is a new cryptocurrency that brings solidity and trust into the volatile cryptocurre... 01.11.18 31.01.19
Alt Planet Alt Planet Alt Planet provides a simple design that makes it easier for users to trade and a wide var... 25.06.18 22.07.18
AltOWL AltOWL We have developed an Alpha version (windows, OSX, linux, android) of an all in one BTC and... 07.12.17 01.02.18
ALZA ALZA Off-chain payment fields authorize an amount between nodes but the transaction item does n... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Amark Amark AMARK - A Trojan Horse for Crypto AdoptionCryptocurrency as a payment method for in-store ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Ambit Ambit How does the project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing projects:Amb... 10.04.18 27.04.18
Americans Bitcoin Americans Bitcoin The AmericansBitcoin network unites platforms for social network, payments, smart contract... 01.01.70 01.01.70
AMICORUM.LIVE AMICORUM.LIVE AMICORUM (Latin word close to the meaning of Gathering of Friends) is an innovative platfo... 01.01.70 01.01.70
AMLT AMLT Network Members receive AMLT for providing ratings and information on specific addresses –... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Ammeris Ammeris The Ammeris Platform is a publicly accessible blockchain network designed to host friction... 01.10.18 02.12.18
AMO Coin AMO Coin AMO is a blockchain infrastructure for the efficient exchange and sharing of all CAR DATA ... 09.06.18 16.06.18
AngryToken AngryToken AngryToken is a community project delivering a new concept of social media. We are so accu... 01.01.70 01.01.70
APIS APIS APIS adds value to the existing cryptocurrency ecosystem by allowing easy entry and exit t... 20.02.18 20.02.18
APO Finance APO Finance The APO platform allows participants to trade derivative instruments (options) without col... 25.04.18 23.05.18
ApolloX ApolloX ApolloX is a decentralized ecosystem for global e-commerce. We built an e-commerce protoco... 01.09.18 11.10.18
APRES APRES APRES is a Blockchain Based Decentralized Press Platform. Bridging the gap between time, e... 02.03.18 01.12.18
APX APX APX Ventures is a blockchain solutions company which offers a wide range of services relev... 01.05.17 21.05.17
Arbitao Arbitao Arbitao has a fully working, tried and tested product, which is already generating profits... 01.01.70 01.01.70
ARC Reserve Currency ARC Reserve Currency Proceeds from coin issues will be placed in a ring-fenced SPV and allocated to fixed incom... 14.12.17 14.01.18
Arcblock Arcblock An open source protocol that provides an abstract layer for accessing underlying blockchai... 03.02.18 03.02.18
Argonium Argonium Argonium mission is to build the next-generation decentralized sharing economy & peer-... 20.02.19 30.03.19
Argyle Argyle Argyle Coin will fill that need with a global, standard cryptocurrency, that is complement... 27.08.18 18.12.18
Armacoin Armacoin Our Armacoin GZM coin is specially designed for advertising companies, various media, vari... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Artemine Artemine The Self-Mining principle relies on the basis that the Token will mine the coins itself fo... 14.09.17 14.10.17
Artis Turba Artis Turba Artis Turba is a cryptocurrency trading platform that will simplify trading of all the lea... 29.11.17 26.02.18
Asgard Asgard ASGARD is a decentralized crypto ecological fund that provides funding for specific enviro... 01.01.19 31.03.19
ASSPACE ASSPACE ASSPACE Token is intended to be the one and only cryptocurrency for driving processing and... 25.10.17 01.01.18
ATECH ATECH ATECH is created by professionals with a strong background in multiple blockchain-based pr... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Atrix Atrix Atrix is a protection system for the Initial Crowdsale contributors. Its goal is to make p... 10.11.17 20.11.17
Auctus Auctus Auctus is the world's first blockchain based retirement plan platform, which allows u... 03.10.17 06.10.17
Aussie Digital Aussie Digital With Brick and Mortar Retail dying out. E-Commerce is becoming more and more attractive to... 29.07.19 12.08.19
AutoBay AutoBay Autobay is the first ecommerce platform based on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users... 01.10.18 30.10.18
Autonomy Autonomy The Autonomy token is an ERC-20 utility token which can be used for exchanging services on... 01.06.19 10.06.19
Autoria Autoria AUT (Autorium) is the world's best Automatically Self Mining ERC20 compatible token b... 14.07.17 04.08.17
Aventus Aventus Aventus is a digital assets-focused blockchain-based protocol that transforms oversight, s... 06.09.17 06.09.17
Avesta Avesta Our mission is to make cryptocurrency easy-to-use and accessible with an allin-one platfor... 17.11.17 04.01.18
Aworker Aworker Aworker protocol makes it easy to create and manage applications based on verified data an... 15.02.18 08.03.18
Axel Axel The AXEL.Network isnât coming, itâs here. Itâs live. A fully operational Masternode networ... 12.08.19 13.08.19
B21 B21 B21 is a fintech company headquartered in Gibraltar and is the developer of a personal wea... 15.03.19 22.03.19
Backpack Travel Backpack Travel The main entity of Backpack Travel is Backpack Foundation in Singapore. With a personal di... 20.08.18 30.08.18
Bahiti Bahiti We all have heard of the great cryptocoin boom. It has been the highlight of the news in t... 12.11.18 01.04.19
BancCoin BancCoin Banc Coin is a Smart-Contract governed ecosystem that focuses on creating digitized Lifest... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Bank Of Memories Bank Of Memories Our experience and memories are priceless. Now you can easily save and send your emotions ... 14.10.17 28.10.17
Bartcoin Bartcoin Youseeme and Bartwallet are an ecosystem of eWallets and loyalty rewards program, linking ... 18.02.19 18.03.19
Basic Attention Basic Attention Basic Attention Token improves the efficiency of digital advertising by creating a new uni... 31.05.17 31.05.17
Batmine Batmine BatMine will open a professionally built and operated crypto mining center in the European... 15.05.19 20.05.19
BCB ATM BCB ATM Building on the success of our Crypto ATMs in the UK, BCB ATM are building an ecosystem of... 29.10.18 30.11.18
BCoin.sg BCoin.sg Worldâs First Fiat-Crypto Exchange With An Integrated Digital Payment Solution. More than ... 01.09.19 31.01.19
BDCC BDCC It is a secure digital wallet used to store, send, and receive Cryptocurrencies, “ Virtual... 01.12.17 31.12.17
BDXAlliance BDXAlliance At BDXAlliance, we want to earn your trust by making your everyday life easier with crypto... 28.11.18 28.02.19
BELDEX BELDEX BELDEX, a privacy enabled cryptocurrency, is ushering in a decentralised startup stack for... 01.05.18 15.08.18
Benchmark Benchmark Benchmark International Ltd will be funding a number of unique Fintech, Renewable Energy, ... 28.05.18 31.08.18
Benefitcoin Benefitcoin The global economy is inevitably moving towards digital eco-system.The newest and most pro... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Benepit Benepit BenePit released the AI phone M in the Korean market, which is the center of the global ad... 23.10.18 08.12.18
BeonBOX BeonBOX BeonBox inherits and develops the Ethereum technology platform, with open source P2P accel... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Berith Berith Berith Platform is a comprehensive business platform using blockchain. It is a global busi... 26.03.18 30.03.18
Bess Coin Bess Coin Each BESS-Coin is backed by every kilowatt of electricity genereated by the BESS Kraftwerk... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Bether Bether Bether represent the TOP cryptocurrencies in only one!The idea of Bether's currency i... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Bezant Bezant The Bezant Blockchain is a Service platform providing Content developers and eCommerce mer... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Bico Bico With your help we plan to write a comprehensive guide to show you how to create your succe... 20.10.17 20.12.17
BIG Token BIG Token Worldâs only cryptocurrency 100% backed by prime real estate. BIG Token will forever chang... 27.02.18 03.08.18
Biido Biido Biido is a Zero Fee Digital Asset Exchange Platform created by Community for Community. An... 27.05.19 10.06.19
Binax Binax Binax is one of the most popular digital asset trading platforms around the world. The cor... 15.03.19 29.06.19
BINEX.TRADE BINEX.TRADE New cryptocurrency exchange that shares 70% trade commission with token holders.... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Birake Birake Cryptocurrency is the future, people need tools to exchange and use these cryptos. We want... 01.03.18 01.08.18
Bit Agro Bit Agro AGROCOIN is a crypto coin that will become the means and guarantor of payment between user... 25.03.19 04.04.19
Bitarq Bitarq We aim at the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world and develop"bitarq". ... 01.04.18 14.06.18
BitBase BitBase BITBASE is the very first coin that has changed smart contracting as a whole and fixed itâ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
BitCanna BitCanna BitCanna will provide a decentralized payment network, Supply chain and Trust network for ... 31.10.18 14.11.18
BITCAR BITCAR Rare collectable Exotic Cars are limited to the very wealthy and hard to access. Historica... 31.01.18 30.04.18
Bitcoin Oil Bitcoin Oil Bitcoin Oil (BTCO) is a new cryptocurrency based on the original Bitcoin blockchain techno... 20.06.19 20.07.19
Bitcoin Quick Bitcoin Quick It works on ethereum platform as a smart contract ERC20 token. In this way our cryptocurre... 01.01.70 01.01.70
BitcoinBing BitcoinBing In the budding world of cryptocurrency, understanding the cryptocurrency exchange is impor... 01.01.70 01.01.70
BitcoinCorner BitcoinCorner Bitcoin Corner is a company that will fulfill the requirements of a BaFin-certified bank f... 15.08.18 14.08.19
BitCrystals BitCrystals BitCrystals (BCY) are digital assets acting as both the game-fuel and the premium in-game ... 04.08.15 03.09.15
Bitdollar Fund Bitdollar Fund Bitdollar Fund is the worldâs first collectively managed fund. The investment focus of the... 01.01.70 01.01.70
BitDouble BitDouble Bitdouble is the first decentralized 3rd generation blockchain sports betting and casino p... 27.08.18 15.11.18
BitEther BitEther Bitether is a fully decentralized application with maximum security, no physical cash tran... 01.01.70 01.01.70
BITFINEX BITFINEX LEO has been created with the iFinex and crypto community at heart and in mind. LEO presen... 05.05.19 13.05.19
BitForex BitForex BitForex (bitforex.com) is the worldâs leading digital assets trading platform dedicated t... 27.07.18 31.07.18
Bither Bither Bither Platform is a three-layer network that is capable of running smart contracts and di... 23.03.19 05.04.19
Bitheum Bitheum Bitheum is a simple wealth creating Cryptocurrency with unique features meant for every sm... 23.03.18 02.05.18
BITLAB BITLAB The reason why I'm doing the project is, I'm passionate about the virtual world,... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Bitmag Bitmag BITMAG is an ecosystem that consists of: BTM Exchange, BTM Connector, and BTM Marketplace.... 01.12.17 30.12.17
Bitminer Factory Bitminer Factory Bitminer is a startup from Angeli’s Group, constructors and energy producers for 40 years.... 01.01.70 01.01.70
BitNatura BitNatura BitNatura is a cryptocurrency that is backed by natural capital. The underlying REDD+ (car... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Bitnexa Bitnexa A platform, where new entrants to the digital market can join profitable D-currency in jus... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Bitney Bitney Bitney is a company that is developing Beeznix the game. In conjuction with that, Bitney i... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Bitnxt Coin Bitnxt Coin Bitnxt coin aims to create an environment that has an acceptance for cryptocurrency as con... 01.01.18 15.02.18
Bitpaction Bitpaction Bitpaction was established to building a new user-centered digital asset trading ecologica... 01.02.18 28.02.18
Bitquence Bitquence Bitquenceâs Mission is to make the daunting cryptocurrency market accessible to everybody,... 28.06.17 16.07.17
Bitroom Bitroom Bitroom is the world's first membership-based cryptocurrency exchange. Users hold a c... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Bitrus Bitrus BITRUS is an exchange platform that provides users with a friendly interface for trading c... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Bits Digit Bits Digit All Solutions at One place. A complete Exchange with all the possible solutions available ... 25.07.17 31.07.17
Bitscoin Bitscoin BITSCOIN is a decentralized open-source crowdfunding/investing platform. Its most innovati... 15.03.19 20.03.19
Bitsive Exchange Bitsive Exchange A system of protocols would allow users to deposit cryptocurrencies on an exchange, withou... 09.07.18 30.08.18
BitStump BitStump BITStump is building the market data infrastructure for cryptocurrency and blockchain asse... 01.01.70 01.01.70
BitWorld BitWorld The new generation of cryptocurrency exchange bit world is a hybrid exchange project in wh... 23.12.18 30.01.19
Bitzon Bitzon Bitzon is an e-commerce marketplace platform where users can buy & sell products and s... 06.01.19 15.07.19
BLABBER BLABBER BLABBER is a social platform that rewards users for social activities with the BLA Token b... 01.03.19 31.03.19
Blackmoon Blackmoon We aim to create and maintain the world’s best framework for tokenized funds to deliver in... 12.09.17 12.10.17
BLOCKCASH BLOCKCASH BLOCKCASH,We may not a piooner in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and there's a lot of cr... 06.02.18 05.03.18
Blockchain Neural System Blockchain Neural System BlockChain Neural System BNS lets organizations and regular users to create and train neur... 01.11.17 30.11.17
Blockium Blockium Blockium is a financial gamification platform using smart P2P technology to offer trading ... 24.06.19 27.06.19
BlockLicense BlockLicense The BlockLicense ecosystem is a decentralized system that enables fair licensing, pricing ... 02.04.18 30.04.18
BlockMesh BlockMesh BlockMesh, a software company based in Mauritius - utilizes the latest innovations in mesh... 01.12.17 07.12.17
BlockRx BlockRx BlockRx is a series of initiatives by iSolve which leverage the Blockchain and iSolveâs Ad... 21.09.17 31.01.18
Blockscart Blockscart Blockscart is a revolutionary online marketplace powered with Waves Blockchain technology.... 10.02.18 08.03.18
