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Commerce & Advertising ICO List

ICO Description Start Date End Date
AB-CHAIN AB-CHAIN AB-CHAIN - ADVERTISING NETWORK. Blockchain and AI for enhanced campaigns.Reinventing digit... 19.02.18 31.03.18
Acuitty Token Acuitty Token A Global Services Exchange for buying and selling a wide variety of services. Will first s... 15.09.17 30.11.17
AdMine AdMine Your personal mobile phone, computer tablet can work for you and bring you a whopping inco... 18.12.17 11.02.18
ADP token ADP token We are launching ICO to create Adpump Blockchain Affiliate Marketplace! Digital marketing ... 13.11.17 15.12.17
Adshares Adshares Adshares Network is a decentralized, peer-to-peer market for programmatic advertising. Ads... 07.07.17 12.01.18
Adverx Adverx Adverx is a ERC20 ethereum based token with a goal to introduce cryptocurrency into the pr... 23.01.18 28.02.18
AffiliateCoin AffiliateCoin About AffiliateCoinAffiliateCoin is a decentralised Affiliate Marketing network that uses ... 26.03.18 25.05.18
Ahoolee Token Ahoolee Token Ahoolee is the world's first search engine for products... 28.08.17 11.09.17
Alloy Alloy ALLOY Tokens are the Reserve/Anchor currency for the entire ecosystem which will be the me... 15.10.17 05.11.17
AllSpark Token AllSpark Token AllSpark Chain is a public blockchain where content creators, advertisers and social media... 23.07.18 15.08.18
Attention Network Token Attention Network Token A... 07.03.18 22.03.18
Attrace Attrace Attrace is the first fully decentralised affiliate marketing platform. The only in marketi... 01.08.18 30.08.18
Balehubucks Balehubucks Empowering Local Merchants and Consumers Through Blockchain Technology... 01.12.17 31.12.17
Baobab Baobab Baobab is the next generation, decentralized eCommerce platform that puts crypto first. By... 28.08.17 02.10.17
Bazista Bazista Bazista is the first B2C and C2C trading platform empowering nowdays E-Commerce industry w... 15.11.17 21.11.17
BEZOP BEZOP Bezop is a decentralized peer to peer e-commerce ordermanagement and processing system pow... 20.12.17 10.01.18
Big Data Coin Big Data Coin Big Data Coin is a data-backed cryptocurrency allowing everyone to monetize their own data... 22.09.17 31.10.17
Bilibit Bilibit Philippines first Decentralized community-driven Crypto Ecosystem intended to help people ... 24.02.18 24.03.18
BitBoost BitBoost At BitBoost we have already developed The Block. The Block is a fully decentralised e-comm... 10.10.17 10.11.17
Bitcomo Bitcomo Bitcomo plans to create a smart contract-based advertising model in which payment is due o... 28.10.17 01.12.17
BitRewards BitRewards BitRewards is a blockchain loyalty platform and ecosystem that enables retailers to reward... 12.01.18 11.03.18
Blue Whale Exchange Blue Whale Exchange Blue Whale is set to rock the gig economy’s boat by building a decentralized ecosystem to ... 24.05.18 23.06.18
BRIF BRIF Brifs.co is a gift card balance market and exchange built on the blockchain.We've bui... 08.10.17 01.11.17
By The Way By The Way It’s a disruptive global platform that integrates the best of entertainment, rewards, mark... 15.07.18 15.09.18
C3C C3C C3C is a revolutionary protocol for replacing the advertising-driven business model of onl... 25.07.18 30.09.18
CashBagCoin CashBagCoin CashBag is a blockchain settlement platform for instant settlement and micropayments of ca... 12.03.18 09.04.18
Centive Centive Centive is a blockchain-based incentive network for 2-way value exchanges between business... 31.08.18 01.11.18
