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Art ICO List

ICO Description Start Date End Date
Adult X Token Adult X Token There have always been a need to create an improved enabling environment for adult enterta... 31.08.18 31.10.18
All Of Art All Of Art All Of Art will provide access to a multimillion audience platform for thousands of artist... 01.01.70 01.01.70
AllPublicArt AllPublicArt All Public Art (APA) provides a unique platform that contributes to the growth and sustain... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Apollo Septem Apollo Septem World's first self-governed art community powered by blockchain.Apollo Septem is an a... 28.02.18 29.03.18
ARQUTE G.A.S. ARQUTE G.A.S. The studio unites the best specialists in the animation sphere. Among theircases are produ... 19.03.18 01.06.18
ArtChain Global ArtChain Global ArtChain Global is a revolution in registration, tracking, protection and accountability f... 01.03.18 20.06.18
ArtNoy ArtNoy ArtNoy tokens are Equity tokens registrate in the security of the USA.Equity tokens are a ... 06.06.18 30.06.18
ArtPro ArtPro The Art of blockchainArtPro makes it easy for anyone to buy and sell art over the web. A u... 24.09.18 22.10.18
ArtWook ArtWook Art shared ownership trading platform cooperates with the world's top auction houses ... 20.07.18 17.08.18
Authoreon Authoreon The Authoreon A-ID enables you to verify, authorize, authenticate or certify any identity ... 19.08.17 31.12.17
AXL AXL Cryptocurrency AXL is a Reverse ICO Project that represents the âAXIAL ENTERTAINMENT CRYPT... 10.01.19 18.01.19
Bablos Bablos Blockchain platform for collective film production.The best present-day solution to source... 05.09.18 01.12.18
BARTVault BARTVault BARTVault enables artists and art owners to protect their art through encrypted âProvenanc... 15.04.18 15.05.18
Bond Film Platform Bond Film Platform Bond Film Platform is one platform to stream content, invest in content and for revenue di... 27.06.18 28.11.18
Brain Space Brain Space Platform "Brain Space" - your step on the international arena. “The creation of ... 19.11.18 16.12.18
Codex Codex Codex is the leading decentralized asset registry for the $2 trillion arts & collectib... 01.06.18 24.07.18
CraftR CraftR The project was born to bring the e-commerce of creative assets to the Web 3.0 world throu... 15.07.18 30.11.18
CruCoins CruCoins Cru Coins are digital tokens in the planning stages of development. The tokens will be sol... 01.06.17 31.07.17
DIPChain DIPChain DIPChain aims to facilitate all advantages which the blockchain implementation may give in... 01.01.70 01.01.70
DressCode DressCode The Dresscode platform is aimed at connecting its users network and is the core product wh... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Exodius Exodius We want to build an OpenSpace where everybody should go shopping, work, chill, eat, do spo... 28.07.18 25.08.18
FENIX.CASH FENIX.CASH FENIX.CASH seeks to provide the platform by which artists can interact directly with their... 31.05.18 30.06.18
Filmgrid Filmgrid Filmgrid is seeking to create a redundant platform that provides a fair innovative alterna... 01.01.70 01.01.70
FRESCO FRESCO Through blockchain technology, FRESCO enables artists, investors, dealers, galleries, and ... 15.03.18 20.03.18
Hupplat Hupplat Write stories, read, publish, share, follow each other and earn cryptocurrency while doing... 20.05.18 31.10.18
Illuminates (PreICO) Illuminates (PreICO) The project Illuminates is developing a first social ecosystem that is making all blockcha... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Mindol Mindol According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the market scale of domestic con... 10.06.18 16.08.18
Monart Monart Monartâs ambition is to reinvent the $67 billion a year art market with an innovative art... 01.01.70 01.01.70
MoviesChain MoviesChain A revolution in the distribution of independent films, MoviesChain by TVzavr decentralizes... 16.04.18 16.07.18
MulTra MulTra Millions of people read news on a daily basis. The MulTra News App pays readers for readin... 09.06.18 09.07.18
Myart Myart Myart is the global blockchain bases platform for culture and art industry and is a new di... 01.08.18 08.08.18
Nevix Nevix NEVIX is a digital asset platform built on Blockchain technology, decentralized, peer-to-p... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Newcater Newcater Newcater is the e-commerce platform for unique and eco-friendly products with a number of ... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Photochain Photochain Photochain revolutionizes the status quo of photography trading. It is a decentralized, pe... 08.01.18 07.09.18
Pibble Pibble The PIBBLE project is based on this popularity based "image". PIBBLE is a blockc... 14.03.18 26.03.18
Pixinch Pixinch Pixinch is a project that aims to create a broadcast platform for Artists, Collectors and ... 27.02.18 13.04.18
PocketÑon PocketÑon Based on blockchain technology, PocketCon is the first solution on the market to combine m... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Priceless Object Priceless Object This project is intended for people willing to make changes in our society. The mission of... 01.01.70 01.01.70
RECORD Foundation RECORD Foundation The RECORD Project is attempting to re-create the economics of the music business in favor... 30.04.18 30.06.18
Saisho Saisho Saisho is the organized, decentralized, liquid and stable market ecosystem that connects a... 23.07.18 23.03.19
SELFLLERY SELFLLERY The SELFLLERY platform is created for visual content monetization. Take Photo — Make Money... 01.01.70 01.01.70
Songin Songin High-performance open commercial blockchain based in songin consensus and referendum.A ope... 12.04.19 18.04.19
Sonic Sonic Our Vision - Liberate Musicians Globally.Sonic was incepted to revolutionize the music ind... 01.01.70 01.01.70
TANZÅ TANZÅ TANZÅ is a first-of-its-kind social marketplace for handmade goods, where crafters are pro... 01.01.70 01.01.70
The Man Cave Project The Man Cave Project We want to empower men with the clarity and abundance mindset to go out and achieve anythi... 01.09.18 01.10.18
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