Bob's Repair Bob's Repair Anyone that has hired a contractor in recent years for home repairs has faced three proble... 04.01.18 04.02.18
Bolenum Bolenum Bolenum is a cryptocurrency and financial services provider targeting the African continen... 15.07.17 14.08.17
BOUTSPRO BOUTSPRO There are billions of lives with a common necessity – Self-defense against the predators. ... 11.03.18 25.03.18
BRAT BRAT BRAT - solves the problems of popularization of the crypt in society. Become comfortable, ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Bread Bread Bread tokens will unlock a long list of perks for users of the Bread platform. Token holde... 16.12.17 24.12.17
BtcEX BtcEX The Cryptocurrency 3.0 Exchange service for everyone. BtcEX is a licensed cryptocurrency t... 15.12.18 10.01.19
BTCsearch BTCsearch BTCsearch is a search engine. For each entered query or viewing ads Satoshi are accrued.... 10.09.17 10.11.17
BTCWALL BTCWALL Our specialists from http://btcwall.io did a scientific work on how crime will develop in ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
BuddToken BuddToken A scalable and Canadian blockchain-based banking platform for the global cannabis industry... 04.06.18 25.06.18
Buron Buron We are creating next generation software for cryptocurrency mining. Simple remote control ... 21.12.17 21.12.18
BWEX BWEX Bwex is a new concept of crypto exchange: with extremely low fees, a powerful processing s... 01.01.70 01.01.70
BX.BET BX.BET BX has the vision to create a whole new betting experience, where any user can take over t... 15.10.18 29.10.18
BZx BZx BZx is the first fully decentralized, peer-to-peer margin funding and trading protocol. bZ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
C Estates C Estates C Estates connects people around the world to seamlessly transact and conveniently buy and... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Cache Cache Cache is a cryptocurrency and series of projects aimed at empowering developers, startups,... 11.06.18 26.07.18
CafeCoin CafeCoin Developed By Columbia University Ph.D. Scientists, CafeCoin Bridges Consumers and Merchant... 30.04.18 30.07.18
Calibra Calibra You can use Calibra to send money to anyone, anywhere in the world. Calibra is designed fo... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Capdax Capdax Capdax is a cryptocurrency exchange for beginner and professional traders alike. A simplif... 17.02.18 17.03.18
Carbon Grid Protocol Carbon Grid Protocol Carbon Grid Protocol aims to decarbonize blockchains. Carbon Grid Protocol creates an econ... 31.08.18 02.10.18
Carboneum Carboneum Carboneum is building the open infrastructure for investment knowledge sharing with revolu... 08.03.18 22.04.18
CARE TOKEN (PreICO) CARE TOKEN (PreICO) CARE Token is an ethereum blockchain cryptocurrency project that based on senior health ca... 01.01.70 01.01.70
CashBet CashBet Headquartered in Oakland, California, CashBet is the only mobile-first platform for real-m... 24.01.18 20.02.18
CAXI CAXI This project is "CAXI"; it’s a new Decentralized Green Energy Market with the fo... 07.01.19 15.03.19
CCINT CCINT CCINT stands for the authoritative source of cryptocurrency media intelligence. CCINT are ... 21.02.18 17.04.18
Celestial Coin Celestial Coin Celestial coin aims to create a global acceptance for cryptocurrency in the various sector... 15.11.17 15.04.18
CellBlocks CellBlocks Over 2 million inmates housed in this country's prisons make purchases with a financi... 01.04.18 10.06.18
Ceybit Ceybit Our efforts will begin in Sri Lanka since it has yet to participate in the blockchain indu... 01.01.70 01.01.70
CGS CGS The Coin Governance System (CGS) is an on-chain governance mechanism to protect ICO invest... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Chain Works Chain Works Numbers of game platforms, YouTube, iTunes and many other businesses make great amount of ... 30.06.18 15.08.18
Checqit Checqit CHECQIT IS THE FIRST DECENTRALIZED PEER-TO-PEER LENDING PLATFORM that will allow you to gr... 21.02.18 21.03.18
Chimpion Chimpion Chimpion’s is launching e-commerce storefronts that allow merchants to accept cryptocurren... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Chrono Logic Chrono Logic ChronoLogic merges time with the blockchain. It’s an introduction of Proof of Time innovat... 28.08.17 04.09.17
CHRYSOS CHRYSOS Aim of CHRYSOS is give investors financial freedom with security & trust of blockchain... 27.12.17 29.01.18
Chubex Chubex Chubex Exchange is the new revolutionized digital asset trading platform and has now launc... 01.05.18 31.05.18
CI Chain CI Chain Cell Intelligence Chain (CIC) is cutting edge technology combining biotechnology and block... 01.09.18 01.10.18
Cibus Cibus CIBUS is bringing Trust back into Food and Dietary Supplements segments with a new decentr... 28.02.18 28.03.18
CinemaWell.com CinemaWell.com We present really great project which will solve many problems! CinemaWell.com is a win fo... 01.02.18 30.04.18
CitiCash CitiCash CitiCash is a fast and ASIC resistant minable currency utilizing Cryptonight Heavy algorit... 01.09.18 31.10.18
Cloverdex Cloverdex Cloverdex offers a one-stop shop for multiple fiat gateways, hundreds of cryptocurrencies,... 15.12.18 14.02.19
Co-DEX Exchange Co-DEX Exchange Co-DEX is a Decentralized trading platform for cryptocurrencies, built on vanguard securit... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Code of Talent Code of Talent Code of Talent is the worldâs first blockchain powered micro-learning platform: 10 minutes... 15.10.18 30.11.18
CodeTract CodeTract Token Auction is an Ethereum smart contract that enables exchange of tokens. Settles daily... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Coin Mine Australia Coin Mine Australia We are creating Australia's first and largest crowd funded crypto mining operation us... 19.03.18 02.04.18
COINANX COINANX COINANX is an entirely new generation of cryptocurrency exchange platform. COINANX aims to... 17.04.18 07.05.18
CoinCase CoinCase CoinCase is a platform and an ecosystem for building and deploying decentralized blockchai... 15.08.18 30.11.18
Coindaily Coindaily Coindaily is devoted to the primary market of blockchain projects, and is determined to pr... 01.01.70 01.01.70
CoinDrive CoinDrive With CoinDrive, every gamer or amateur trader can collaborate with the professional trader... 30.10.17 13.11.17
CoinFast CoinFast Best Payments solution for ICO projects.CoinFast want to create the easiest way for people... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Coinfer Coinfer Coinfer is a project aimed on cryptomining farms construction. We plan to build a large in... 04.12.17 24.12.17
Coingrid Coingrid Coingrid aims to make investing in cryptocurrency as easy as sending an email. With our in... 23.11.18 23.06.19
Coinimp Coinimp IMP is short for “Impression”, a marketing term that indicates the number of times a parti... 01.01.70 01.01.70
CoinSelf CoinSelf CoinSelf.io is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 Token, with the main use as a payment currency for... 25.05.18 20.07.18
Coinstocks Coinstocks At CoinStocks our mission is simple: Bring cryptocurrency investment opportunities to the ... 15.03.18 14.06.18
Coinxes Coinxes Coinxes is an ICO/STO trading tool that features a dedicated ICO tokens counter.Investors ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Conjure Conjure Conjure is an incentivized, decentralized content platform that rewards participants for c... 01.04.19 30.04.19
CopiCo CopiCo Copico is a POS/Masternode coin which is privacy focused crypto currency with lightening f... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Cosplay Token Cosplay Token Cure WorldCosplay is the worldâs largest Cosplay platform, supporting 12 languages, more t... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Covalent Coin Covalent Coin ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
CoVEX (PreICO) CoVEX (PreICO) CoVEX, the all in one digital trading platform, where traders can trade and exchange crypt... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Cpay Cpay CPay is a multifunctional system that includes a variety of services aimed at developing t... 01.01.70 01.01.70
CREDITS CREDITS CREDITS blockchain platform offers the processing speed of 0.01 of a second while the comm... 18.02.18 18.02.18
CRESIO CRESIO The CNMV gives the green light to CRESIO, being the first legal ICO in Spain.Cresio was bo... 01.05.19 01.08.19
CriptoHub CriptoHub The Cryptocurrency market in Brazil currently suffers from high fees, limited coin options... 10.04.18 25.04.18
Cromacoin Cromacoin Evolvement of simpler steps are accomplished just by Cromacoin who truly overture new ICO ... 21.09.18 13.11.18
Cronuscoin Cronuscoin Bitcronus is a Bitcoin exchange based in Malta. It allows trading between EUR currency and... 03.08.18 28.11.18
CrowdShareMining CrowdShareMining New-generation, Eco-friendly, CryptoMining operation, lending platform, crypto exchange &a... 25.04.18 31.05.18
CRYCASH CRYCASH CRYCASH is the first cryptocurrency that satisfies all needs of gamers and game developers... 12.12.17 31.01.18
CrypStock CrypStock CrypStock is a crypto asset management at a whole new level!Token holders will be entitled... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Crypterra Crypterra Which market crisis is better? Of course, the one after which the infrastructure remains. ... 19.03.18 02.07.18
Crypto Asset Rating Crypto Asset Rating CRYPTO ASSET RATING Inc is the first company to launch token as a SECURITY under Regulatio... 10.06.18 31.12.18
Crypto Credit Card Crypto Credit Card C3 will provide multi-currency wallet where users can hold cryptocurrencies, monitor curre... 04.12.17 31.05.18
CryptoAlias CryptoAlias It is an alias system for complex Blockchain addresses. You get a unique alias and associa... 20.12.17 20.02.18
CRYPTOARB CRYPTOARB At Cryptoarb we directly and openly declare the terms of engagement with no hidden provisi... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Cryptobuyer Cryptobuyer Cryptobuyer started back in December of 2015 helping people in countries with high levels ... 02.03.19 31.03.19
CryptoCasher CryptoCasher The platform allows buying or selling crypto for cash safely and quickly with a 3rd party ... 02.10.18 02.11.18
Cryptocoin Insurance Cryptocoin Insurance The first option exchange with the possibility of insuring deposits against fall. CRYPTOCO... 01.11.18 27.12.18
CryptoKami CryptoKami CryptoKami was destined to make a third-age blockchain framework with the mission of givin... 03.02.18 03.03.18
CryptoLeaf CryptoLeaf CryptoLeaf is a way for everyone to be able to contribute to green initiatives and project... 30.07.18 12.08.18
Cryptoloans Cryptoloans Cryptoloans – is the first blockchain platform for secure lending, trading and exchange cr... 27.03.18 27.06.18
CryptoMillionsLotto CryptoMillionsLotto RSN Entertainment Ltd is incorporated in the UK and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Oferta... 18.06.18 01.07.18
Cryptopay Cryptopay On the basis of an established Bitcoin debit card business, Cryptopay is developing new pr... 25.09.17 30.10.17
Cryptopus Cryptopus We are cryptopus. - IPFS-based, open-source blockchain tech brokerage marketplace where cr... 03.12.17 01.02.18
CryptoRevolution CryptoRevolution Thank to a synergy between a Training Company, a Trading Company and a Technical Advanced ... 25.07.18 30.01.19
CryptoRobotics CryptoRobotics CryptoRobotics is a freemium cross-platform desktop trading terminal for computers (macOS ... 16.03.18 18.04.18
CryptoSoft CryptoSoft CryptoSoft is a working product that's about to be fully launched once the crowdsale ... 01.11.17 30.11.17
Cryptosolartech Cryptosolartech In cryptosolartech we develop cryptocurrency mining, obtaining our own with the help of 3.... 16.04.18 30.04.18
CryptoSouk CryptoSouk We are devoted to enhancing our customers’ trading experiences with quick trade execution,... 01.01.70 01.01.70
CryptoStarter CryptoStarter CryptoStarter is a Blockchain crowdfuning platform that accepts cryptocurrencies and turns... 22.01.18 22.02.18
Cryptoveno Cryptoveno Build up mobile peer-to-peer that is used to secure transactions payments from one user to... 16.10.18 16.12.18
Cryptoworkplace Cryptoworkplace Blockchain-based cybersecurity system, including a Micro-PC CWP, providing various secure ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
CryptoWorld CryptoWorld CWV public chain is the world's first integrated main chain based on multi chains. It... 03.02.18 31.03.18
CryptoXpress CryptoXpress CryptoXpress is the world’s first fully end to end encrypted, centralized mobile trading e... 20.01.18 20.02.18
CustomCoin CustomCoin The idea of the project is to assign to all cryptocurrencies on different blockchains toke... 01.02.19 15.03.19
CYBERTRUST CYBERTRUST We help Banks buy Bitcoin without having to update their IT. Banks can not buy Bitcoin for... 29.11.17 05.01.18
CyberX CyberX CyberX Project is a decentralized cyber-security platform. We are a startup team launched ... 05.11.17 12.02.18
CyClean CyClean CyClean is a project that promotes clean energy through a rental system of electric vehicl... 01.06.18 18.06.18
CycloShieldCoin CycloShieldCoin CycloShieldCoin, one of our latest breakthroughs, will let us reward cyclists every time t... 01.12.17 08.12.17
Cypher Cypher Cypher aims to mix both an active lifestyle along with a monetary incentive, using both ge... 01.10.17 05.10.17
CZero CZero With patented technology, the CZMT Token aims to become the de-facto currency of choice fo... 10.06.18 10.07.18
DAEX DAEX The Global DAEX Foundation (www.daex.io) are the creators of DAEX (Digital Assets Exchange... 09.09.18 14.09.18
Dago Mining Dago Mining Green energy for bitcoins, ethereum, and other cryptomonetes mining. Dago Mining has one i... 11.05.18 11.06.19
Dailycoin Dailycoin DailyCoin has built a decentralized eCommerce platform, on the Ethereum Blockchain, and pa... 07.11.17 07.12.17
DapCash DapCash DapCash - first quantum apocalypse resistant crypto currency. It is based on DAP framework... 28.01.18 06.12.18
Dashing Dashing The US home services market is estimated to be worth more than $400 billion annually and i... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Datbit Datbit The Datbit network allows anyone to store structured data securely in a decentralized way ... 27.11.17 27.12.17
DAWQ DAWQ DAWQ is a cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS) multi-currency crypto wallet ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