ClearCoin ClearCoin ClearCoin is a technology company that powers the real-time buying and selling of media on... 24.01.18 24.03.18
ClickableTV ClickableTV ClickableTV™ turns live and DVR ad-supported premium TV into a pay per click medium. Viewe... 22.01.18 22.03.18
Coinnec Coinnec Coinnec is a blockchain powered anonymous decentralized business platform.... 19.01.18 19.03.18
Connectius Token Connectius Token Connectius is Blockchain as as service solution, that can be easily integrated in the any ... 05.11.17 20.12.17
CROM CROM CROM is the first real-world application of blockchain technology for the digital advertis... 01.12.17 15.12.17
CryptoBite Coin CryptoBite Coin CryptoBite Coin – an altcoin on the blockchain technology—promises to become prominent and... 01.02.18 01.03.18
CryptoMart CryptoMart CryptoMart is a crypto-currency only, user-to-user online marketplace which facilitates th... 25.08.17 25.09.17
Cryptotask Cryptotask Cryptotask disrupts current online freelancing systems by introducing the worlds first sca... 03.02.18 23.02.18
Cube Chain Cube Chain Cube Chain aims to offer a revolutionary ecommerce platform encompassing five services tha... 30.06.18 05.10.18
CyberMiles Token CyberMiles Token CyberMiles is empowering the decentralization of the online marketplace. It's a new b... 21.11.17 05.12.17
DATO Token DATO Token First targeted advertisement database on blockchain... 31.01.18 07.02.18
DATx DATx DATx - with collaboration with QTUM and Avazu - A Blockchain Empowered Digital Advertising... 11.02.18 28.02.18
Digi Token Digi Token DIGI Token is a new coin that will be used within a digital marketplace. The aim is to mak... 07.09.17 19.10.17
DIGIT Token DIGIT Token DIGIT Solutions is the portal application which is the most powerful Total Blockchain-Base... 08.12.17 14.02.18
Efir Efir Main exchange of P2P “AdWords” for native advertising with opinion leaders... 14.05.18 31.07.18
Engagement Token Engagement Token SolidOpinion is an engagement platform company with- 4.4 Million+ Users- 200M+ monthly vie... 01.04.18 15.04.18
EXCHAIN EXCHAIN EXCHAIN is a decentralised blockchain-based advertising platform which is driving a revolu... 07.05.18 24.06.18
EZToken EZToken EZPOS is a business Point of Sales SaaS provider with 10,000 retailers using their systems... 01.01.18 04.02.18
FIXY NETWORK FIXY NETWORK ... 01.05.18 31.05.18
FLOGmall FLOGmall An international e-commerce site created for users from all over the world, who sell and b... 22.02.18 08.03.18
Foreground DEAL Token Foreground DEAL Token Foreground is a revenue ready platform that connects advertisers and publishers on both th... 28.11.17 19.12.17
Friendz Friendz Friendz connects companies to people willing to provide support in the creation of adverti... 01.03.18 21.03.18
Fujinto Fujinto NTO was created to be a cryptocurrency to pay for hotel or travel ticket reservations.... 10.08.17 10.09.17
Galaxy eSolutions Galaxy eSolutions Galaxy eSolutions (GES) is a Global eCommerce marketplace for refurbished and pre-owned co... 28.02.18 31.03.18
GATCOIN GATCOIN GATCOIN is a distributed retail shopping platform that enables retailers to issue digital ... 28.10.17 28.11.17
GLU GLU Gluon’s platform establishes an interconnected network of vehicles where individuals and b... 18.08.17 18.09.17
Hamster Marketplace Hamster Marketplace Hamster Marketplace will open the niche electronics market to thousands of vendors around ... 19.02.18 19.04.18
HOQU HOQU HOQU is a decentralized affiliate platform that combines the performance-marketing model w... 27.11.17 26.02.18
Impetus One Impetus One Impetus One is an advertising platform that aims to disrupt the current paradigm by introd... 01.01.70 01.01.70