DDToken DDToken If you are an investor figuring things out on your own among so many available crowdfundin... 23.02.18 28.06.18
Decentralcoin Decentralcoin Decentralcoin wants to make the mining activity accessible to those who can not afford the... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Decentralend Decentralend DecentraLend is a decentralize peer to peer lending platform where individuals determine t... 02.04.18 10.04.18
Decimated Decimated Fracture Labs are a videogame company, whose team are made up from former Bioware, EA, Cry... 06.03.19 05.04.19
DECOIN DECOIN DECOIN is a Decentralized coin and Trading Platform Exchange which redistributes its reven... 01.07.18 30.09.18
Deex Deex Deex provides individuals a reliable and convenient platform to quickly trade, buy or sell... 26.10.17 24.11.17
DeFund Project DeFund Project Investing is often considered as a rather risky practice, since investors tend not to reck... 16.07.18 31.07.18
Dein Anteil Dein Anteil Dein Anteil is the first ecosystem of the tokenized real estate and rent. For all kinds of... 21.09.18 21.10.18
DenCity DenCity DenCity is an AI and Blockchain powered platform that provides you an engaging and immersi... 01.01.70 01.01.70
DestiNeed DestiNeed DestiNeed will disrupt the social sector by decentralizing charitable giving, via 1-click ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Diamond Guard Diamond Guard The idea to create Diamond Guard was born out of regular conversations with our customers.... 27.11.17 17.12.17
Dibbs Dibbs Disruptive Innovations, Blockchains, & Breakthroughs, Succeeding. That is what we are ... 15.03.18 15.06.18
DIG Coin DIG Coin DIG Coin was created to fund Digital Excavators™ cloud mining company to provide unprecede... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Digital Developers Fund Digital Developers Fund DDF offers investors an opportunity to participate in high growth digital assets such as d... 10.07.17 09.08.17
Digital Gold Digital Gold Digital Gold is the world's first cryptocurrency to realize a secure remittance settl... 21.05.18 30.09.18
Digital Ticks Digital Ticks A First ever Commodity - Crypto Exchange well designed by traders for traders.Digital Tick... 25.03.18 14.04.18
Digital Wallet Digital Wallet The world has become and entered into an age where human resources move and cooperate with... 27.08.19 28.08.19
Digitex Digitex Digitex is a commission-free futures exchange with its own native cryptocurrency, the DGTX... 15.01.18 15.02.18
DineroCoin DineroCoin Dinerocoin is a Peer-to- Peer Transactions for both fiat and cryptocurrencies, which aims ... 04.02.18 06.03.18
Discoin (PreICO) Discoin (PreICO) Discodery (https://discodery.com) is an all-in-one solution that allows any small business... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Discoperi Discoperi Discoperi is a leading automotive startup, which develops blockchain-based solutions for d... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Districts Districts Districts is a 3D platform using the concept of virtual reality and incorporating the exce... 01.11.17 31.01.18
Djinxi Djinxi With more tools and an incomparable user experience, Djinxi desires to generate an all-in-... 10.02.19 21.04.19
Dlex Dlex The idea of cryptocurrency exchanges is not particularly new but the mechanism for 100 % s... 22.08.18 27.09.18
Doc Coin Doc Coin Doc Coin it is blockchain protocol for telehealth. DocCoin is a world service that integra... 25.01.18 02.02.18
Doctor Oss Doctor Oss A Million commits a day? There's a doctor to pay!We've reached the point where c... 01.01.70 01.01.70
DogRacing DogRacing DogRacing project is focused on merging high potential of growing online betting industry ... 20.04.18 20.05.18
DOLECOIN DOLECOIN Dolecoin is the youngest, simplest, and noblest emerging cryptocurrency in the cryptoverse... 04.12.17 30.12.17
Dollero Technology Dollero Technology DolleroTechnology is providing a solution for centralized exchange vulnerability and the r... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Dolos Dolos Dolos is a decentralized, automated trading application for currencies cryptocurrencies, f... 01.02.18 31.03.18
Donocle Donocle DONOCLE is a global LOTTO project with more than 50 types of coins and tokens as goods.Use... 10.10.18 30.01.19
DPLAY.GG DPLAY.GG The impact of technology on the eSports industry is very important in this period. Many eS... 10.04.18 29.06.18
DPRG DPRG We are Global Fin-tech players that strive in finding payment solutions for multinational ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Dragonglass Dragonglass Dragonglass is the worldâs first gamified crypto-mining experience. Mining Dragonglass cry... 09.01.18 16.02.18
DreamBit DreamBit DreamBit(MAB) is all about unbanked population. Our token, DreamBit(MAB) will be used for ... 16.03.18 15.05.18
Dribble Payments Dribble Payments Dribble is a new payment method, designed to support payment after receiving your product.... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Droplex Droplex Droplex is a cryptocurrency blockchain using encryption that is able to protect against cl... 30.06.17 28.07.17
DST DST ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Duniabooking Duniabooking Duniabooking is a 'One-stop booking platform' that facilitates providers and the... 01.04.19 30.04.19
DUO Network DUO Network To help market participants navigate such volatile market conditions, we present a decentr... 27.04.19 27.04.19
EarnsBit EarnsBit Basic information about cryptocurrency and crypto trading floorsIn terms of crypto trading... 03.08.19 18.08.19
EasyMINE EasyMINE EasyMINE is a complete, self-contained software platform for cryptocurrency mining. It is ... 10.08.17 26.10.17
ECOMI ECOMI ECOMI’s mission is to create the world’s best platform to purchase, protect and collect pr... 15.04.18 29.06.18
ECOSC.io ECOSC.io ECOSC MVP is a global, decentralized Supply Chain Management solution which utilizes the l... 01.01.70 01.01.70
EcoStart EcoStart Ecostart is a public distributed cryptographic platform for creating applications and soft... 01.07.19 16.07.19
Edgecoin Edgecoin Edgecoin is the world´s first education and e-learning token built on the Ethereum Blockch... 06.11.17 06.12.17
EGold EGold EGold is a blockchain-based platform that uses GOLD digital assets, which are 100% backed ... 25.06.18 27.07.18
Ehalal Ehalal EHalal develops Halal Enterprise Resource Planning & Supply Chain Management Systems a... 21.09.18 14.10.18
EjaCoin EjaCoin EJA, with its âEconomic Jubilant Architectureâ meaning and the recall to the typical Sardi... 04.06.18 05.07.18
EKash EKash EKash is a brand new cryptocurrency with the following exciting features: (1) The account ... 01.03.18 30.04.18
Electrify.Asia Electrify.Asia ELECTRIFY plans to develop a decentralised energy marketplace that runs on the blockchain.... 13.02.18 01.03.18
Elrond Network Elrond Network Elrond is a novel architecture which goes beyond state-of-the-art by introducing a genuine... 25.03.19 10.04.19
Eminer Eminer As an innovative global blockchain hash rate financial service platform, Eminer hash rate ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Empowr Empowr The product is a democratic social economy, currently in open alpha with 800,000 active te... 01.04.18 15.04.18
Emrify Health Passport Emrify Health Passport Emrify is launching a decentralized Personal Health Record platform on top of the Ethereum... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Encrybit Encrybit Research based modern cryptocurrency exchange with an attractive UI and is fully equipped ... 15.12.18 31.01.19
Enkidu Enkidu ENKIDU is a global collaboration platform where individuals can find like-minded collabora... 12.03.18 26.03.18
Enlte Enlte A decentralized blockchain based system to solve any kind of issues and problems without g... 15.02.18 01.04.18
ENS.BID ENS.BID ENS offers a secure and decentralized way to address resources both on and off the blockch... 10.01.18 28.02.18
EOS EOS EOS.IO is software that introduces a blockchain architecture designed to enable vertical a... 26.06.17 11.06.17
EPIKTOKEN EPIKTOKEN EPIK token powers BLMP, the world’s first B2B2C blockchain solution for officially license... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Epiphany Epiphany EPIPHANY (epnex.io) is one of the most promising exchange projects with huge potential due... 01.01.70 01.01.70
EPOCH EPOCH Based on our innovation, EPOCH development team has created “EPOCH Blockchain” solutions t... 01.01.18 05.01.18
EPOS EPOS EPOS was founded by a team of crypto experts who have been working with cryptocurrencies a... 18.02.18 20.02.18
EQUI EQUI EQUI is an equity investment platform designed to bring professional investors and individ... 01.03.18 15.03.18
Equibit Group Equibit Group Equibit is a dedicated blockchain protocol for security tokens. In 2017/2018 the world was... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Erachain Erachain Digital evolution advances and reshape the life. The platform helps enterprises and indivi... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Eristica Eristica Eristica is a revolutionary P2P-platform that drives participation in challenges and onlin... 01.09.17 01.10.17
ESports ESports ESports Ecosystem aims to be the standard cryptocurrency for the multi-billion dollar eSpo... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Eterbank Eterbank Eterbank allows its wallet users to pay with bitcoins and altcoins in the real world at Et... 23.03.18 31.05.18
ETERBIT (PreICO) ETERBIT (PreICO) Eterbit came from combination of ethereum and bitcoin and We have Two Projects and we make... 01.01.70 01.01.70
EtherAce Speculation Platform EtherAce Speculation Platform EtherAce is a decentralized speculation platform. Built as a layer on top of the Ethereum ... 12.07.18 16.08.18
Etheraffle Etheraffle Etheraffle, the world’s first charitable blockchain lottery. Decentralized and powered ent... 19.02.18 28.03.18
EtherCom EtherCom EtherCom is the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform with the data from the exch... 29.03.18 31.05.18
Ethereum High Ethereum High Ethereum High is a robust and feather-light cryptocurrency designed to hedge the risk of y... 20.11.17 24.12.17
Ethereum Metal Ethereum Metal Ethereum Metal was built to help promote and increase the adoption of cryptocurrency among... 02.12.17 31.12.17
Ethereum Slot Machine Ethereum Slot Machine The first mobile game in the world which simulates slot machine for Ethereum network! Cons... 02.04.18 29.05.18
EtherFlyer EtherFlyer EtherFlyer is built by means of a number of technologies based on the latest software deve... 24.11.17 23.12.17
ETHernitymining ETHernitymining We are the very first project that offers a mining hardware group bulk purchase through a ... 16.05.18 15.06.18
EthLend EthLend Fully decentralized peer to peer lending Smart Contract on Ethereum block-chain for lendin... 25.09.17 25.10.17
Ethoasis Ethoasis Ethoasis is a crypto currency that uses blockchain technology for global e-commerce billin... 20.02.18 05.04.18
Evitan Evitan Evitan is a decentralized platform that enables anyone to operate a fully functioning virt... 05.01.18 05.02.18
Exchange Union Exchange Union Users can easily buy any digital currency throughout the exchanges in the union with a fav... 07.08.17 31.08.17
Excoins Exchange Excoins Exchange Blockchain Built, Multi-Asset Trading, Regulation Compliant, ICO launches.... 10.08.18 10.09.18
ExploreCoin ExploreCoin Explore Coin is a cryptocurrency designed to be the leading travel cryptocurrency in the w... 30.09.18 05.10.18
Extauri Extauri Extauri is Europe's legally compliant fiat and crypto financial platform for both use... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Extra Credit Extra Credit We at Extra Credit, are the first company to start empowering people to learn about crypto... 26.04.18 26.05.18
Extrabit Extrabit EXTRABIT establishes itself as a crypto mining company which has been making quite a mark ... 15.04.18 29.05.18
EXXO EXXO EXXO is a cryptocurrency service exchange platform for the blockchain era who plans to bec... 15.02.18 15.03.18
EZ365 (PreICO) EZ365 (PreICO) EZ365 is a digital ecosystem comprised of three integrated platforms: EZ Win a blockchain-... 01.01.70 01.01.70
EzCash EzCash EZ Cash is a blockchain-based C2C Marketplace that enables individuals (customers) to tran... 20.11.18 19.12.18
FANTOM FANTOM FANTOM is the world’s first DAG based smart contract platform that solves the issue of sca... 15.06.18 16.06.18
Feelium Feelium Feelium offers a tokenized platform that will allow contractual transactions to become sim... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Fiinu Fiinu Fiinu is undergoing authorisation processes with the Bank of England to become a fully lic... 09.10.17 09.11.17
Files.fm Library Files.fm Library Files.fm Library is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer library for useful free and paid conte... 01.03.19 01.06.19
Findafixr Findafixr FindaFixr is an Online and Mobile App that will connect qualified contractors with people ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Finix Finix Finixcoin is truly decentralized,Safe & Secure, autonomous platform for the community ... 01.01.18 10.01.18
Finlocale Finlocale Finlocale is a peer to peer crypto marketplace. In which, buyers and sellers connect, exch... 01.10.18 15.12.18
FinTech Coin FinTech Coin FinTech Coins believes that everyone should be able to access cryptocurrencies. That’s why... 01.06.18 31.10.18
First Token Asia First Token Asia First Token Asia does not intend to be another me-too ICO listing intermediary. We are a c... 26.11.17 21.01.18
FirstBlood FirstBlood FirstBlood is a blockchain based eSports platform that allows players to directly challeng... 25.09.16 26.09.16
Flash Flash The Flash Token Project has already an industrial mining plant and sales points for meetin... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Flashcoin Flashcoin FLASH is a reinvention of Litecoin, built to scale for worldwide commerce and fast enough ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Flashmoni Flashmoni Flashmoni is a blockchain company that offers a physical gold-backed cryptocurrency, innov... 20.01.18 31.01.18
Flexion Flexion Flexion (FXN) is a real utility token based on ERC20 (Ethereum) that is offered by to its ... 25.09.18 31.10.18
FOAM FOAM FOAM is an open protocol for proof of location on Ethereum. Our mission is to build a cons... 31.07.18 10.08.18
Follex Follex FolleX - The combination of a powerful global Cryptocurrency Exchange and interactive Soci... 23.03.18 25.03.18
FOP Coin FOP Coin FOP is An innovative, fast and secure digital currency aimed to replace the traditional pa... 20.03.18 05.05.18
ForgeCDN ForgeCDN A decentralized content delivery network driven by fog computing and AI, whose participant... 02.04.18 29.04.18
FORT FORT FORT is a second layer open source protocol that uses Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the Et... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Frink Frink Frink pays users â£1000 to link to friends and more for referrals, then analyzes those lin... 01.01.70 01.01.70
FuckToken FuckToken FUCK Token is a social cryptocurrency that aims to help everyone around the world give a F... 13.07.17 13.07.17
Fund Yourself Now Fund Yourself Now The cryptocurrency crowdfunding market has grown explosively over the past few years, reac... 13.06.17 31.07.17
FundRequest FundRequest FundRequest is more than a platform to fund projects. We provide the best experience to fu... 20.11.17 01.12.17
Futourist Futourist Futourist is the first block-chain based review platform that rewards you for your content... 20.02.18 20.03.18
FuzeX FuzeX Combine your cryptocurrency, debit, credit and reward accounts into one simple and secure ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Gadcoin Gadcoin Gadcoin (GAD) is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on an open-source technology CryptoN... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Galion.io Galion.io Changing the way people track and manage their financial assets, crypto or not, and access... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Game Stars Game Stars Game Stars - blockchain platform that helps to monetize cyberathletes' professional a... 03.05.18 10.05.18
Gaus Gaus GAUS is the first blockchain platform in the world allowing anyone to buy new vehicles dir... 09.09.18 27.09.18
GCA GCA The Global Crypto Alliance (GCA) is an international decentralized institution formed by t... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Gcd Coin Gcd Coin Global Currency Development provides secure cryptocurrency wallet and payment solutions fo... 01.01.70 01.01.70
GEMERA GEMERA GEMERA is a crypto-token backed by Colombian emeralds which provide a blockchain based pla... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Genaro Genaro Genaro, the creator of the storage ecology for Blockchain 3.0, is committed to promoting t... 17.11.17 30.11.17
GenieICO GenieICO Genie ICO aims to build the first Asia wide Business Loans Asset Exchange. First, the team... 13.11.17 28.02.18
Gift Token Gift Token Gift Token is simply a gift card marketplace where gift cards can be purchased by cryptocu... 15.11.17 26.03.18
Giga Watt Giga Watt Giga Watt provides turnkey mining services and custom packages tailored to clientsâ needs:... 02.06.17 31.07.17
GigaHash Miner GigaHash Miner Weâve made crypto mining accessible to everyone .We own and operate most energy efficient ... 01.06.18 30.06.18
Global Metrology Project Global Metrology Project GMP is an ambitious international project aimed at creating a network of metrology centers... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Global RE Bitcoin Global RE Bitcoin Global RE Bitcoin is an ERC20 token backed with a pool of premium Canadian real estate. Ou... 09.04.18 01.07.18
Globcoin Globcoin Your tokenized currency basket.Easy, fast, secure: the gateway to a global currency for a ... 12.02.18 04.03.18
GlobeTrotter GlobeTrotter For a cryptocurrency to be used mainstream, it has to be truly stable and any coin on an e... 15.11.17 30.11.17
Globo Globo The Globo Protocol is a special consensus algorithm and data structure making it possible ... 02.05.18 20.06.18
Go-Fund Go-Fund We as the GO-FUND platform and ICO seek to create a connection between, thriving blockchai... 01.01.70 01.01.70
GoChain GoChain GoChain is a scalable, Ethereum based smart contract blockchain that is fast, secure and g... 01.05.18 07.05.18
Gominer Token Gominer Token GoMiner is the first Token based Cloud Mining in the industry of Crypto mining. Gominer de... 01.01.70 01.01.70
GOTOGOD GOTOGOD GOTOGOD is the idea of a platform that will allow fans to book live meetings with STARS. T... 01.01.70 01.01.70
GPN COIN GPN COIN Our Block chain will be anonymous and highly Secured in Order to make sure all transaction... 13.02.18 15.04.18
Grabameal Grabameal GrabAMeal is the first decentralized peer-to-peer meal-sharing network that connects meal ... 23.04.18 30.06.18
Grabity Grabity The limitations of speed and the constant increase in the size of ledger of current public... 22.02.19 18.04.19
GRAFT Blockchain GRAFT Blockchain GRAFT Blockchain is a first global, open sourced, payment gateway blockchain designed for ... 15.09.17 16.10.17
Gratuity Gratuity Gratuity is a cryptocurrency with aims to bring widespread use of cryptocurrencies by enco... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Gratzio Gratzio Gratzio is a global marketplace for favors based on Stellar blockchain that offers its use... 30.07.18 20.09.18
GRAYLL GRAYLL GRAYLL services are primarily aimed at retail investors that have little time for trading,... 01.01.70 01.01.70
GRE8 GRE8 The digitalized units or BEABS (blockchain enabled asset backed securities) issued by GRE8... 12.11.18 09.01.19
Greencoin Greencoin The first decentralized platform based on sustainable green systems to solve real problems... 16.11.18 15.12.18
Greenish Greenish It took us half year to ponder on about this idea. The Greenish coin project providing the... 28.05.18 10.06.18
Greentoken Greentoken Greentoken - is a crypto-currency mining with lifelong free green electricity, based on an... 15.09.18 15.10.18
Grow & Mine Grow & Mine The Grow & Mine project is an agricultural and cryptocurrency investmentsimultaneously... 19.03.18 30.04.18
GrowPayment GrowPayment The global cannabis industry is poised for unprecedented growth. The market is currently d... 01.10.18 31.12.18
GTEX Gaming Platform GTEX Gaming Platform GTEX PoA Network is blockchain designed specifically for gaming. By using Proof of Authori... 12.04.19 23.04.19
Guardian Gold Guardian Gold Guardian Gold features the GGT token which is backed by 99.99% Gold Cast Bars from London ... 30.01.19 27.03.19
H2SOL H2SOL We are a team of veteran renewable energy experts and DLT specialists ready to scale our e... 01.05.18 31.05.18
Haladinar Haladinar Haladinar is a global platform and online decentralized marketplace designed to serve both... 01.09.18 08.11.18
HashNet BitEco HashNet BitEco HNB is building a decentralized blockchain network where individuals and enterprises can e... 11.02.19 11.02.19
Hashtoken Hashtoken Hashtoken is a waves hosted crypto token asset. Sold by the Hashtoken company in 2 pre sal... 03.01.18 25.01.18
Havven Havven Havven is a decentralised payment network and stablecoin designed to enable everyday crypt... 28.02.18 07.03.18
HDAC HDAC Hdac is a blockchain based platform backed by Hyundai BS&C. The platform allows IoT de... 27.11.17 22.12.17
Hearo.fm Hearo.fm The JAM token is an ERC20 utility token for music that will be powered by the Hedera Hashg... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Hedge Hedge Hedge Project is focused on developing the ideal platform to serve as a backbone for diver... 17.10.18 17.11.18
HedgeConnect HedgeConnect Earn handsomely on your investments in hedge funds that are intelligently pooled for fund ... 20.01.18 12.02.18
HEdpAY HEdpAY HEdpAYHEdpAY is a project aimed at solving the current complications in the global financi... 09.07.18 30.11.18
Helveticoin Helveticoin Helveticoin is an ERC-20 based cryprocurrency used as digital asset on and for the first b... 23.02.18 03.03.18
Herdius Herdius Herdius intends to build a highly performant decentralized financial platform. Using the l... 01.01.70 01.01.70
HeroesJourney HeroesJourney HeroesJourney⢠is a new concept in the world of F2P and MMO mobile games. It is a progres... 15.02.18 15.03.18
HighVibe.Network HighVibe.Network A token based ecosystem built for autonomous growth. Instantly rewarding users monetarily ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Holdvest Holdvest HOLDVEST is a new kind of blockchain investment platform that combines the best features o... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Honor Honor Jubs is a decentralized network of services by smartcontracts where the HONOR token operat... 15.01.18 17.02.18
Horizon State Horizon State Horizon State has built a token-based blockchain voting and decision-making platform that ... 16.10.17 30.10.17
Hub Hub Billions of users on the Internet interact with each other every day on messengers, online... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Hush Hush An ambitious project developed by a team with a double focus on bank regulation and crypto... 01.01.18 16.03.18
HybridBlock HybridBlock HybridBlock is the worldâs most innovative trading and education platform for leveraging t... 23.05.18 06.06.18
HydroCoin HydroCoin HydroCoin will be the first cryptocurrency for the blockchain community empowering the hyd... 01.01.18 31.03.18
Hyperion Hyperion Hyperion aims to establish a global decentralized map economy for 10B people.Hyperion orga... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Hypernet Hypernet Hypernet is a privacy preserving computing protocol, which can be leveraged across a distr... 01.01.70 01.01.70
ICOIN IEO ICOIN IEO Mining real diamonds and using the profits to grow the crypto currency market is the best ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Iconiq Holding Iconiq Holding Iconiq Holding is building the premier digital-asset management ecosystem, creating truste... 01.11.18 01.12.18
IConsort IConsort The project that will connect a wide range of hanging opportunities and change the misuse ... 16.11.18 31.01.19
ICOS ICOS First token which allows blockchain community to vote for the best projects to be brought ... 15.08.17 15.09.17
IDGO IDGO IDGO is set of decentralized tools that aims to create a popularization of blockchain for ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
IGT IGT IGT-CRYPTO – is a crypto-exchange from the IGT Company, which unites professionals who cam... 23.08.18 29.12.18
ILCOIN ILCOIN ILCOIN is not dependent on the present banking system. It has its own independent value. T... 15.10.17 15.01.18
IMDEX IMDEX IMNEX is a centralized exchange. IMNEX will open beta 10 in September 2018 in Korea. This ... 10.07.18 31.07.18
Incent Incent Incent is a blockchain loyalty company whose mission is to make it economic for commerce, ... 01.09.16 01.09.16
Incremint.io Incremint.io Incremint can be used for any transaction (token sale, crowdfunding campaign, purchase of ... 01.06.18 31.08.18
INCX INCX INCX is being built as a distributed and sharded system which, through the use of microser... 14.05.18 14.05.18
Indochain Indochain Indochain Exchange is a global digital cryptocurrency exchange that comes with a number of... 07.11.18 10.02.19
Infliv Infliv Infliv token will be used as a primary payment method for infliv excange, These are the fo... 31.07.18 19.08.18
Influ Influ Influ Token is an ERC20 standard compliant token based on the Ethereum network that is abl... 06.08.18 24.12.18
INGOT COIN INGOT COIN INGOT Coin is the first fully integrated Wallet with a Digital Bank, Brokerage, Exchange, ... 01.05.18 30.06.18
Initial Exchange Offer Initial Exchange Offer ICTE is a cross-blockchain decentralized exchange comprised of a collection of regional cr... 01.01.70 01.01.70
InMax InMax INMAX comes as a novel cryptocurrency trading platform with the abovementioned advantages.... 20.11.18 09.01.19
InnovaMinex InnovaMinex InnovaMinex is an innovative business model that uses blockchain technology to guarantee t... 26.11.18 26.01.19
Insights Network Insights Network Insights is automating the data brokerage industry via blockchain technology and smart con... 28.01.18 14.02.18
Integrative Wallet Token Integrative Wallet Token Our application will provide facilities such as: 1 - Multiples coins & ERC-20 tokens a... 31.08.17 28.09.17
Invest in Brokers Invest in Brokers Invest platform is a trustless copy-trading platform enabling everyone to trade cryptocu... 26.05.18 15.07.18
Involve Involve Involve is the first crypto platform for mobile apps which engages into relationship all p... 01.05.18 01.06.18
Irisnet Irisnet IRIS network aims to build technology foundation which facilitate construction of distribu... 01.01.70 01.01.70
IronX IronX We have merged the best in traditional trading from IronFX, with the best in crypto Emurgo... 20.06.18 30.08.18
Island Coin Gold Island Coin Gold Aloha and welcome to Island Coin Gold, The Cryptocurrency of the Hawaiian Islands. The vis... 19.01.18 09.03.18
Jeo Exchange Jeo Exchange JEO exchange is a next generation cryptocurrency exchange that will provide a secure and u... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Jibbit Jibbit Jibbit creates an ecosystem network to connect the worldwide cannabis community with the c... 01.07.18 30.10.18
Jibrel Network Jibrel Network Jibrel provides traditional financial assets, such as currencies, commodities and equities... 25.09.17 25.10.17
JSECOIN JSECOIN JSEcoin is a consumer focused web platform built on top of a browser mined blockchain.We l... 11.07.18 11.10.18
Just Pay Coin Just Pay Coin JUSTPAY is a tokenized closed-end fund designed to reduce the risks and technical barriers... 05.03.18 30.04.18
KAASY.AI KAASY.AI Today, thousands of computer systems are being used for mining cryptocurrencies, but neith... 01.09.18 01.06.19
Kambria Kambria Kambria is a decentralized open innovation platform that will foster a collaborative ecosy... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Katalyst Coin Katalyst Coin Katalyst positions itself as the catalyst of what is inevitably to come. As a result of bl... 15.11.17 15.12.17
Keen Platform Keen Platform Urban public transportation will become increasingly crowded and unsustainable in the futu... 01.01.70 01.01.70
KeepSafePay KeepSafePay KeepSafePay is a very solid and transaction safe cryptocurrency that features the integrat... 08.03.18 02.05.18
Kencoin Kencoin Kencoin is an industry-specific cryptocurrency, targeting the adult entertainment sector. ... 22.08.17 22.09.17
Kerberos ICO Kerberos ICO The Kerberos Coin is a Altcoin Only mining company based in Gauteng South Africa. The Sout... 01.04.18 01.05.18
Kinesis Kinesis Kinesis has introduced yield-bearing digital currencies, based 1:1 on physical, allocated,... 14.02.18 09.09.18