IndaHash IndaHash The award winning app with a 130 person team, in 7 countries, connecting brands with 300 0... 08.11.17 15.11.17
Jesus Coin Jesus Coin Decentralizing Jesus on the Blockchain:Jesus Coin is the only cryptocurrency of God's... 12.09.17 12.10.17
JET8 Token JET8 Token JET8 has transformed peer to peer marketing via a tokenised engagement platform, allowing ... 28.02.18 14.03.18
JOLYY JOLYY The blockchain technology for fair, cheap and efficient beauty services..... 17.01.18 15.03.18
Justmake Justmake Launching XJM Blockchain... 01.01.70 01.01.70
KEYRPTO KEYRPTO KEYRPTO is a revolutionary blockchain-based e-commerce platform which allows small busines... 27.01.18 27.02.18
Kind Ads Kind Ads Kind Ads is an advertising platform that serves user-friendly ads without taking any middl... 01.01.18 31.01.18
KITEX KITEX Kitex is a peer-to-peer e-commerce platform with no fees or restrictions... 25.09.17 30.09.17
LeadCoin LeadCoin LeadCoin empowers businesses to sell their unused leads and buy hot leads from other busin... 01.03.18 11.03.18
LookRev LookRev LookRev - The first blockchain-based marketplace for creative products, enabling ordinary ... 30.08.17 31.10.17
MARK.SPACE MARK.SPACE MARK.SPACE is world’s first open-source platform for creation of 3D/VR compatible websites... 31.10.17 28.12.17
Mavin Mavin Mavin is a reward-based influencer marketing ecosystem on blockchain.... 22.11.17 16.12.17
MealCoinDinnerful MealCoinDinnerful DinnerfulNetwork ICO the 1st Stable CryptoCurrency for Restaurant with franchise rights of... 18.09.17 19.10.17
MF Chain MF Chain A smart contract platform with direct commerce integration.MF Chain is building the most c... 06.05.18 26.06.18
MobileBridge Momentum MobileBridge Momentum The world’s first blockchain and crypto-token based marketing automation platform that ena... 16.02.18 23.03.18
Mobiuz Mobiuz Mobiuz offers zero-fraud ads to Advertisers globally. Ad-Fraud is a giant $500'B year... 19.04.18 19.08.18
Native Video Box Native Video Box Native Video Box is an independent video distribution platform with native eco approach to... 01.01.18 15.04.18
NAU NAU NAU is the platform that directly connects customers and retailers using blockchaintechnol... 01.11.17 29.12.17
OfferZone OfferZone The OfferZone platform is the world's first decentralize P2P bidding platform, based ... 01.10.18 25.12.18
Papyrus Papyrus ... 11.05.18 31.07.18
Paynext Paynext Paynext (PET) is a cryptocurrency that built on the Ethereum blockchain platform with ERC2... 15.12.17 15.01.18
PETSAFE PETSAFE PETSAFE was created in the market that today has grown up around pets, but our main object... 01.10.17 30.10.17
PlusCoin PlusCoin PlusCoin ICO is an Ethereum based token issued by Metaps Plus Inc. and will be the world’s... 26.09.17 10.10.17
Pryze Pryze Pryze (PRYZ), the first decentralized sweepstakes protocol, aims to allow sweepstakes to b... 01.01.70 01.01.70
ReceiptCoin ReceiptCoin ReceiptCoin, the Identity of Things, is building a universal blockchain receipt marketplac... 22.02.18 22.04.18
Redemption Technologies Redemption Technologies Redemption Technologies Inc. is a worldwide open source e-commerce marketplace platform th... 11.09.17 11.10.17
Samy Token Samy Token SAMY (Social-Media Ambassadors Marketing You) – the first hybrid-decentralized platform to... 16.03.18 13.04.18
Sandblock Sandblock Sandblock is creating an ecosystem where merchants can create their own Branded Token to r... 28.02.18 11.03.18
ShopCorn ShopCorn Consumption Becomes ProfitA consumption based mining process that distributes dividends in... 01.02.18 15.03.18