KPR Coin KPR Coin This is a crowd funding investment to help set-up KPR Medical Solutions and RMA as a joint... 01.05.18 22.06.18
KredX KredX Kredits (KRX) will be the new Cryptocurrency that is released with KredX and will be used ... 03.10.17 03.01.18
Krosscoin Krosscoin Krosscoin is a very elegant concept: we build innovative apps that have a large customer b... 18.10.18 07.12.18
KryptEd KryptEd As KryptEd, we place ourselves in the online education sector with an innovative business ... 15.04.18 15.05.18
Kryptoin Kryptoin The Kryptoin ETF System is a patent-pending platform that enables a digital token to be ex... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Kryptonium Kryptonium Kryptonium is a cryptocurrency based on Cryptonote, which enables enhanced levels of priva... 30.04.18 12.05.18
KryptoPal KryptoPal KryptoPal is a development platform for mass Blockchain adoption. It helps developers to b... 08.08.18 06.10.18
Kryptoro Kryptoro Here at Kryptoro cryptocurrency exchange our team has years of experience in building tech... 23.07.18 14.10.18
KunoCoin KunoCoin This platform covers a wide range of services ranging from basic information important for... 01.01.70 01.01.70
KyberNetwork KyberNetwork KyberNetwork is a new system which allows the exchange and conversion of digital assets. W... 31.08.17 15.09.17
LaneAxis LaneAxis LaneAxis Virtual Freight Management is patented technology built to connect Shippers direc... 21.06.18 22.12.18
Latium Latium The Latium platform is a paradigm shift in decentralized economics that can bring about re... 15.11.17 27.11.17
LCCX - London Crypto Currency Exchange LCCX - London Crypto Currency Exchange LCCX aim to become the most trusted crypto currency exchange in the world.Based in the UK,... 12.03.18 30.04.18
Legolas Exchange Legolas Exchange Legolas creates a new decentralized blockchain protocol that guarantees full transparency ... 01.02.18 15.02.18
LendChain LendChain LendChain is a distributed digital asset financial services platform based on the GXChain,... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Lendingblock Lendingblock Lendingblock is a platform that facilitates peer-to-peer borrowing and lending of cryptocu... 07.04.18 14.04.18
Lendo Lendo Lendo is bringing cutting edge crypto technology to the trillion-dollar world of conventio... 28.03.18 28.11.18
Lendoit Lendoit Lendoit is a decentralized P2P Lending platform, which connects borrowers and lenders from... 13.12.17 13.01.18
Lendroid Lendroid Lendroid is a non-rent seeking, trust-independent, open protocol enabling decentralized le... 11.02.18 22.02.18
Leonardian Leonardian Leonardian is a single marketplace providing direct connection between Clients who need as... 16.04.18 12.05.18
LEVEL G LEVEL G We deliver the latest decentralized financial technology to replace ancient ones at your f... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Libra Libra Facebook announces Libra cryptocurrency: All you need to know.The use cases, technology an... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Liminality Network Liminality Network Liminality is the First Decentralized Artificial Intelligence that LIVES on the Internet. ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Link by BlockMason Link by BlockMason Link creates classic, conventional web-based APIs for any smart contract written on a prog... 09.04.19 09.04.19
LinkCoin LinkCoin LinkCoin was formed in November 2017, by a group of veteran Bitcoin traders and financial ... 14.03.18 31.03.18
LIQNET LIQNET Cryptocurrency exchange with the unique liquidityLIQNET is a cryptoexchange, which allows ... 28.05.18 31.08.18
Liquidity.Network Liquidity.Network By utilising payment hubs, Liquidity.Network allows multiple users to send cost efficient ... 14.02.18 08.03.18
Litebolt Litebolt This year, Litebolt will offer Litebolt Products such as mining equipment, Trading Bots an... 25.05.18 15.10.18
Loopex IEO Loopex IEO Loopex IEO is held after the official launch of the Loopex Exchange. Total number of XLP t... 28.02.19 08.03.19
LoopX LoopX WHAT IS LOOPX The LoopX Team was formed in September 2016 of a core group of high performa... 03.01.18 10.01.18
Lottechain Lottechain Lottechain Is an evolutional cryptocurrency introduced for merchants, business owners and ... 13.10.18 13.11.18
Love Coins Love Coins Love Platform is a way to digitally recognise and acknowledge your love or commitment for ... 10.03.18 10.04.18
Lucre Lucre LUCRE is an exclusive automated trading system & signal service for Cryptocurrencies, ... 15.10.18 31.12.18
Lucre Global Lucre Global Lucre Global is an Ethereum-based blockchain company that creates a decentralized, autonom... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Ludos Ludos Ludos Protocol is a purpose-built blockchain infrastructure project for the gaming communi... 01.02.19 28.02.19
Lykke Lykke Lykke is building a global marketplace for the free exchange of financial assets. By lever... 01.01.70 01.01.70
LYNCHPIN TOKEN LYNCHPIN TOKEN A token that solves critical problems in the cryptocurrency industry. Making digital asset... 15.11.18 01.05.19
Lyves Lyves One of the biggest advantages of Blockchain is its anonymity, which certainly entails some... 01.04.18 01.05.18
M2O M2O All the mileage and points, it will be one in M2O. M2O will integrate the existing mileage... 29.10.18 23.11.18
Magnum Link Magnum Link We are a registered company with a valid license to operate exploration, mining and refini... 01.01.70 01.01.70
MANX MANX MANX (MacroChain Computing and Networking System) is a distributed service platform that s... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Mass Vehicle Ledger Mass Vehicle Ledger Mass Vehicle Ledger Ecosystem (MVL Ecosystem, pronounced as “em-buh l Ecosystem”) is a new... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Matox Matox MATOX is a fully audited Ethereum based ERC20 utility token that is used for exchange fees... 24.09.18 30.10.18
MATREXA MATREXA You spend your money on Commission and time for the conclusion of Fiat. Now it's over... 17.09.17 02.10.17
MCAP MCAP All MCAP transactions will be recorded to the Ethereum Blockchain to ensure immutability a... 27.04.17 07.05.17
MCart Protocol MCart Protocol MCart protocol is a decentralized influencer marketing attribution platform that addresses... 27.02.18 30.06.18
MCoin MCoin MCoin is a unique, inclusive cryptocurrency, available with or without the Internet (hybri... 16.04.18 07.07.18
MCV-CAP MCV-CAP MCV-CAP combines traditional banking functions with the innovative advantages of Blockchai... 20.04.18 20.06.18
MCX MCX MCX is a payment gateway, developed to facilitate low fee transactions using the MCX coin.... 05.10.17 01.01.18
MedCash MedCash MedXchange is the first blockchain-based system for the $340 Billion global medical suppli... 16.03.18 31.03.18
Medical Cannabis Medical Cannabis Be a part of Medical Revolution break-through with Innovation Driven Medical Technology us... 21.05.18 30.08.18
Medipedia Medipedia Medipedia is a medical service and medical tourism ecosystem platform that uses blockchain... 20.08.18 16.09.18
Mega X Mega X MEGAX is a movement centered around a millennialâdriven cryptocurrency and developed for a... 09.10.17 16.10.17
MetaCert Protocol MetaCert Protocol We are building an open security protocol for the Internet storing trust and reputation in... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Metal Metal METAL is the native currency. METAL is fairly distributed through a process known as: Proo... 09.06.17 09.06.17
MetaMorph.pro MetaMorph.pro MetaMorph.pro is an easy exchangeable platform that can switch digital currencies between ... 27.04.18 27.06.18
Metronome Metronome Metronome ("Metronome" or "MTN") is a new cryptocurrency focused on ma... 01.01.70 01.01.70
MFChain MFChain MF Chain is building the most cost-effective cryptocurrency payment ecosystem that rewards... 05.05.18 31.07.18
MIB MIB MIB coin is a Mobile Mining based Blockchain that has constructed an ecosystem that minimi... 19.03.18 25.03.18
MillionCoin MillionCoin We have started a unique token based on the Ethereum blockchain. Thanks to the funds obtai... 01.01.70 01.01.70
MimiCoin MimiCoin MimiCoin is the first social crypto currency aimed to be used in social networks as a paym... 29.12.17 12.02.18
Miner Edge Miner Edge A Mining facility which is set-up in a tax-free and cold place; runs on Govt subsidized re... 01.08.18 30.08.18
Minery Minery What is Minery?Minery represents a different solution. It combines large mining compounds,... 15.03.18 30.06.18
Minex Minex MinexCoin (MNC) is a global payments system based on a low volatility cryptocurrency which... 15.05.17 13.06.17
Minter Minter Instant payments, fiat exchange, ton integration, telegramMinter is a fastest blockchain n... 01.09.18 31.10.18
Miracle Tele Miracle Tele Our telecom ecosystem is a fully-functioning solution that fuses advanced telco features t... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Mithril Ore Mithril Ore Mithril Ore Token is a novel utility token for several unique reasons. It is first in the ... 05.02.18 07.03.18
Mitoshi Mitoshi We are taking Mitoshi to the forefront of the lottery by leveraging on the power of smart ... 01.07.19 25.08.19
Mix Rent Mix Rent Mix. Rent provides customers with a user-friendly platform to rent vehicles across the wor... 18.12.18 28.12.18
MobaCoin MobaCoin Mobacoin is a digital currency that we created as tokens that we specialize in for mobaexc... 25.04.19 25.07.19
MOKENEX MOKENEX Mokenex is the Universal Crypto Payment Gateway & Token Exchange. It enables multi cry... 22.01.18 20.05.18
Monanex Monanex In Monanex exchange you can trade anonymously - no identity or documents needed. Total pri... 10.03.18 14.05.18
MonetaHawk MonetaHawk The main idea of the project is for the possibility of new coins becoming more popular. A ... 27.07.18 30.09.18
MoneyTech MoneyTech Our mining capacities are located in Ukraine, where one of the world's lowest cost of... 28.06.17 02.08.17
Monopoly Monopoly Monopoly is the first decentralized investment Blockchain platform that allows you to part... 05.07.18 31.08.18
Moolyacoin Moolyacoin Moolya is the World’s 1st LIVE Global Digital Startup Ecosystem which replicates the globa... 10.07.18 10.08.18
Moonlite Moonlite The MoonLite Project aims to add value to all token holders by employing the latest techno... 05.01.18 14.02.18
MPH-ONE MPH-ONE Mphone XR uses the AES encryption algorithm with a key of 256-bit and TwoFish. This is don... 01.01.70 01.01.70
MSC MSC MSC is short for MP&SilvaCoin, an encrypted token issued by MPS Foundation. It is used... 06.06.18 10.06.18
MSRise MSRise The project involves further development and launch into mass production with the subseque... 01.01.70 01.01.70
MST COIN MST COIN MST has most advanced products and services to brokerages, hedge funds, financial institut... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Mthereum Mthereum Mthereum Coin, a project that was conceived and developed by Blockchain Charity & Heal... 01.01.70 01.01.70
MultiChainExchange MultiChainExchange First decentralized exchange, built on multichain technology, beloning to community distri... 20.08.18 20.11.18
Muusic Muusic The Muusic coin concept was created by our talented team to bring the muusic.FM platform a... 01.10.18 28.02.19
Myanmar Gold Coin Myanmar Gold Coin This project aims to save gold sleeping in the gold mine in Myanmar.Electronically generat... 01.10.18 30.11.18
Myoho Myoho Myoho is a cryptocurrency exchange that works for the benefit of every crypto user. As an ... 01.10.18 30.10.18
MyTVchain MyTVchain IEO LAUNCH 25 SEPTEMBER 2019 ON LIQUID.COM AND LEX.EXCHANGE!!! connect to https://www.mytv... 01.01.70 01.01.70
N.Exchange N.Exchange N.exchange is a multi-component ecosystem designed to accommodate a wide variety of the cr... 01.04.19 29.04.19
Nafen Nafen Perhaps the only ICO project backed by real product and proven bussines model. Unique pate... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Naked Technologies Naked Technologies System with our own proprietary technology, a fully usable Debit Card that can be used in ... 05.11.17 04.12.17
Natmin Natmin Natmin Pure Escrow is a decentralized application that provides pure Escrow Services built... 30.07.18 31.08.18
NCrypto NCrypto The Ncrypto.io wallet is a free multicurrency interface that allows users to interact dire... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Negexc Negexc Negexc (Next Generation Exchange Crypto) is a different exchange platform than others. We ... 16.05.19 26.05.19
NEO NEO NEO Formerly known as Antshares is the Peopleâs Republic of Chinaâs first ever open source... 02.02.38 02.02.38
NEO Finance NEO Finance Let's look at the history of one of the most popular cryptocurrency - bitcoin. Based ... 22.08.18 05.09.18
Neogame Neogame This project is designed to disrupt the for-profit model of gamblingWe are kick-starting t... 31.10.18 30.11.18
NeoPlace NeoPlace NeoPlace provides a protocol to facilitate and disrupt cross-border e-commerce. Build your... 01.01.70 01.01.70
NEX NEX NEX handles enormous trade volume through its unique publicly verifiable off-chain matchin... 03.09.18 14.09.18
Nimbus Token Nimbus Token The Nimbus Token Platform can be used for almost any business project. Stores can use the ... 17.01.18 31.07.18
Nimfamoney Nimfamoney ... 29.08.17 30.09.17
Nimiq Nimiq The intuitive usability of the Nimiq Blockchain is following the fundamental idea which ev... 28.06.17 28.07.17
NONECoin NONECoin The NONECoin platform is a decentralized self-evolving cryptocurrency that is built on Tru... 14.07.18 28.08.18
Nordcoin Mining Nordcoin Mining Cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and other blockchain technologies are experiencing a rap... 16.07.18 16.08.18
Nova Blitz Nova Blitz Nova Blitz is deploying the Nova Token, an Ethereum token based on the ERC-20 standard. Th... 11.12.17 10.01.18
Nova Mining (PreICO) Nova Mining (PreICO) Nova Mining is a mining operation established in North Macedonia. Nova Mining's goal ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
NovaLend NovaLend NovaLend aims at transforming the banking system to make credits more affordable and inves... 21.12.17 31.12.17
Nukleus Nukleus While operating a masternode can be profitable and fulfilling for venturing cryptocurrency... 01.01.70 01.01.70
NULS NULS NULS provides smart contract, multi-chain mechanism and cross-chain consensus. It aims to ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
NuMoney Exchange NuMoney Exchange NMX token is an ERC20 token that NuMoney Exchange minted as a token for fee discounts for ... 03.08.18 28.09.18