Shopeo Shopeo Shopeo is a decentralised e-commerce platform. Some of its features : built-in escrow, gol... 10.08.17 17.08.17
Shopin token Shopin token Shopin is reinvigorating the retail economy by streamlining the entire shopping experience... 30.03.18 30.04.18
SHPING SHPING Shping is an innovative, shopper-marketing ecosystem that enables participating brands and... 21.02.18 23.03.18
Snapcoin Snapcoin Snapup is a revolutionary platform to shop for premium products, that leverages cryptocurr... 14.09.18 30.11.18
Social Media Token Social Media Token Influencer Marketing advertising platform... 09.02.18 16.03.18
SociaMedia.Market SociaMedia.Market SocialMedia.Market will create a global marketplace for Advertisers and Influencers among ... 07.12.17 21.12.17
SOCIFI SOCIFI A platform that provides free mobile data by viewing sponsored content on the SOCIFI Engag... 22.02.18 16.06.18
SpaceICO token SpaceICO token Crowdsale platform who shares 90% of the profit with token holders.... 15.10.17 30.12.17
Storiqa Storiqa Storiqa is a marketplace with a wide range of functions for effective sales in the world o... 12.10.17 25.10.17
The RGX15 Rouge Project token The RGX15 Rouge Project token A digital coupon ecosystem as a DApp on top of the Ethereum blockchain platform. This ecos... 12.09.17 14.09.17
Theta Token Theta Token Theta is a decentralized video delivery network, powered by users and an innovative new bl... 08.01.18 05.02.18
Thrive Thrive Thrive is a Blockchain Based Marketplace to buy and sell Advertising at very low fees. Peo... 10.03.18 05.04.18
Tokenloyalty.io Tokenloyalty.io We bring customers to the Merchants. Customers are paid for participation in marketing cam... 16.01.18 29.01.18
TokenSpeed TokenSpeed The project mission is to create a Creative Innovation at cryptocurrency and utilize the b... 11.04.18 11.05.18
Trivver Trivver ... 15.06.18 28.09.18
TV-TWO TV-TWO TV-TWO is bringing trustless transactions and crypto wallets to 700 million Smart TVs arou... 24.01.18 24.02.18
VALUS VALUS VALUS allows customers that they buy genuine items. They can verify items through QR code,... 13.10.17 10.11.17
VectorZilla Token VectorZilla Token VectorZilla is world’s first blockchain based deep-learning (AI) driven royalty free stock... 15.01.18 05.02.18
Vuepay Vuepay VuePay is peer-to-peer platform to that will reward users with a share of the ad spend pai... 06.10.17 20.10.17
WaBi WaBi WaBi is the World's first crypto coin that engages consumers to combat counterfeits, ... 28.11.17 28.12.17
Waltix Waltix Waltix easily integrates with any payment systems and ticket sales and gives users access ... 15.03.18 01.05.18
WBY WBY WeBuy is an innovative, decentralizedeconomy, reinventing the relationshipbetween Buyers a... 24.09.18 04.11.18
WeBuy WeBuy WeBuy is an innovative, decentralizedeconomy, reinventing the relationshipbetween Buyers a... 07.01.19 03.02.19
WEE WEE WeevoCity is a decentralized social urban network for online sales and advertising via sma... 25.04.18 25.06.18
Weigrate Weigrate Weigrate is a new advanced commercial platform created to provide advanced options for com... 11.09.17 15.11.17
Wolk Wolk Introducing Wolk, a blockchain-based advertising data exchange, powered by the WOLK token.... 10.09.17 09.10.17
WORDCOIN WORDCOIN Word Expert is a decentralized platform for content writing, translation, SMM, SERM and OR... 27.09.17 07.11.17
WorldBit WorldBit WorldBit is an immersive AR (Augmented Reality) ecommerce experience for businesses and in... 23.11.17 20.02.18
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