NVIS NVIS TLC Secure, Inc. is pleased to offer Invisible Internet (NVIS) an access token that is a p... 01.01.70 01.01.70
NYNJA NYNJA NYNJA is built for teams. As entrepreneurs with decades of experience living and operating... 01.01.70 01.01.70
NyronChain NyronChain Rebuilding the IoT industry with BLE technology and integrating it with a decentralized le... 01.01.70 01.01.70
ODYSSEY ODYSSEY The ODYSSEY FOUNDATION is a not-for-profit organization that aims to build the next-genera... 01.01.70 01.01.70
OGCoin OGCoin OGSOFT SOLUTIONS LTD aims to work closely with its customers to deliver products that incr... 20.03.18 16.04.18
OilDexCoin OilDexCoin OilDex is pioneering an evolutionary leap for Investing in which the value of a borrowerâs... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Ojooo Ojooo The Ojooo platform is a unique place the advertisers and the advertising addressees from a... 20.03.19 16.04.19
OkGlobal Coin Switch OkGlobal Coin Switch First truly global Security Token Offering. A Smart currency that grows year to year and b... 01.01.70 01.01.70
One Share One Share ONE SHARE is a token to share success. It will develop the most decentralized DApp voting ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
OneForOne Coin OneForOne Coin Using OFO Content Ecosystem, we intend to create new ways of sharing where people with mor... 01.01.70 01.01.70
OneGram OneGram OneGram uses blockchain technology to create a new kind of cryptocurrency, where each coin... 27.05.17 24.09.17
ONNCOIN ONNCOIN ONNCoin is a platform that allows you to easily transform your products into ICO for crowd... 15.01.18 15.03.18
OnPlace OnPlace Systemizing all of its cumulating experience in the investment sphere, OnPlace focused all... 01.02.18 10.02.18
OpenBlock OpenBlock OpenBlock is an innovative fin-tech company with a core focus on building crypto currency ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Ophcrcoin Ophcrcoin Ophircoin (OPC is unique crypocurrency that utilises its mining business to reward its com... 09.04.18 31.07.18
Opporty Opporty Opporty is a blockchain-powered, three-layered business relationships ecosystem, consistin... 01.01.70 01.01.70
OptiToken OptiToken Optitoken is a hyperdeflationary cryptocurrency, fueled by a 24/7 algorithmic trading port... 01.04.18 01.07.18
Orozu Orozu OROZU(ORO) is a cryptocurrency launched to provide the best user experience for an everyda... 02.05.18 05.05.18
OX Fina OX Fina A Traditional Financial Institution Run On Decentralized Apps. With The Support Of Global ... 01.07.17 01.08.17
Ozartrade Ozartrade The startup will serve as a link between students and investors with teaching plans and tr... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Ozinex Exchange Platform Ozinex Exchange Platform OZINEX is a global cryptocurrency exchange platform. It will form a new innovative platfor... 01.01.70 01.01.70
PAL Network PAL Network PolicyPal Network is a platform built with a twofold vision of addressing key issues that ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Paradise Paradise PDT Protocols provide developers with the foundation to build decentralized applications (... 09.01.19 09.03.19
Payeercoin Payeercoin Payeercoin(PYC) is a cryptocurrency designed for people and for everyday use. It improves ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Paytomat Paytomat Paytomat is a blockchain-based payment processing system created to help merchants, consum... 02.04.18 18.04.18
Pchain Pchain PCHAIN is the first native multichain system in the world that supports Ethereum Virtual M... 01.01.70 01.01.70
PentaXCoin PentaXCoin The PentaXCoin is a cryptocurrency, that has a value based on the current market. In other... 28.12.17 28.01.18
Peoples Peoples Peoples Token is an erc20 utility token.Peoples token aims to create a fully community dri... 10.08.18 24.09.18
Petchains Petchains Petchains is dedicated to a global panpet market information management system and the tra... 05.01.19 25.01.19
Petro Petro Petro will be a sovereign crypto asset backed by oil assets and issued by the Bolivarian R... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Phenomenal Network Phenomenal Network The first blockchain-powered affiliate revolution by rewarding qualified affiliates and be... 30.09.18 20.10.18
PikcioChain PikcioChain PikcioChain is a fully distributed information superhighway that brings individuals and or... 24.11.17 16.03.18
PinkDate PinkDate Escorting is a $157 billion-dollar market with no national or international leaders. PinkD... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Pitis Coin Pitis Coin PitisCoin⢠is creating an online community for the rich and famous to facilitate the use ... 01.09.17 30.09.17
Plancoin Plancoin Recent years, a boom in digital currency has been shown with the birth of a lot of differe... 01.03.18 02.04.18
PlanEx PlanEx PlanEx freely converts financial market assets into crypto-tokens (XPX standard) and vice ... 01.04.18 15.07.18
Plasmium Plasmium The PLASMIUM platform is adopting a new protocol known as the MURION PROTOCOL in order to ... 02.09.18 10.09.18
Platin Platin Imagine how many people would use cryptocurrencies if they could see them with their own e... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Platinum Token Club Platinum Token Club Realizing a crypto token value through mainstream business investment.... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Play Game Play Game Making games is hard, profiting from games is even harder. Wouldn't it be awesome if ... 10.09.18 23.09.18
PlayBets PlayBets PlayBets is a first decentralized game platform with a catalog of mass gambling games. One... 01.04.18 30.04.18
PlusCoin PlusCoin DS Plus is an Ethereum-based mobile platform (CPA system) for customer attraction and rete... 10.09.17 31.12.17
PO8 PO8 PO8 is a blockchain ecosystem making marine archaeology and treasure hunting more inclusiv... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Points Network Points Network Points Network is a token built on the Stellar platform. Our aims is to build multiple pla... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Polkadot Polkadot It consists of many parachains with potentially differing characteristics which can make i... 15.10.17 27.10.17
Pollen Institute Pollen Institute Pollen Institute provides direct market access with the Lotus Token and builds decentraliz... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Poloneum Poloneum Why Poloneum?- Limited Quantity of Token (only the amount generated at the token sale)- Gr... 17.03.18 02.06.18
Power Minex Power Minex We built a platform to manage our all cloud mining servers from the single platform throug... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Powerchain Powerchain Powerchain network is a new DAG based platform allows blockless security and high speed tr... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Pressco Pressco Pressco is already a fully-operating business for every community and business seeking to ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
PRETHER PRETHER Over the years, gold has mostly been used to hedge against inflation. However, now Prether... 01.04.18 30.06.18
PriorityEx PriorityEx PriorityEx provides cryptocurrency trading and profit sharing opportunity for traders and ... 01.01.18 31.03.18
Prizm Prizm PRIZM (PZM)* is fully decentralized and self-regulating digital currency. The new cryptocu... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Projectinitiators Projectinitiators ... 01.04.19 31.05.19
Proof Suite Proof Suite We propose a simple and digestible user experience for investing with simultaneous insuran... 01.11.17 30.11.17
Pukkamex Pukkamex Our IEO is running on LBANK.infopukkamex is he world’s first leveraged cryptocurrency deri... 01.04.19 15.06.19
Pungo Pungo Pungo token is the digital token that Peer2group is creating to build a digital economy wi... 15.09.18 15.11.18
Qatar Qatar The cryptocurrency revolution has created many new possibilities inwealth creation and P2P... 01.01.70 01.01.70
QI QI The full name of QI is QIEX Credit Points, which is the universal credit of QIEX Digital A... 10.09.18 01.11.18
QINTAR QINTAR Qintar is a Geneva-based but globally focused cryptocurrency ecosystem which is the real f... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Qobit Qobit Qobit.com, is a social Trading & Investment platform for the cryptocurrency world. Qob... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Qovar Qovar Qovar offers its users to get profit with the help of P-o-S mining. The profit is 10% annu... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Qredit Qredit With our ICO we aim to drive adoption of the traditional payment methods for merchants by ... 21.01.18 27.01.18
QRL QRL The concept of a peer-to-peer internet ledger of value, recorded as a blockchain and secur... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Qtum Qtum Qtum (Quantum) is an open source, decentralized project that aims to capitalize on the suc... 12.03.17 17.03.17
Quanta Quanta Quanta is on a mission to develop the first public blockchain infrastructure to provide in... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Quantreum Quantreum Quantreum Coin is focused on giving transportation to its another evolution which will be ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
QUANTUM QUANTUM The aim of the Quantum project is to bring institutional grade liquidity to cryptocurrency... 15.04.17 15.05.17
Quantum Intelligence Quantum Intelligence The Quantum Intelligence Token (QI) was launched on April 24, 2019 for sale and is totally... 01.01.70 01.01.70
QuickX Protocol QuickX Protocol QuickX is a novel protocol designed specifically to cure the many fatal flaws that plague ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Quifas Quifas Quifas is a secure, ultra-fast, highly scalable innovative cryptocurrency exchange built f... 09.03.18 23.03.18
Qvolta Qvolta Qvolta is a global P2P exchange platform that allows users to quickly and easily convert c... 15.08.17 29.08.17
Rados Rados Our mission is to provide accurate and timely data to everyone in the cryptocurrency commu... 31.07.17 31.08.17
Rainbow Currency Rainbow Currency The Rainbow Currency is different – it has been created by more than 3,000 Internet users ... 06.11.17 17.11.17
RANK RANK Unique reputation on all forums, blogs and social networks.... 01.01.18 15.02.18
Rate3 Rate3 Rate3 is a decentralized dual protocol covering asset-tokenization and identity management... 01.01.70 01.01.70
RAVELOUS RAVELOUS Ravelous is the crypto ecommerce marketplace that lets users sell their stuff online for c... 07.02.18 07.03.18
Rays Network Rays Network Rays Network is based on a whole new blockchain technology which is growing and improving ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Rchain Rchain To become a blockchain solution with industrial-scale utility, RChain must provide content... 01.01.70 01.01.70
RE CITY HOUSE (RECH) RE CITY HOUSE (RECH) Real Estate CityHouse Project (RECH) will be a Real Estate with monthly payouts crypto dis... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Ready Play Go Ready Play Go ReadyPlayGo is a revolutionary, fully regulated gaming platform that offers unique gaming ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Records Keeper Records Keeper RecordsKeeper is an Open-Source Public Platform (with an independent Mine-able Blockchain)... 24.09.18 30.09.18
Reditus Reditus An end-to-end blockchain platform for facilitation of tokenised bonds transfers and liquid... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Redpill Redpill Red Pill is a currency designed to enrich online communities. Red Pill can be used for man... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Refine Medium Refine Medium Refine Medium is a decentralized media platform rendering authentic and high quality video... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Reflexion Lounge (XRLO) (PreICO) Reflexion Lounge (XRLO) (PreICO) Reflexion Lounge has long been known as a meeting point for mindful gatherings of communit... 01.01.70 01.01.70
ReposalNetwork ReposalNetwork ReposalNetwork is an anonymous lending platform that started back in 2017. We give members... 01.03.18 30.03.18
RepuX RepuX RepuX’s blockchain-backed platform enables Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to capitali... 17.11.17 05.03.18
Restart Energy Restart Energy Send and Receive Energy Worldwide! Major EU energy company launches energy trading ecosyst... 15.01.18 23.01.18
REVV COIN REVV COIN We develop smartphone application that provides various methods of mining. we have plans v... 18.12.17 22.01.18
Rexpax Rexpax Rexpax is World's largest platform for sharing items. The Rexpax app is a new service... 05.12.17 11.12.17
Rhizome Rhizome Whatever your need to create a cryptocurrency, Rhizome.red is the easiest way to create yo... 15.07.18 25.07.18
Rilcoin Rilcoin The Central idea is to provide a platform designed purely for everyone, regardless of geog... 15.10.17 13.11.17
Riptide Coin Riptide Coin Riptidecoin software and RIPT are community projects that started from within the Licensed... 24.09.17 30.09.17
RoBET RoBET RoBET is going to be the worldwide first platform natively based on the Ethereum blockchai... 01.02.18 19.04.18
Robin8 Robin8 The KOL Token is to launch a KOL Token Exchange Project and fund the global expansion of t... 28.08.19 29.08.19
Robo Advisor Coin Robo Advisor Coin Intelligent, fast, and neutral forecasts about Cryptos and Tokens Secured in the blockchai... 20.04.18 30.06.18
ROC2 ROC2 We delivered all promises from our first ICO, now you can be part of the biggest project e... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Root Blockchain Root Blockchain Root Blockchain employs a unique mechanism to increase the speed of transaction confirmati... 01.03.18 31.05.18
RootProject RootProject A new crowdfunding model creates supply and demand for community projects. Project initiat... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Rowan Coin Rowan Coin Rowan Coin is designed as an incentive for sustainable living. Blockchain-driven, we inten... 10.02.19 10.03.19
RuCoin RuCoin RUCOIN cryptocurrency and the One Global Loyalty Network are aiming to be a bridge between... 22.11.17 26.12.17
Rudrcoin Rudrcoin Our community believes in a new growth-oriented world, in which all innovators have the ch... 13.08.18 26.08.18
RusGas RusGas RusGas is a project aimed at funding and subsequent implementation of researches in natura... 03.04.18 16.04.18
Russian Miner Coin Russian Miner Coin The Russian Mining Coin (RMC) is a digital asset which gives the owner the right to acquir... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Sahara Chain Sahara Chain SaharaChain is making the building blocks to enable the Arab world and the surrounding reg... 23.09.17 19.10.17
Sansox Sansox Sansox Development and Technologies is a double winner of the Water Innovation Europe Awar... 27.08.18 10.09.18
Satoshi Brewery Satoshi Brewery We want to set up the largest regional craft brewery in the north-west of Russia. At 18 mo... 20.10.17 20.11.17
Saturn Network Saturn Network Saturn Network is a decentralized exchange DAO which is compatible with all EVM blockchain... 01.05.18 31.07.18
Save Environment Token Save Environment Token The SET is a reward token to promote the purchasing, selling and incubation of green energ... 16.04.18 31.05.18
Second Life Coin Second Life Coin According to The United Nations Report, in 2014, there were 724 million people worldwide s... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Selfsell Selfsell SelfSell platform was convinced from the theory of human capital investment. It also urges... 01.01.70 01.01.70
SGA Consulting SGA Consulting Innovative, fully automated service providing trade recommendations for opening/closing po... 21.09.17 20.11.17
Shamrock Shamrock The decentralized shamrock lottery platform brings a complete transparency for organising ... 05.12.18 05.03.19
Shardus Shardus The foundation for global-scale decentralized applications.Shardus is building distributed... 01.01.70 01.01.70
ShareMeAll ShareMeAll ESwitch will be the cryptocurrency of a new system of exchange and sharing of goods and se... 01.01.70 01.01.70
ShelterDAO ShelterDAO ShelterDAO are crypto communities that operate as a DAO using the NEM network. All shelter... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Shopiblock Shopiblock Shopiblock is a decentralized White-label SaaS provider. The first decentralized shop soft... 28.04.18 15.05.18
ShopperCoin ShopperCoin ShopperCoin, a cryptocurrency that represents trust and loyalty, creates and promotes a si... 01.01.70 01.01.70
SID Token SID Token SID (Share Internet Data) is a peer-to-multi-peer decentralized internet sharing system th... 15.06.18 01.11.18
Signal Trader platform Signal Trader platform SignalTrader Platform is All In One Solution for Trader to Learn technical analysis and ha... 10.05.19 30.06.19
Silent Notary Silent Notary Evidence safeguarding system in your smartphone. Communications. Images. Video. Audio. Doc... 15.03.18 12.04.18
SilvarCoin SilvarCoin We create global infrastructure that will allow to use cryptocurrencies as means of paymen... 01.12.17 31.01.18
Sint Sint Sint functions as a cryptocurrency Exchange Point. Its main objective is to be a gateway t... 01.05.18 21.05.18
Skelpy Skelpy WE HAVE REFUNDED THE INVESTORSThe goal of the Skelpy project is to create a completely dec... 23.03.19 23.04.19
SLP SLP SLP is a decentralized platform for loyalty programs, with a blockchain based bonus point ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
SLT SLT The platform also aims to emulate the very operational logic of the blockchain in its oper... 01.03.18 31.05.18
Smart League Smart League Smart Leagueâs is a global, decentralized platform that will determine the organization an... 25.10.18 09.11.18
Smart Trade Coin Smart Trade Coin Nowadays, despite impressive yield, it is becoming more and more challenging to trade cryp... 01.01.70 01.01.70
SmartMoni SmartMoni The next generation of money will do more than just transact. It will be easy to use, secu... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Snapparazzi Snapparazzi You share your footage with us. We share the profits with you!Snapparazzi is for :- Smartp... 14.09.18 12.10.18
Snips Snips Snips AIR is a network of devices collaborating to form a mesh of AI assistants. With this... 01.01.70 01.01.70
SolarStake (PreICO) SolarStake (PreICO) Solarstake is an asset-backed token where each token represents 1 watt of installed and re... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Soraix Soraix Soraix will provide our users with an unprecedented opportunity to share in our revenue. H... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Spade Coin Spade Coin Investing in cryptocurrency has proven to yield significant returns for investors. With th... 01.08.18 15.08.18
SPARK COIN SPARK COIN Spark is a decentralized digital currency like Bitcoin. It uses the same encryption techni... 01.11.17 31.12.17
Sparkle Sparkle As current trends suggest, mobile detailing and related mobile services that keep up with ... 10.01.19 20.01.19
SPINDLE SPINDLE SPINDLE, a comprehensive space which aims to act as a gateway creating access to various i... 09.05.18 15.05.18
Spokkz Spokkz Spokkz will use Blockchain Technology to disrupt the $2 Trillion USD traditional Media Ind... 01.01.70 01.01.70
SprinkleCoin SprinkleCoin Our vision is to unleash true globalization of banking for everyone. With the use of evolu... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Stabilise Stabilise Stabilise will make use of blockchain technology to provide multiple fiat backed cryptocur... 03.04.18 02.06.18
Staps Platform Staps Platform People are walk and mine staps tokens -> people are change staps tokens to bonuses and ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Starflow Starflow Starflow is a blockchain-powered ecosystem for the influencer economy. The platform consis... 05.03.18 03.07.18
StartMining StartMining StartMining is a project based on construction and launching of industrial mining farms in... 18.09.17 17.10.17
Stealthcrypto Stealthcrypto The StealthCrypto® utility token will be the native cryptocurrency of the StealthCrypto®... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Stein Coin Stein Coin STEIN COIN is a new ecological blockchain generation replacing tradicional payments with a... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Stelcoin Stelcoin Stelance is a freelancing community where free-lancers globally will be able to not only r... 10.01.18 15.02.18
Stellargold Stellargold Stellar Gold (XLMG) is a stellar based token which aims to create a platform where people ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Stellargoldcoin Stellargoldcoin Stellargold (“XLMGOLD”) is an advanced solution, which could allowusers access simple, saf... 05.05.18 05.06.18
Stem Cell Stem Cell At SCI, we are devoted to the international research, development, and implementation of s... 17.09.18 29.10.18
STeX STeX Cryptocurrency exchange with revolutionary A2A technology and direct trades between ALL li... 01.05.18 30.06.18
STK STK The STK token will provide instant crypto payments at point of sale at any merchant, wheth... 30.10.17 11.01.18
Storeplex Storeplex Decentralised E-Commerce Marketplace on the Blockchain.Being the latest blockchain project... 25.06.18 31.08.18
Streamr Streamr Streamr tokenizes real-time data to enable a new way for machines & people to trade it... 06.10.17 26.10.17
STRYKZ STRYKZ We tokenize fantasy sports, starting with football and our existing platform Football-Star... 29.06.18 29.07.18
Substratum Substratum An open-source network that allows anyone to allocate their spare computing resources to m... 14.08.17 14.09.17
Sunxcoin Sunxcoin SUNX (XNS) goal is to make sure every individual can make quick transactions in the comfor... 20.07.18 31.08.18
Super Ethereum Super Ethereum The new generation of decentralized digital trading platforms. It shares the profit with t... 01.03.18 22.05.18
SwissBorg SwissBorg The SwissBorg project aim to revolutionize wealth management solutions with a community ce... 07.12.17 10.01.18
Switcheo Network Switcheo Network Verasity.io is a leading video player providing unique Rewarded Video Player Technology to... 16.03.18 23.03.18
Sword Coin Sword Coin Sword Coin will implement a custom blockchain, allowing us to implement features specific ... 01.06.18 15.08.18
Symbioses Symbioses Symbioses is a decentralized global network of computing power that connects non-interoper... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Synapsecoin Synapsecoin Synapsecoin is a project which has as the main objective, use of crowdfunding system and B... 01.12.18 31.03.19
Synchrobit Synchrobit Featured by Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, and many leading media, SynchroBit™ is the first hybri... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Synco Synco SyncoChain offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to benefit the global blockch... 30.05.18 20.07.18
Synexcoin Synexcoin Our vision is quite simple: We want our community to grow! Many people have missed the hyp... 14.03.18 01.05.18
Taelium Taelium Taelium is the first blockchain designed to become a global reserve cryptocurrency. Each u... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Talentico Talentico In the light of the fact that FinTech has created incredibly large-scale of capabilities, ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Target Coin Target Coin Target Coin is a tokenised long-short Cryptocurrency Fund which invests and trades in the ... 15.07.17 31.08.17
Taucoin Taucoin TAU proposes a fast circulation currency without inflation. Users collectively grow and se... 01.01.70 01.01.70
TaxiCash TaxiCash TaxiCash is a new Blockchain based patented Taxi Payment Solution to replace payments usin... 01.05.18 14.05.18
Techspecs Techspecs Specs are hard to find or evaluate in a clear, systematic way. And this is just from the c... 26.02.18 30.03.18
Telcoin Telcoin Telcoin is a new cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain that will be distributed ... 11.12.17 23.12.17
Telegram Open Network Telegram Open Network Launching in 2018, this cryptocurrency will be based on multi-blockchain Proof-of-Stake sy... 29.01.18 13.02.18
Telluria Telluria Telluria presents itself as a highly advanced technological exchange system, where high sp... 07.05.18 02.07.18
Tempo Tempo Tempo is a French licensed, Paris-based, European-wide anchor for Stellar blockchain payme... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Ten Billion Coin IEO Ten Billion Coin IEO It is the blockchain coin for which we are onboarding Chinese companies into blockchain in... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Terawatt Terawatt Terawatt is a patent-pending, renewable energy blockchain startup, with a strong focus on ... 21.06.18 15.10.18
TerraMiner TerraMiner Mine cryptocurrency with us and earn 35% of your investment each month. In just 3 months, ... 01.10.17 31.10.17
Tether Tether A digital token backed by fiat currency provides individuals and organizations with a robu... 01.01.70 01.01.70
The Company Green Energy The Company Green Energy The Company Green Energy Smart Contract & GEC Token"The company Green Energy"... 01.08.18 30.07.19
The Divi Project The Divi Project The Divi Project has a new solution to crypto's $10 Trillion Prize: Mass Adoption. Ou... 27.10.17 23.11.17
The GlobeToken Project The GlobeToken Project GlobeToken is an asset on the Stellar Network that is designed for frictionless transactio... 07.05.18 20.05.18
The Government Network The Government Network The Government Network is building a borderless nation powered by Blockchain Technology, o... 01.10.18 31.10.18
The Number One Dime The Number One Dime We created an ERC20 compatible token on the Ethereum Blockchain and we are issuing the tok... 13.11.17 31.12.17
The TOK App The TOK App TOK is a unified instant messaging application with features that are useful for personal ... 01.08.18 30.08.18
The Token Fund The Token Fund The Token Fund provides an opportunity for investors looking for the simplest way to get i... 01.01.70 01.01.70
The UXM The UXM The UXM is a global transactions optimizer. It completely re-invents the concept of market... 28.05.18 15.11.18
Theta Network Theta Network Theta is a decentralized video delivery network, powered by users and an innovative new bl... 08.01.18 08.02.18
ThisOrThat ThisOrThat ThisOrThat is a question and answer game built on the blockchain where the rules are simpl... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Thundercore Thundercore ThunderCore is its own blockchain with its own native cryptocurrency. Developed by industr... 01.01.70 01.01.70
TIBRIX TIBRIX Creating new, stable and scalable solutions by combining and integrating High-Frequency Tr... 28.08.18 19.09.18
Tiger Token Tiger Token The TigerBEC creates a "world-class blockchain hedging arbitrage trading platform.&qu... 25.02.18 01.04.18
Tip Blockchain Tip Blockchain Information on the network is indexed and searchable so users and businesses can find info... 01.06.18 15.06.18
Tixl Tixl Tixl is a new privacy coin that allows instant and zero-fee transactions.None of the popul... 15.04.19 16.07.19
TokenBacon TokenBacon TokenBacon has a self-develop private chain which also called the Bacon Chain. Bacon Chain... 26.07.18 27.09.18
Tokenize Emblem Tokenize Emblem Tokenize Xchange is a fully integrated cryptocurrency exchange that has been in operation ... 17.09.18 23.09.18
Tokenmom Tokenmom Tokenmom, a free decentralized crypto exchange created in 2018, aims to be a leader and in... 31.01.19 07.06.19
TokenPay TokenPay TokenPay is a blockchain project that incorporates Bitcoin cryptographic technology with a... 07.12.17 17.01.18
TokenStars TEAM TokenStars TEAM TokenStars is the first celebrity management platform on the blockchain, providing advance... 20.12.17 28.03.18
Tokes Tokes The Cannabis Revolution™, empowered by the TOKES digital currency platform, is one of the ... 02.12.16 16.01.17
Tombola Tombola The first Cryptocurrency Lottery and Gambling platform based on Blockchain. Fair and fun, ... 01.07.18 01.08.18
Tomocoin Tomocoin We are building the blockchain infrastructure for the Internet of Value, Tomochain. TomoCo... 01.03.18 20.03.18
Topex Topex Brand new cryptocurrency exchange with daily profit distribution between TPX token holders... 19.09.18 17.10.18
Tor Tor Tor (TOR)Anonymous cryptocurrency based on Tor browser. Safe, Open source, Community run a... 17.05.19 15.06.19
Touchcon Touchcon TouchCon Eco-system PlatformThe TouchCon ecosystem Project is a combination project to cre... 30.04.18 31.05.18
Toyken Toyken Toyken, B.A. Toys STyLe - Blending non-conventional inventory strategies and conventional ... 04.05.19 31.05.19
Trackr Trackr Trackr is a mobile application which offers real-time alerts on cryptocurrency market shif... 16.08.17 15.09.17
TradeBit TradeBit We share the vision of the blockchain technology originally developed by Satoshi Nakamoto.... 18.01.18 07.02.18
Trademindx Trademindx Crypto enthusiasts and traders using the Trademindx platform will never again need to wade... 02.04.18 02.05.18
Trademonk Trademonk The trademonk project is not only aimed at becoming a cryptocurrency exchange but focused ... 06.08.18 30.11.18
Trademycoin Trademycoin The platform provides an opportunity for users without deep knowledge about cryptocurrency... 01.11.18 30.11.18
TradeOne TradeOne TradeOne is a copytrading platform for crypto industry. The platform has a chance to becom... 15.07.18 15.09.18
TradeTEX TradeTEX TradeTEX, a commission-free exchange with its own native cryptocurrency, the TDX token. Tr... 31.08.18 24.11.18
Trading Forest Trading Forest Trading Forest will allow to manage, transfer, buy and liquidate cryptocurrencies in a sim... 01.11.18 31.12.18
Traid Traid Traid platform is revolutionizing crypto trading education by bringing the worldâs top tra... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Tranium Tranium Tranium Token is a decentralized online payment solution on the ethereum blockchain, caref... 02.01.19 11.01.19
Travelertoken Travelertoken TravelerToken is a Blockchain-based infrastructure and payment system for the tourism indu... 01.10.18 30.11.18
TravelFlex TravelFlex Travelflex is a new cryptocurrency that is aiming to solve the scalability issues that oth... 01.01.70 01.01.70
TREEEC MONEY TREEEC MONEY TREEEC makes it possible to do business all over the world with countries in every stage o... 12.07.18 29.06.19
TREMISS TREMISS BlockChain Tremiss is the first platform with authentic digital user sovereignty, transact... 25.02.19 25.04.19
TriForce Tokens TriForce Tokens TriForce Tokens is creating a unique games publishing framework enhanced by distributed le... 20.02.18 06.03.18
TrillHUB TrillHUB TrillHUB.net looks to be a driving force in the adult entertainment industry. At the core,... 19.02.18 19.03.18
Tripago Tripago Tripago is an upcoming decentralized travel platform targeting trillion dollar travel indu... 02.04.18 20.04.18
Triumland Triumland 1st property investment shares based on blockchain.... 01.01.18 31.01.18
True Reply True Reply True Reply is building the ecosystem for voice-based data collection for a future dominate... 15.01.18 15.02.18
TRUST CASH TRUST CASH TRUST CASH is a platform for the future of payment that is built on top of the Ethereum bl... 01.01.70 01.01.70
TrustED TrustED TrustED is the first-of-its-kind academic credential verification service, that brings hon... 01.10.18 20.01.19
Truxir Truxir Truxir coins can be used as a discount in the bill for energy, gas, garbage disposal, and ... 15.12.18 15.01.19
TubiEx TubiEx TubiEx truly believes that blockchain technology will eventually eliminate barriers to tra... 26.12.18 25.06.19
Twogap Twogap Because many Crypto Investors lose money; sometimes all they have invested while holding i... 01.01.70 01.01.70
U Run It U Run It It is time to change the game rules in the Gambling Universe. To break the established tra... 15.05.18 15.08.18
Ubiatarplay.io Ubiatarplay.io Ubiatar is the only technology ofering a viable and real solution to the ancient dream of ... 09.05.18 08.06.18
Ulticoin (PreICO) Ulticoin (PreICO) We want to allow people to exchange their in-game currency (gold, diamonds, tokens etc.) f... 01.01.70 01.01.70
UltraYOLO UltraYOLO UltraYOLO project is a decentralized lottery protocol built with blockchain technology. Th... 01.01.70 01.01.70
UniBit UniBit UniBit is built using the multichain protocol, and deployed as a unique model for modular ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
UNIC Advertising Network UNIC Advertising Network Unic Advertising Network aims to solve the problem of blockchain based startups wishing to... 08.03.18 19.03.18
UNICOIN UNICOIN UNICOINâs objective is to create the worldâs first art-tech cryptocurrency. In the spirit ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Unification Unification Commercial consulting entity dedicated to providing tools, solutions & support for pra... 10.04.19 12.04.19
UOS Network UOS Network In the emerging decentralized and pseudonymous environment, there is a need for coordinate... 08.08.19 14.08.19
UPI UPI UPI stands for Unit Payment International, a company that works on blockchain based. Make ... 27.10.18 27.11.18
USDX Protocol USDX Protocol USDX Protocol believes the future of cryptocurrencies is to create a widely-adopted token ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Useless Ethereum Token Useless Ethereum Token The UET ICO transparently offers investors no value, so there will be no expectation of ga... 04.07.17 11.07.17
Uservice Uservice Uservice Blockchain Technology is an Ethereum blockchain platform where smart contract sys... 20.11.17 17.12.17
V-Coins V-Coins V-Coins is a hybrid cryptocurrency based on real values. For each mined V-Coin (emitted fr... 25.09.17 25.10.17
VectorZilla VectorZilla VectorZilla solves multiple issues in existing traditional stocks graphics marketplaces. V... 01.01.70 01.01.70
VegaWallet VegaWallet We cover your journey into cryptocurrency every step of the way. We’ll make it easy to buy... 17.09.18 06.12.18
Vena Network Vena Network Vena Protocol is an open protocol for tokenized asset financing and exchange, in which eve... 05.11.18 15.11.18
VENDEX VENDEX We recognised that Africa needs its place in this eco system and more specifically we want... 31.03.18 13.04.18
VENOTY VENOTY Venoty is a digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the worl... 05.03.19 05.04.19
Venus Mine Venus Mine The VenusMINE Project is a project that develops high-performance ASIC chips for SHA256 ha... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Verasity Verasity Verasity is a disruptive video sharing platform designed to pivot the online video ecosyst... 01.03.19 06.03.19
VeriBlock VeriBlock We develop Decentralized, Trustless, Transparent and Permissionless Blockchain Solutions. ... 02.04.19 05.04.19
VeriTAG VeriTAG Our vision is to provide a Blockchain and Token enabled food trading and service platform ... 15.11.18 15.01.19
Veritas Mining Veritas Mining We are a renewable energy cryptomining operation based in Thailand. We believe that our ec... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Veritaseum Veritaseum Veritaseum is to be considered a gateway, or onramp to the P2P economy, akin to how a brow... 25.04.17 26.05.17
Vesa Token Vesa Token Vesa is a fintech startup that allows newbie investors effectively earn on cryptocurrency ... 27.03.18 27.04.18
VFarm VFarm VFarm system is a proven, research backed farming technology licensed by Agrosky Sdn. Bhd ... 01.06.19 31.08.19
Vip2Fan Vip2Fan VIP2fan is an innovative solution that unites people with their idols, enabling celebritie... 17.02.19 17.09.19
Virtuse Exchange Virtuse Exchange Virtuse Exchange bridges cryptocurrencies with the $300 trillion global financial market.... 16.09.18 30.09.18
VITA (PreICO) VITA (PreICO) VITA is the worlds first Smart Mortgage provider with revolutionary, forward thinking, dyn... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Vivid Vivid Our first product is a mobile AR app which tracks coins, analyzes the markets and manages ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Vooglue Vooglue The VooGlue platform and the “VooGlue App” integrate an ecosystem of artists, galleries, m... 19.01.18 20.03.18
Vote Coin Vote Coin Weighted voting by transferring value, either public or anonymous.Traceable coins can be l... 21.08.17 21.10.17
VOXXO VOXXO VOXXO is a promising concept for music. It combines Music Player, Concert Investments and ... 01.11.17 06.06.18
VR Casino OKO VR Casino OKO VR Casino OKO is a project that integrates virtual reality, blockchain and smart contracts... 01.01.70 01.01.70
VRBTC VRBTC VR3000 Games is a token-based VR gaming platform, allowing users to play online battle gam... 01.11.17 14.11.17
VTradeExchange OÃ VTradeExchange OÃ Global markets are evolving and the public is experiencing a gradual transition towards di... 18.02.19 25.04.19
VTUUR VTUUR VTUUR's Live Mobile VR streaming platform with unique AR and AI features is a game ch... 05.07.18 05.08.18
W3coins W3coins W3C is a cryptography-based digital coin and payment gateway introduced to the market in 2... 10.07.17 25.08.17
Wang Token Wang Token WANG TOKEN is the ultimate platform for crypto investors. Storing your crypto with WANG gi... 25.06.18 25.07.18
WAR FIELD WAR FIELD WAR FIELD is a fully-functional, action-packed multiplayer first-person shooter game with ... 28.06.18 26.07.18
WardZ WardZ Wardz is a universal reward token with loyalty options, referral links, reputation system,... 24.08.17 30.09.17
Weeve Network Weeve Network Weeve allows data to be monetized as a tradeable, digital asset secured by next-generation... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Whizz Coin Whizz Coin We believe that financial planning should be about you and your dreams. Whizz Edge secures... 01.01.70 01.01.70
WILLTOKEN WILLTOKEN Willtoken is a utility token issued by Digitrust Corporation, which provides wealth assign... 01.01.70 01.01.70
WINBIX WINBIX Тhe WINBIX marketplace aims to create a new channel for sales, allowing participants to s... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Windhan Energy Windhan Energy Windhan is a blockchain-based green energy Crowdfunding andtrading platform which uses blo... 24.02.19 20.03.19
Wish Chain Wish Chain We value and measure the experience of ecosystem participants and reward them with tokens.... 27.08.19 30.08.19
Witnet â Decentralized Oracle Network Witnet â Decentralized Oracle Network The Witnet protocol connects smart contracts to any online data source. Sport results, sto... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Woonkly Woonkly The Woonk "WNK" is an ERC20 Token of direct connection between brands, content c... 01.05.18 31.12.18
Worldwide Asset eXchange Worldwide Asset eXchange WAX is a decentralized platform that enables anyone to operate a fully functioning virtual... 02.02.38 02.02.38
Wowoo Wowoo Wowoo is a virtual ecosystem, which is consisted of Wowoo Platform as the core service, Wo... 22.02.18 02.03.18
WTO Foundation WTO Foundation WTO Foundation aims to create the best digital asset platform for those interested in digi... 20.05.18 20.06.18
X8 Project X8 Project X8 Project developed two Ether Tokens: X8Currency (X8C) that is fully backed with 8 fiat (... 15.01.18 24.01.18
XAOS XAOS Our vision is to give an all in one platform allowing all XAOS bearers to truly have a use... 01.01.70 01.01.70
XcelR XcelR Existing exchanges offer access to just one source of trading, our platform offers over 12... 01.08.18 30.09.18
Xcov Xcov Investors in (XCV) tokens in the ico stage are permanent partners in Xcov.com platform and... 01.06.18 01.08.18
XCrypt XCrypt XCrypt is the first crypto ecosystem with a high added value in its Exchange Platform read... 01.01.19 24.05.19
XDAC XDAC As a subclass of DAO, an xDAC is a company on a decentralized network with a built-in Proo... 15.05.18 30.06.18
XefoCoin XefoCoin XefoCoin is a free open source project derived from Bitcoin with the goal of providing a l... 15.04.18 15.07.18
Xenia Lending Coin Xenia Lending Coin XENIACOIN is an asset-backed cryptocurrency thatâs been designed specifically to provide a... 26.05.18 24.07.18
Xenio Xenio The Xenio platform provides a decentralized environment where anyone can mine XNO by opera... 27.10.17 27.11.17
XENTAVO XENTAVO XENTAVO is a white label platform for sovereign (legal tender, FIAT) cryptocurrencies for ... 01.03.18 31.05.18
XERA XERA The XERA exchange is going to transform the way cryptocurrencies are traded, offering trad... 05.11.18 31.12.18
XInfinity XInfinity X-infinity Limited is a innovative FinTech company that develops a secure Cryptocurrency W... 23.05.18 08.08.18
XiWATT XiWATT A platform for decentralized crowdfunding and trading of renewable energy assets, making g... 01.01.70 01.01.70
XRes XRes Imagine a crypto community commons where anyone can learn more about potential crypto, ICO... 01.01.70 01.01.70
XRONOS XRONOS XRONOS is a totally new type of cryptocurrency secured by the system of exchange rate stab... 21.11.17 21.12.17
XZEN XZEN A Russian startup called XZEN has presented a gadget that can manage and store cryptocurre... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Yamzu Yamzu Yamzu is determined to become a leading eSports tournament provider and host, one both aff... 25.07.18 30.09.18
Yumerium Yumerium Yumerium is a platform to publish and promote games utilizing cryptocurrency and blockchai... 26.08.18 10.10.18
Yunique Yunique Yunique Exchange is a Unique exchange which allows the traders to deposit, withdraw, buy a... 15.11.18 15.03.19
ZABERcoin ZABERcoin To establish Zabercoin as the preferred real estate security token by providing a competit... 10.11.17 25.11.17
Zap Store Zap Store The Zap Store allows developers to create, publish and subscribe to smart contract and Ãap... 18.09.17 29.09.17
ZAPIT ZAPIT The Only Blockchain Verified Product Reviews Platform. Zapit Is The Need Which Adds Trust ... 30.01.18 31.03.18
ZBX ZBX ZBX is one of the first security token exchanges in the world. ZBX is backed by ZB.com whi... 20.12.18 01.02.19
ZED ZED ZED Network is a SaaS platform using ZED cryptocurrency to connect a global network of Mon... 30.06.18 30.08.18
ZelaaCoin ZelaaCoin ZLC is the token abbreviation for ZelaaCoin, which stands for creating dynamic products &a... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Zempa Zempa Zempa Coin is a coin established on the WAVES blockchain for Phase 1 Token Sale purposes. ... 31.10.17 30.11.17
ZeosX ZeosX ZeosX is the World First Cryptocurrency Bank. We aim to redefine the future of finance for... 31.01.19 15.04.19
Zloadr Zloadr Zloadr is a viral news and media publishing platform that amplifies news worthy content wi... 30.09.17 31.10.17
ZNAQ ZNAQ ZNAQ is the first crypto index traded as a token. ZNAQ Index reflects cryptocurrency marke... 01.09.18 30.09.18
Zodiaq Zodiaq Zodiaq is a crypto-fiat platform for the implementation of settlement, guarantee and clear... 21.05.18 23.06.18
Zonto Zonto A single tool for interacting in various sphere of usage. ZONTO is a complex of software p... 12.09.17 12.10.17
Zpay Network Zpay Network As many 60% Zpay Network of the total supply will be our sales token to investors, you can... 06.12.17 01.01.18
ZrCoin ZrCoin ZrCoin is the world’s first investment-grade blockchain product. It is aderivative that le... 11.05.17 09.06.17
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